This week is going to be completely full of news    Politics

This week is going to be completely full of news Politics

This week is going to be completely full of news Politics There will be a consequential vote in Congress over Trumps national security emergency declaration and the US will officially hit a new debt ceiling. Cohen, the debt and Congress might feel like subplots and side stories to the President as he tries to negotiate with the North Korean dictator, but the time change could make them feel very different stateside. Heres a day by day look at the large amount of news happening this week starting with two key things that are not expected to happen : Not expected to happen this week The Mueller report One thing Trump wont have to worry about is the release or filing of special counsel and possible collusion with Trumps campaign. Trump has said the timing of the report is “totally up to Barr” his new attorney general William Barr and it stands to reason the Department of Justice wouldnt release a document that could jar him while the President is headlining a nuclear summit. Chinese tariffs They dont exactly have a new trade deal yet, but over the weekend Trump announced he would while US and Chinese trade negotiators try to find an agreement. Trump leaves for Hanoi Most of the Presidents Monday will take place on Air Force One. He leaves for his summit journey in the afternoon. Kim is . Pence and Guaido Vice President Mike Pence meets in Bogota, Colombia, with South American leaders, , the leader in opposition to President Nicolas Maduro. Guaido has been recognized by the US and other nations as the rightful interim leader of Venezuela. 9/11 First Responders Comedian Jon Stewart joins union officials and survivor groups to lobby for new funding for the Victim Compensation Fund, which is meant to help 9/11 first responders and survivors suffering from cancer and other ailments as well as their families. Bernie Sanders town hall CNN hosts Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for its . Trump has accused Democrats of pushing socialism and Sanders, an independent who caucuses with Senate Democrats and considers himself a democratic socialist, should have something to say about that. Trump arrives in Vietnam Trump lands in Hanoi in the evening local time and morning Eastern Time. He meets with the Vietnamese president, but doesnt have any other events on his schedule. Michael Cohen testifies behind closed doors The Presidents former lawyer with behind closed doors testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Cohen was sentenced in December for, among other crimes, lying to Congress. House to rebuke Trump on national emergency declaration The House will vote on and almost certainly pass a resolution of disapproval regarding the by Trump made to start building his border wall without money from Congress. It is expected to pass the House, but likely will not achieve the two thirds majority it would require to override his veto. But a successful vote in the House means the Senate will have to vote in the near future. That will put some Republicans there in the uncomfortable position of potentially voting against the President. Child separations The House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on the administrations controversial that drew an outcry in 2018 and is still having repercussions. The hearing wont feature Cabinet secretaries, but it will include key officials from the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Justice and it will be a reminder for the administration of the new scrutiny for policies now that Democrats control the House. At least since the administration said it would stop the practice. Trump meets with Kim The main event in Vietnam, , will likely happen mostly during nighttime hours in Washington and the rest of the US. Noon in Hanoi is midnight on the East Coast. Americans will wake up to pictures of the event and whatever news it brings. Michael Cohen testifies in public at 10 a.m. ET The main event in Washington, Cohens public testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, will be open to cameras and live on multiple television networks. Cohen has not been shy about speaking, but he will be under oath and in front of TV cameras before he heads to jail this spring. If theres something that can knock a second historic nuclear summit out of mind, this could be it. Day 2 of the Trump/Kim summit We dont really know what specifically will happen at the summit. If Trump holds a press conference to talk about any progress he makes with Kim, hell certainly get questions about any allegations made by Cohen. By the time Americans are waking up on Thursday, Trump will be taking off for his return to the US. Cohen testifies behind closed doors again Cohen goes back behind closed doors for a third straight day of grilling by lawmakers, this time before the House Intelligence Committee. US hits new debt ceiling The will officially be hit. The Department of Treasury can employ “extraordinary measures” to pay the countrys debts, but this will trigger a more intense debate in Congress about spending and debt and lawmakers will have to raise the debt ceiling by the summer. Democrats running for president want to create massive new social programs. Republicans last year passed a massive new tax law that cut taxes for many Americans but will also mean runaway and ballooning deficits.

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