Third Parties Explained (with STAR WARS) | American Political History

Third Parties Explained (with STAR WARS) | American Political History

Wait, before you click away, let me explain! As we talked about in our history of Democrats
and Republicans, the writer’s of the Constitution knew of political parties, but didn’t give
them much thought. Kind of like how George Lucas called the first
Star Wars “Episode 4”, but didn’t really have a plan for prequels. As soon as President George called it quits,
two sides popped up – Right and Left. Or in Sith: Master/Apprentice. “Always two there are. No more, no less.” Calm down fellow nerds, this isn’t to say
that there aren’t more than two Dark Side users buzzing around in Star Wars – and throughout
American history, other parties HAVE developed. That’s because When things get bad and the
country or galaxy becomes divided, more parties/sith reveal themselves. Take the election of 1860, when the issue
of Slavery divided the election into FOUR different Parties, ultimately leading to the
Civil War. During the Clone Wars all kinds of Sith popped
up. Remember the Sith Rule of Two. In some way or another, all of these Clone
War era Sith were destroyed. The math is murky, but Teddy Roosevelt and
Ross Perot’s third party runs didn’t exactly help unify The Republicans, and the Democrats
took the Presidency. Because the two main parties are so clearly
defined, Third Parties need a “thing” to help establish themselves. This is usually a specific issue or a single
lead Personality. So like how Darth Maul loves his double lightsaber,
The Green Party loves the environment. Once in a while, a very powerful Third Party
Sith will arise. They may mean well, think they can really
change things, maybe save their secret pregnant wife, but they will just become what they
hated in the first place and join up with one of the two Sith. This has happened to Third Parties in the
US over and over. To help save the US from The Depression, FDR
adopted some of the ideas of the Socialist Party. To win the South, Nixon liberally copied third
Party racist George Wallace’s Constitution party. And even if a Third Party or a fringe candidate
doesn’t get destroyed or absorbed into the two main parties, it has countless roadblocks
ahead of it. Really, the whole American system is setup
for two sides as two sides have always been in control. For the Presidential Election, all 50 states
have their own set of rules and fees to get on to the ballot, which requires a massive
following and monetary budget that only the Republican and Democratic parties can match. If you don’t have your own army of Stormtroopers
to back you up, you aren’t even getting past a tribe of Ewoks, let alone get to kill
your father on a far too dangerous bridge with no handrails.


  1. George Wallace's political party was the American Independent Party. The Constitution Party did not exist. It later became a state affiliate of the Constitution Party but has since become independent.

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