Things Not To Say To A Trans Person

Things Not To Say To A Trans Person

umm, aw it’s such a stupid question when people say something like that it’s
it’s pretty nasty, isn’t it you’ll get a slap really? rolled my eyes so hard when did you decide to be transgender? when did you decide to be a human being? well i think i just woke up one day in 2008 and thought “oh this will be a laugh” I don’t think you decide to be
transgender, do you? it’s there ya’know you discover it my whole childhood was just basically
like you’re a boy you can’t play with that. you’re a boy
you can’t do that. you’re a boy neh neh neh and every night I would go to bed and
then be like god why don’t they understand that I’m I’m
not a boy you know being gay isn’t quite extreme
enough so I’ll just I’ll just be transgender I don’t know, why don’t you decide to be transgender have you had the op? have you had the op? daily! daily people ask me that. all the time well I had quite a few of them which are
we referring to? exactly and that’s the thing you know those old tropes that
they have in the media about sex swap, sex op “the surgery” I mean if you talk to
any trans person or even if you google it you’ll know that you know that
there’s no such there’s no just one surgery that you need to have it’s actually a series of five
operations for guys so “the op” is so like so decades ago now so when people ask me so when are you getting it you know “la la la la” then and I’m like you
know what I can do it tomorrow give me the money yeah okay give me the money let’s do it if it’s not “have you had the op” it’s “when are you having the
op” or “have you thought about the op? what about the op?” it’s expensive ya’know and for me I’m trying to pay for
everything myself you know I don’t want the help from the government you know
because here in England I can ask for it is amazing you know I appreciate it but
I want to if I can I want to pay for it myself which bathroom do you use? *chuckling* which bathroom do you use heh heh heh that’s funny. the clean one oh my god if i had to go into the mens bathroom i would die i recently at Westminster had to to fight for about a year to try and get
gender-neutral toilets oh was that you? high five, well done! yeah there is a debate going on at the moment which is completely ludicrous because you can’t expect like a girl to walk into the guys or a guy to walk into the girls and
it’s just it’s i think it is really dehumanizing. it really is after having a bad experience in Soho where I got turned away from male toilets I tend to just use my own at home, which is
“gender neutral” I think my mom was worried about my
safety in the toilets as well i don’t go to the toilet when i’m out in public at all by law you are entitled to use
which ever toilet you want to you don’t wanna see us at the urinal next to ya so how do you have sex what do you do in bed, oh my god how do you have sex fabulously. what do you do in bed you
know like it’s all ‘courses courses!’ sleep
well, mostly eat ice cream and sleep a lot and there’s crumbs from a whole lot of rich teas sexy yeah I don’t generally want to have that
conversation with someone if uh, if I’m not considering sleeping with them
or having them as a partner ya know i don’t go around asking strangers what they do in bed with other people so why do you think you have this licence to ask me? okay go
are you a drag queen? *long laugh* no are you a drag queen well nobody’s paying me there’s a definite difference between a transvestite and transsexual transvestite: that’s somebody who maybe dresses up in the clothes that are
associated with the other gender so maybe a boy who liked dressing up in
girl’s clothes but they don’t feel they are that gender drag queens who are very
glamorous and it’s it’s usually more of a performance whereas a transsexual person transgender person actually are that gender people also say, like automatically
assume that you know a lot about the drag scene and they’re like oh my god
I’ve seen, idk, ru paul yeah okay well done ya know they just think it’s like a super deluxe version of a drag queen yeah we’re upgrades
no next one is… are you sure you aren’t just gay are you sure you just aren’t gay oh god i wish wouldn’t it be fabulous to just be gay I think this links to whether or not sex
and sexuality is linked to gender, and they have nothing to do with each other like
I’m bisexual and she’s heterosexual when it comes to gender vs sexuality I think you recognize your gender much
sooner than you recognize your sexuality anywhere can I see a picture of you before oh my
god can see a picture of you aaaaaaaa no just no i-i would never just be like “oh yeah here I am! here’s who i was” don’t really have those pictures handy when i came to university and I came out to my halls, friends, and one of them said to me oh I just went on your old facebook and saw an old photo of you, you looked so pretty then and I was like like why would you say that ive looked at my pictures from before and are you happy to share them yeah because look how ugly i was. now you know why tadaa oh my god we spoke about this can I feel your boobs Wow can I feel your boobs/penis or just
grabbing them? sure hell yeah go for it no that’s harassment, heh go away who goes up to someone and asks “can i feel your tits?” yeah they just do it yeah do they? *gasp*
people have just done it to me I’d go spare I’ve had people do that. like literally sexually assault you and and grab your your your breast or or
literally go to put their hands between your legs I think they see it like, you know if you
know a guy and he starts going to the gym and that’s really big arms off of going
to the gym and you go like oh my god you’re getting
really muscley I think they see it like that but it’s like no don’t touch me that it happened to me it happened to me that somebody just *grabs tits* then I
just grabbed their dicks to pull them up and I’m like “do it again and I’ll break your fucking hand” ugh you’re gonna go crazy okay I can tell that you used to be a man *laughter* I can tell that used to be a man / woman Uhhu no you can’t it’s it’s a bit insulting to
hear that someone it’s almost like they’re trying to claim or or kind of
remember you before you transitioned I’d feel quite hurt if someone said that to me but um, if they have a problem with it, it’s their problem I never know what to call them I never know what to call them, he, she, they you call that person however they are
presenting themselves however they desire to be presented well why don’t you just ask ask the person trust me they will not be
offended or they shouldn’t be offended because we’d much rather that you asked
us politely than you say the wrong thing and if you do you say the wrong thing you make a mistake just apologize very quickly very briefly and then just
move on do you think you’ll ever go back i need to go forwards first do you think you’ll ever go back? *laughter* hell no look at me of course i’m not gonna go back well go back to what? being a boy like.. um.. no no that’s definitely not
going to happen i’m not going to go back to being depressed no I think they see like the physical
changes they think that you kind of gone somewhere but you haven’t, you’re kind of just adjusting how you’ve always felt on the inside I think I know like one person who’s
had a bit of a wobble and gone back and they’ve been on breakfast television
they’ve been on all the newspapers and all the rest of it so i think that this idea
that people change their minds they really don’t like it’s so so so rare i am out and proud of being trans T – R – A – N – S i’m trans! get over it


  1. Most of the questions asked I wanna know the answer too aswwll but I keep it to myself cause its rude to just ask that to a trans out loud I think you need to be a close friend atleast before you can probably have the right to ask

  2. Things to say.

    "Are you a pedophile?"

    "Are you a Degenerate?"

    "Are you a peeping tom who likes to dress like a girl so you can go into the lady's restroom?"

    "You are a man not a woman"

  3. Nobody can tell me what not to say . Especially if it’s a biological fact . Facts and biology are not opinions and don’t give a shit about the feelings of delusional people .

  4. I can’t stand it when people look at people who are trans “I know you’re trans.” Or “do you have penis or a vagina” it’s super gross. If you’re not in relationship with them that’s nothing you need to know…

  5. There is no such a thing as a transgender. In Mother Nature such creatures do NOT exist. There is only male and female nothing else. You've been programmed by media to divide and conquer people even further. Wake up!

  6. "Do you ever think you'll go back."

    Now, ya see… I would answer that, except this thing called biology limits how often you can alter your biochemistry before you, ya know, die.

  7. These people need gods help. Jesus Christ please help them get on the right way. The lord will guide you, dont sin please…

  8. I don't understand why they are so offended by every question. People are just curious and don't mean to have bad thoughts or intentions. When I meet new people and they ask me about live, I'm not acting annoyed because I heard this question before like. " oh my gaaaaawd, you are the thousandth person who ask me about my family. Enough is enough. I am feeling raped by your questions."

  9. If someone dont really know you are trans you should tell them more importantly if you are dating that someone because they may might feel cheated by you

  10. Know a days transwoman are more beautiful then real woman so many man thinks they are admiring or loves a woman because of the beauty but in reality they are not inlove with that person only their looks

  11. This is what mental illness looks like manifested. All these grown men playing make believe is just so silly and painful to watch.


  12. I identify as a straight heterosexual Male who uses he/she related pronouns that are based on your gender at birth. Do not force violence upon me by expecting me to use pronouns that do not conform to your biological birth gender.

  13. NASA are looking for volunteers for a one way mission into space..

    If you suffer from that mental illness related to your gender… you have a good chance…

    This mental illness does not belong in this galaxy…

  14. Most of the people in the vid look really good but the girl in the blue cardigan looks and seems so cis, she's transitioned beautifully! I'm Happy for her.

  15. WTF!! Why do people disfigure and mutilate themselves? Kindergarten children know if they are a girl or a boy. When did they get so psycho confused?? Why force your mental illness on others?

  16. Hi everyone! I’m currently trying to raise money so I can go have top surgery! My insurance won’t cover it and I’m a broke college student lol here’s the link if you wanna help me anyway you can! Thank you so much!!!

  17. Have it your way. I just won't talk to trans people, ever. I won't make eye contact or give them the time of day. I will pretend they do not even exist. I will pass them over in the workplace and throw their resume's in the trash the second I see a dude named "Susan" walk in to interview. Is that what you want? The more you act oppositional to normal people, the more you hurt yourself, because we can do just fine without you!



  19. This is S O important, people don't understand how much it means to the mental state of trans folks. Thank you BBC <3

  20. No one would tell that the girl with the purple hair is trans. Seriously…wow she is beautiful and her voice is ver feminine

  21. Mine 1. You are who you are 2. Accept yourself as who you are 3. Under stand you are who you're biologically gender is and be who you are

  22. my voice is deep af but i can pull off a feminine voice i can do other voices too from golum to this voice i just call nug

  23. I don't wanna hate or whatsoever but I don't get why some people get really offended/angry if I call them accidentally with the wrong pronoun I'd get it if it was made on purpose but while talking sometimes I got confused and said the wrong pronoun like chill if someone would accidentally use a male pronoun calling me (I'm a girl) I probably wouldn't eve notice or I wouldn't care. I know trans people go through so much that I'll never be able to understand but at the end of the day it's just a simple word.
    I already know I'll get so much hat for this comment but ok…

  24. You can't be a woman just because you injected yourself to grow boobs or done body modifications.male is male ,female is female any other claims is antisciencetific nonsense.

  25. If you are born a boy you are a boy if you are born a girl you are a girl. You can change to look like the opposite gender but you can never pick your gender. Sorry facts hurt 🙂

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