The Wire Equates India With A Fascist State(HINDI SUBTITLES)

The Wire Equates India With A Fascist State(HINDI SUBTITLES)

the dark clouds have revealed themselves
the brewing storm has descended, the witch hunt has begun yet again. Don’t worry, it’s an article
that the wire wrote which is basically just an ad for people to give them more
money let’s talk about it my name is Sham Sharma welcome to The Sham sharma
show hello hello and welcome welcome to
another edition of The Sham Sharma show thank you very much for joining us
today thank you very much for watching I appreciate you okay so the wire has
released another article and this article again has the same elements that
we are living in a Nazi state that freedom of expression is being destroyed
by the current government and that before the current government freedom of
expression was just fine it’s just now in the last three to four years that the
freedom of expression has gone to hell let’s go through it because this kind of
propaganda does literally nothing to move any kind of conversation forward
even if you have a good point to make about freedom of expression when you do
that with this sort of propaganda you are not helping your case at all you’re
just making yourself look like the bigoted biased media outlet that you are
so the article starts off by saying that in June last year the residences and
offices of the promoters of NDTV India’s oldest television news station were
raided an act that led the New York Times to publish an editorial titled
India’s battered Free Press which describes the raids as an alarming new
level of intimidation of India’s news media so the narrative here is that NDTV
is the saintly unbiased news organization that is just fighting for
the truth and that is just speaking out for the truth and this Nazi government
is just trying to put it down so let’s look at the real story let’s look at why
the raid actually happened so the CBI had registered a case against Prannoy
Roy his wife and co-founder of the channel Radhika Roy a private company
and others were allegedly defrauding a private bank it was reported that NDTV
had a nearly 400 crore rupee fraud on the bank ICICI reports also showed that
Roy took 396 crore loan from ICICI Bank to the shell company RRPR holding
showing NDTV assets from that money rupees twenty one crore and rupees
seventy one Crore were then diverted to the bank accounts of Prannoy and Radhika
Roy respectively in fact I know the wire and a lot of these leftist media
organization will paint the picture that NDTV is being attacked during Modi’s
rule but actually these investigations into NDTV and their shady financial
transactions has been going on from the mid 2000s by the government agencies in 2013 in fact Sanjay Dutt who is a
director of financial services from quantum securities which owned 1,25,000 shares in NDTV he also filed complaints with the Enforcement
Directorate and the Directorate General of income-tax alleging that NDTV and its
promoters had violated a number of laws it is impossible for so much smoke to
exist without any fire at all not just that the Enforcement Directorate in
November had slapped a show-cause notice to NDTV for flouting foreign exchange
regulations while bringing in foreign investments to the tune of 2030 crores
and in fact there’s a whole book named NDTV fraud by Shri Iyer which talks
about the various alleged illegalities that the NDTV group more involved in so
again this is not a case of some witch hunt and this is not a case of some Nazi
government time to shut down a honest unbiased media house and then talking
about the New York Times publishing articles we all know how heavily the
credibility of organizations like the New York Times organizations like CNN
and The Washington Post how heavily that credibility has taken a
beating in their own home countries because of the insane bias there exists
within these companies towards a particular type of narrative in fact
I’ve done a whole video that I would recommend you go check out where I’ve
talked about the this narrative that has been created that India’s press is
somehow in this insane danger as soon as the Modi government came to power I’ve
done a video where I’ve said that there hasn’t been any sort of significant
difference when it comes to the issues that journalists are facing in Modi’s
time and before before in fact it was pretty bad and in fact they talk about
all these journalists that are being murdered and most of the journalists
murders have actually happened in states that were not ruled by the BJP so again
this this narrative doesn’t make sense when you look at the facts as well I
would really suggest you go check out that video a little shameless plug there
and I love that they talk about the BJP like it’s the BJP that is actually
suppressing free speech and before their free speech was absolutely just fine the
people that they’re so madly deeply in love with the Congress party and Rahul
Gandhi and so on and so forth let’s talk about how fantastic champions of free
speech these people the congress also passed the draconian
66a which was used to suppress free speech online
it was later struck down as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court
Sonia Gandhi rang up a Bibek Debroy who was the director of the RGICR after
learning that he had invited the editor of the RSS affiliated organizer magazine
and demanded the withdrawal of the invitation another Congress leader
Mani Shankar Aiyar ordered the removal of a plaque commemorating Savarkar at the
jail where he spent a decade in solitary confinement and the plaque was removed
the Congress also banned Times Now news channel from attending Rahul Gandhi’s
press conference Rahul Gandhi stayed silent Congress party also lodged a formal
police complaint under Section 66 with the Bhopal police cyber cell against BJP
spokesperson for circulating a video that parodied Rahul Gandhi and of course
we know about the exploits of Indira Gandhi and of how Nehru was also
instrumental in shutting down free speech so when we’re talking about real
culprits let’s really look at the real culprits then they go on to say that a
lot has happened in what just one short again trying to create the narrative
that as soon as the BJP government came to power just freedom of speech was
completely destroyed and before that it was completely fine and at portals
trying to revive the lost art of investigative journalism have been
enmeshed in a host of defamation cases if you’re going to outright lie about
people and defame them based on lies then you’re going to be liable to
defamation cases in the defamation case as well the Supreme Court actually
passed a judgement upholding the constitutional validity of section 499
which is criminal defamation even the supreme court and the high courts agreed
that what a wire had said was not right then they talked about how on a related
note news anchor of Ravish Kumar he describes a dissenting citizenry as the
real strength of democracy continues to receive life threats so if people are
not aware of Ravish Kumar is essentially the Jesus of the leftists geez then they also say that journalists such
as Rajdeep Sardesai and Basit Malik continue to face online harassment on a
regular basis look I think we can all agree that threatening someone with
violence it’s just wrong whether you’re on the left whether you’re on the right
whether you’re in the middle whether you’re on top whether you’re on the
bottom doesn’t really matter if you’re threatening somebody with violence
that’s just wrong I think we can all agree on that and I completely agree
with the wire there but what I disagree is I think either ravish Kumar, or Rajdeep Sardesai, or the wire either they just don’t understand what social
media is or they’re deliberately trying to hide it because if you’re anybody of
any consequence if you’re anybody that is even remotely famous on social media
you’re going to get people saying nasty stuff to you that’s just how the
internet works welcome to the Internet guys and the other thing that
conveniently miss out on as well is journalists like Rohit Sardana journalists
like Rubika Liyaqat journalists like Arnab Goswami now even though I have my full
disagreements with Arnab Goswami still people like shweta Singh when people
like these get accosted and harassed and threatened by radical Islamists for some
reasons their plight is not brought up and I want to ask one question as well
who do you think is more likely to follow up on threats and who do you
think is most likely to just give threat is it the overzealous Hindus or is it
the radical Islamists I think in an overwhelming majority of the cases the
answer is pretty clear then again there is something that I actually agree with
the wire on where they say that institutions like the University of
Delhi on July 31st 2018 was forced to cancel the launch event of a student
magazine due to protests by right-leaning student body abvp or Audrey Truschke’s lecture was cancelled in Hyderabad and Kunal Kamra was denied
permission to perform after 11 students wrote a letter saying he was an
anti-national now first of all as far as I’m aware these people did not offer any
violence or did not threaten any of these people they made their displeasure
known to the college authorities but at the same time I agree with them look
speech whether good whether needs to be free speech this is the only
way that we are going to be able to dismantle bad ideas is by letting bad
ideas flow freely if we try and curb these bad ideas then these people with
these bad ideas are going to get to play victim which is why Audrey truschke
gets to play victim and the wire sits a third-rate intellectual like that down
for an interview and paints her as some kind of free speech warrior the best way
to shut these people up is to let them speak their stupid ideas it’s what’s
going to destroy their credibility eventually but at the same time I love
how some people expressing unhappiness at these people coming to perform at the
universities becomes the government’s fault and when all the arguments fail
what is that one last resort that all leftists around the world used to shut
down people that they don’t agree with oh yeah compare them to Nazis and that’s
exactly what the wire does as well immediately they make a Modi’s Hitler
comparison immediately they make a BJP is the Nazi Party comparison they say in
1941 when Germany invaded the Soviet Union the SS took the initiative to
devise the methods of mass killings with our orders to do so so essentially the
SS is basically RSS here if you are seriously equating the BJP with the Nazi
Party and if you’re seriously equating Narendra Modi with Hitler then any
argument that you’re trying to make just completely loses all credibility because
you’re a crazy person because your arguments aren’t any good so you’re just
that crazy person who screams and people on the street and right after that the
wire says the most ironic thing possible when it comes to the media a significant
proportion has forgotten its own past and become a purveyor of one-sided
information yeah like you that they say India stands are a shameful 138 out
of 180 in the World Press Freedom Index with Hindu nationalists trying to purge
all manifestations of anti national thought in the video that I asked you to
watch that I’ve done previously I talked about what metrics these people have
used these reporters without borders they haven’t really used any metrics at
all they’ve essentially just being toeing that left this line that Oh since
Modi has come to power the press is under danger then they say and still we
have cheerleaders at the Vikas narrative on our television screens
everyday shouting at the top of their voices about how regardless of
everything else more roads are being constructed well people are talking
about Vikas because it is the left it is this leftist newspapers it is the media
that is out there every day saying that there’s absolutely no Vikas happening
that there’s absolutely no development happening that the country is actually
not just standing still it’s actually moving backwards at a rapid pace so
people have to come out there every day and people have to dispel this kind of
fake news propaganda that’s been propagated but again I understand that
there are free speech issues in India for sure there’s definitely a big
problem with that whether it’s the left whether it’s the right but saying that
all of these problems have come up in the last two to three years is
completely dishonest and completely shows that the wire has a very clear
agenda this is not some fearless independent journalism this is just a
very strict agenda based journalism so basically through this article they’re
not really trying to say anything groundbreaking because they’re not doing
anything groundbreaking what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to create
this situation they’re trying to create this heightened super-hyper situation so
they can just squeeze people out of more money they’re just trying to say look
we’re going to die we’re going to be destroyed give us more money so guys let
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  1. Thank you for all your good wishes on 10k subscribers guys, I am immensely grateful to everyone that tunes in to watch an Expat Bihari ramble at a camera every week. I have a special episode for you and a big announcement planned next week to mark this occasion! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  2. Thnx alot sir for providing hindi subtitles ur efforts should be reached for large number of hindi speakers because they are less aware about all these breaking india forces

  3. It's a fuckin editorial, written by idiots trying to be journalist.
    Their job should be to present news as it is.

  4. Left liberals are losing influence through out the world.Any way what is the use of a free media if it is biased.

  5. The wire is the same platform which exposed Robert vadra scam during UPA . So I don't think they are anti -BJP but anti-Govt . They show the lacking in our government which is the need of the hour.

  6. Shambhav, since today is Onam, can you please make a video on how the Communists in Kerala have hijacked the noble & righteous King Mahabali (Selfless devotee of Narayan, Grandson of king Prahlad). Who they project as an ideal commie icon who succumbed to the "evil" Hindu Gods (pointing at Lord Vishnu)?
    I saw this post by a keralite guy in which king Mahabali was shown eating beef stew in a Muslim hotel, & the caption was "Happy Onam". That post was blatant disrespect to both Hindus & king Bali himself.
    We tuluvas too celebrate Onam but our ancient narrative hasn't changed as we know that King Bali never died but was granted immortality by Lord Vishnu who made him the King of Sutala. Plus according to some sources, he is one of the 7 Chiranjeevis of this Kalpa who are to become the next generation of saptarishis in the following Kalpa. But I'm worried that this narrative might be forgotten as most people prefer the Communist narrative over the Hindu narrative.
    Also, in the previous year, I saw an article in our local newspaper where a catholic priest on the occasion of Onam said, "Let the spirit of Maveli (Mahabali), who fought against injustice, rest in peace." This kind of narratives poisons the minds.
    So please make a video on this. ๐Ÿ™

  7. what to expect from colonized hinduphobic fascists which is why they support the right wing church and right wing islamists.Ironically when Hindus really do go after them like fascists then the same hinduphobes will writing about how peaceloving Hindus are


  9. wire are bunch of antinational jaichands funded by muslim converts like amir khan type. Research & you will come to know. In Mr Modi time all corrupt media is out of money. hehehehe

  10. 'Sathyam Eva Jayadhe, Naan Rutham' Truth alone prevails, not falsehood. The power of truth is the only lasting power!

  11. I do have some negative points about the current BJP government, but, blaming everything on this government is dishonest. India is progressing well and have even more confidence because of our ties with various other countries.

  12. This government has come under more scrutiny then any other in the history of this country. The wire is a bogus mouth piece for the non practical over intellectualized glitterati of our country with hints of counterfeit feminism. People should avoid them like the farts of a beef eater.

  13. These leftish in India is more dangerous….then Pakistan ….these enemy are inside our country and we don't know about these people…..they had a agenda toward hindus.and most of the supported by isi and congress

  14. Well in my opinion Freedom of expression was always oppressed in every government in every indirect way so do its here and one more thing all news outlets in India are sold either to the multinational companyโ€™s or to the political parties any news u watch is menuplated and is a goddamm propaganda of a party or a company that is supporting that party and trust me none of if u knows the reality of hitler and if I say he was just protecting his Nation from UK and US would u believe me and pls donโ€™t compare any Indian politician to hitler all our politicians are are nothing more then snakes and betrayed our country at every step they made On the other hand Hitler stood with his country till his last breath

  15. Define propaganda..? currently wire is the best news channel..nothing to do with the politics,Already every indian news channel politically polarized expect wire,hindhu… And you are calling wire a propaganda.

  16. I don't think you even read The Hindu, but one legendary writer compared Hinduism to Nazism and even said the Hindus have no purpose but to oppose the Muslims and their existence depends entirely on it.

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    I really want you to make a video on Quint too
    Thanks for keeping people aware
    You're doing a great job

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