The Wire لماذا عليك مشاهدة المسلسل الاسطوري

In the history of TV, many series have been broadcast Some of which achieved global praise like Breaking bad & Game of Thrones And others who put there own mark in kicking the golden age at the early 20’s Shows like And the most important one… THE WIRE The wire produced by David Simon An American Drama, Crime, Investigation series Produced by HBO Have 5 seasons premiered in 2002 and ended in 2008 Talks about the life of the American city Baltimore And focuses on the criminal life and the drug trafficking And Police & the law attempts to deter and control them The show is so realistic and bold in bringing up the problems of society And the flaws of governmental and civil systems One of many good things in the series is The way events are presented is objective and neutral And doesn’t try to enforce or teach the meaning to you And It avoids over-dramatization and cliché And take’s it’s time to explain the ideas It might make the series a bit slow But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be entertaining In fact The series always escalates and builds to something bigger It Contains a large amount of different characters So you definitely will relate to more than one character and many actors started there careers in the wire As.. One of it’s traits that characters have many aspects that are revealed with time And feel that your living among them And there’s many dialogues and situations.. “even if it’s funny or intense” It makes you get attached to them and seek there end game At the end we advice you to watch the show And if you have any Inquiry or questions do not hesitate and ask in the comment section Or on our Twitter and Discord page’s And don’t forget to listen to our podcast’s that we review the show in it All the links in the description Peace

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