The wildest political moments of 2019

The wildest political moments of 2019


  1. ?I know this if funny and I’m smiling but at the same time I feel ashamed this is happening, this behavior in the politics & in our country ? (so embarrassing really)

  2. This is the strangest gop in history. Just so stupid. Even stranger is the times to come. If trumpy is not out of office soon then life as we wish it too be will never ever happen.

  3. Oh, WOW! More anti-Trump, pro-Democrat-Socialist, Nothing-burger ?, FAKE NEWS just in time for Christmas! So, f'ing predictable these sonsabitches are… anything and everything, just as long as it's goddamned division driven, hyperpartisan!

  4. What about when recovering crack addict (Hunter Biden) bought a 2.5 million dollar home in The Hollywood Hills? It should have made the list.

  5. If the USA was a person, it's family would be seriously contemplating a mental health intervention right now.

    The almost total fusion of politics & the values of the entertainment industry is only as amusing as it is existentially dangerous.

    When this form of lunacy becomes normalised & accepted without question, it's usually a sign that a state form, or political culture, has entered it's decline phase, & that it's dissolution has become inevitable.

    It's only a matter of time : the US Empire is sliding down the garbage chute of history.

    It must be comforting to know that WaPo, (alongside all the other highly profitable Capitalist media behemoths) are an intrinsic part of the process.

    Keep up the good work. The world will eventually thank you for it.

  6. 2020 better be the year we get rid of Crooked Trump and Moscow Mitch. We seriously cannot have another 4 years of the evil psychological nut-head maniac Trump. That would be very bad for our country. ANYBODY BUT TRUMP 2020!!!

  7. if we had to accept the corrupt clinton scam bias of how they wanted to try to extort political reality and americas expectations, we would grade this a c+. obviously with so many culpable components of ford flopped influence and expired obama era illegal interference 'service', its best just to not include any, isnt it. the president however gets an a.

  8. President Trump will win big time in 2020.. A lot od democrats are changing saying the party left them. DemoRats are done.

  9. Wtf is going on?? I NEVER thought i would live to say HECK OF A VIDEO…….THE WASHINGTON POST.??? Must have been a RECORD SALES DAY for AMAZON

  10. Want to make this world a better place get rid of all the Democrats Trump 2020 here comes their 19th nervous breakdown

  11. How's the unemployment rate?  How's the economy doing? What??  Obamas bailouts are kickin in??  You'd have to smother that one with libertard sauce to choke that down!!

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