The verdict on Robert Mueller’s Congress performance – BBC News

The verdict on Robert Mueller’s Congress performance – BBC News

The White House has described the hearings as an epic embarrassment for Democrats. And certainly there were times when his performance did seem a little halting. I’m sorry. What was the question? I… leave it with the report. I take your question. He appeared a little confused about some of the questions and some of the content of his own report. But he did what the Department of Justice asked he stayed well within the script, venturing very rarely outside the parameters of the 448-page report. That’s what it says in the report, yes. And I go… I stand by the report. Democrats looking for a performance in which Mr Mueller would read dramatic excerpts from his own report failed to materialise. He said very little. They did most of the talking. Did the president refuse a request to be interviewed by you and your team? Yes. Yes. Is it true that you tried for more than a year to secure an interview with the president? Yes. No real new revelations came out. The best that could be said from Democrats’ point of view, was that they got Robert Mueller to sit there and say: ‘Yes.’ He did not have a real conclusion on whether Donald Trump obstructed justice or not, but he would have said, if he did. What’s he’s doing is not obstructing justice, he is pursuing justice. You perpetuated injustice. Republicans and conservatives who are defending Donald Trump, they firmly believe that this still was, essentially, an exoneration. This may close Robert Mueller’s segment of the investigation of Donald Trump. It’s not going to end the politics of this. I don’t think anybody could have done a good performance. He had no material. People who think Donald Trump committed a crime, people who think he should be impeached probably still think that after this. The president wanted to fire you because you were investigating him for obstruction of justice, isn’t that correct? That’s what it says in the report, yes. It is exceptionally unlikely that the president would be indicted for a conspiracy linked to Russian collusion or obstruction of justice. This hearing has certainly not increased the risk for Donald Trump. If anything, it may have decreased it. The Democrats had to move this needle. The public, so far, is against impeachment. This didn’t make that more likely. To the contrary, the hearing sort of piddled out. After 6 hours, even the members seemed exhausted.


  1. It's unacceptable for a president to act in a corrupt and dishonest way, I'm all for justice and to ensure that nobody is above the law.

  2. the RePubliCUNTS acting like the CUNTservatives they truly aspire to be. intentionally trying to trip him up by speaking too fast and spewing statistics and personal bile, it was everything one expected. a clarification of Mueller's report, there was collusion and there was obstruction, and the LOOKATME LOOKATME LOOKATME clowns trying to distract from the plain true revelation. Revelations, now there's a book, the Beast gets cast down into an eternal pit of flames for ever and ever. wonder if there will be a problem with Trump's makeup burning, toxic fumes and all, you know.

  3. Robert Mueller and James Comey are Republicans; they had no bias to help the Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton. They are both considered beyond reproach. The Republican representatives attacking them are a clown posse.

  4. Felonious Trump is a proto-fascist who can't wait to open internment camps for political undesirables. Refugees are only the beginning.

  5. Robert Muller said that when Trump leaves office, he absolutely can be charged with obstruction of justice.

  6. Democrats lose! Just keep trying to bring Trunnp down. It only makes you more disliked. Have fun crying in 2020 when Trump wins again by a bigger margin than in 2016. 😄

  7. The BBC is involved in a MASSIVE COVER UP. Mueller exposed the curruption and extreme bias as they attempted to take down a government. The BBC and this government are protecting Christopher Steele and there own intelligence.
    The BBC is not a news organisation. It's a PROPAGANDIST operation

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  9. If the current news media was around for The Great Fire of London, their analysis would be that the flames were not high enough and only a few people died. It was a huge failure for flames and heat.

  10. The BBC are a joke. Disgraceful. DO NOT PAY THE TV TAX.
    Do not pay to be lied too.
    The BBC lying by omission and manufacturing consent since 1922.

  11. I was waiting for this from the BBC , now listen to the over emphasis key words this is bias against Trump, Meullar has backed him self into a hole , he didn't get the Job from Trump, Struck was his friend and denies it , he didn't ask the Greek any questions because they included the Russia lie after that Papadopoulos is where it starts and where it ends . The democrats are pushing it so hard as to force momentum in any way to get a result they want . People will be impeached some arrested for Treason but it won't be Trump .

  12. Armericans involved in psychological rape,abuse and exploitation by psychiatrists using frequencies to damage the brain and inflict manufactured artificial schizophrenia inside a British mans brain against his will.He wanted a wife and children but the Americans and with British help full his head with shit.Used to torture a British.Americans and British involved in a human rights crime.

  13. The bbc says what the English government tells it to.
    Mueller looks unwell – after so many death threats to him and his family it's not surprising. But he does say clearly :
    'Mr Mueller agreed that Russia's primary goal was to help Mr Trump win the presidency and the Trump campaign "welcomed" the assistance; that several members of the Trump campaign, including the candidate himself, had business dealings or other contacts with Russians; that several individuals connected to the Trump campaign lied to investigators; and that the Trump campaign incorporated documents hacked and publicly released by Russian agents into their campaign strategy.'
    He said enough to state the absolute corruption of the trump group.

  14. So what we have learned. Meuller didn't know what Fusion GPS is and Comey never knew that pervert Anthony Wiener was married to Huma Abedin. And the BBC never apologised to Donald Trump for promoting the fake news Steele dossier,

  15. 0.55 The BBC's claim that Muller did his best is nailed. Thereafter, the BBC is made to look idiotic. What a fall for this premier channel which once epitomised the best in information dispensation.

  16. So all this done was to show what everybody knew deep down already. The accusation was BULLSHIT and the Democrats have wasted £30 million of tax payers money . The same mentality of lies and deceit we see from Remoaners over Brexit is astounding .

  17. nothing new lol and nothing stopped muller from indicting coherts which if trump did anything wrong there wouldve been others envolved.

  18. Many of Trump's close associates have pleaded guilty to obstruction ,is there any doubt that the orders came from above?

  19. There are two disconcerting things here,Fist is that a sitting president cannot be charged for a crime and second ,that he feels that he is above the law and though that is Trumps belief it does not necessarily make it fact."If he were guilty we do not have enough proof to formally charge him",Does not mean he is not guilty of the charges only that suspicions cannot be proved

  20. BBC making themselves untenable as always…they’ve moved so far left that everything looks ‘far right’ to them.

  21. 26 Russians changed the US elections?? They must be real super men! Time for Hollywood to make a picture on real heroes than on fantasy characters like Captain America , Ironman and their ilk.

  22. The BBC is getting worse, the fact you've called it a performance says a lot. Also, not showing the main points at all

  23. I'm really disgusted by this. We pay our TV license for a news organisation which is unbiased and impartial… you know as the remit says to "provide a cornerstone for democracy". Even the music they have chosen is propagandist. This is not my BBC – did they just play something Fox provided them!? WTF is happening to media?

  24. Watching the full hearing live, the spin of this BBC piece gives a completely different impression of the hearing.
    Fake news BBC misleading its viewers again.

  25. So the witch hunt found that Trump and his minions colluded with Russia but not to the extent of a crime. Yet Trump obstructed this investigation. Therefore we must vote home out then indict so we can Lock Him Up. I agree.

  26. Mueller looked as if he had one foot in the grave. Otherwise, his performance was substandard and totally thumbs down.

  27. the choice to focus on mueller, the man – as opposed to the #substance contained within the report – is choosing to miss the point in its entirety. mueller #confirmed that were trump holding ANY OTHER office within the u.s. government ~ trump would be #indicted

  28. Is BBC losing its mind? seriously that's BBC's verdict? What happened to you guys, BBC???
    Boris Johnson = Trump in the UK, BBC = FOX in the UK?? wake up BBC. very disappointed.

  29. The BBC is a left wing leaning organization, as are the majority of their staff. After all, it is a corporation funded by the government or, to be more accurate, funded by tax payers money. For three years the BBC WORLD anchors, based in Washington, have been the conduit to pass "news" in the USA back to the BBC headquarters in London and, then, for the slanted opinions of Katty Kay and Jon Sopel to be aired to the people of the UK, whilst big ears Sadiq Khan amplified the smears of Katty Kay to Londoners. The video above is now typical of a BBC production which has lost its way as a World Class news organization. The BBC, faced with two cente right movements of the supporters of President Trump and Brexit, have consistently reported against both. The BBC , CNN, the Democrats and the Labour Party are Socialist orientated whilst the majority of the people, both sides of the pond, are supporters of policies of the centre ground.

  30. Was Mueller fired: No.
    Was Mueller's investigation hampered in any way?: No.
    Did Mueller release his report?: Yes.
    Sure was a lot of obstruction.

  31. Sky News Australia, not SKy News UK ofc, did the better, more accurate verdict here:

  32. Funny how the ALREADY RICH and MEDIA are still trying to bring our President down even though our Country is in the best position weve been in (in my lifetime at least) thanks to TRUMP and him not SELLING OUT like every other president! If you have any smarts at all you will know who the real evil/selfish and or dumb people are that would try to ruin a great thing thats happening! Legendary i should say actually! Finally have a president that dont care about money/selling out and will even go a step further by not bowing down to the media bullying giving them a middle finger on top of it! Theyre all scared and they should be! Finally the middle class and minorities are waking up to the bs they been fed! Make all the stupid same old jokes over and over you showbiz peeps (so original) keep pretending to be sensitive and show the world your not racist by making fun of the president. Trump can make statements "like it or leave it because he knows hes not racist and is for America as a whole regardless of color! People are not stupid its obvious what your doing and actually makes you seem racist in my opinion. If you care about AMERICA look at what the good TRUMP is doing not the stupid bullshit the MEDIA and ELITE, RICH, ACTORS, COMEDIANS, etc. say. It should scare you to see how freeked out and how weird they been acting since day one of his presidency. Woke me up for sure….

  33. Mueller was a doddering senile fool. He opposed the fundamental principle that one is innocent until proven guilty. He explicitly stated that President Trump is the only case where guilty until exonerated should apply. When confronted by a congressman that there are no cases where a prosecutor has used a standard of exoneration for a defendant, Mueller stated that this is a special case. He did so despite the fact that he was not granted any power whatsoever to apply an extrajudicial standard of judgement. This man lied us into the Iraq war claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in his testimony before Congress. He is an establishment hitman. Naturally the filthy BBC supports.

  34. BBC pedo run news network the propaganda arm of the pedo run elite UK supporting the pedo network arm of the elite pedo networks of the US. Hmmmm.

  35. Mueller didn't know about Fusion GPS, whose report started the entire Russia-Trump investigation. The entire thing was a farce.


    the betrayal of a friendship forged when we helped you guys – fought by your side – to drive back the fascist hordes on your eastern flank

    YOu have sent loyalists to our shores by the hundreds, used the secret-society places against us.

    And now you are attempting to downplay the very real seriousness of MUELLER. A PATRIOT.

    patriots over here back in the colonies are really good at sussing redcoats out
    might want to close down the duke-o-kent club houses, ol chaps. what you say, we dont have to have another bloody HOO hah… do we..? rolling up sleeve

  37. Proving that Mueller hadn't a clue what was in the report and Proving that 'Exoneration' was an impossibility as like Britain you are 'Innocent until proven guilty' ! It does seem that the BBC 'Verdict' is low on 'Factual Information' AS USUAL !!

  38. More lies from the Fake News BBC. The BBC are scared to show the Republican members press Mueller. It's incorrect to claim the nothing new was learned from this hearing. The most important being that Mueller claimed he knew nothing about Fusion GPS. That is the whole case ! It links everything from Christopher Steele's proven fake Russian Dossier… This 40,000,000 Dollar farce is supposed to be about Russian collusion remember !
    The DNC and Hilary Clinton paying for that Dossier, Spying on candidates, Uranium 1 etc .. I could go on.
    I'm watching the Fake News BBC as I write and the lies continue. This report has failed so miserably for the Deep State. What do the Fake News BBC do ? Drop the story and call Trump a racist 🤔 Pathetic BBC absolutely pathetic.
    For real News go to Judicial Watch. For the real investigation Bill Barr and John Henry Durham. The Fake News BBC are hoping to bury this story but believe me the real investigation has only just begun.

  39. BBC what hearing did you listen to. Mueller was terrible. He didn’t investigate Russian interference. He tried in vain to get trump period. Didn’t investigate Steele dossier. My god didn’t know who fusion gp even was total incompetence.

  40. BBC is nothing more than a now outed and confirmed Spin Factory. No wonder you are losing the public trust and we are moving toward Citizen Journalism. You can spin the truth but you can not hide it.

  41. Mueller didn’t write the report. It was a propaganda piece. There was so much that wasn’t in the report. The public is not for impeachment. Get your facts correct bbc

  42. the BBC covered up for child rapist and BBC star Jimmy Saville. What do you expect from a network that colludes with a child molester?

  43. They talk about diversity at the BBC but being Black or wearing a head
    scarf doesn't mean diversity. They all went to the same colleges and had
    the same training and indoctrination. The BBC cannot be trusted.

  44. Mueller was acting stupid, so obvious. Trump hasn't done anything wrong you idiots !!!!! God almighty , the BBC is appalling.

  45. Brennan , Comey, Clinton, Obama, Schiff, Nadler, etc etc ….. all committed TREASON ! So obvious BBC , get with the program guys ! Not paying my licence fee anymore for this biased BBC BS ! We need more Mongolian lesbians at the BBC …. there are none and that's racist and hate speech of BBC !

  46. Wow Terrible description of any purvue in this clip. Let's be honest it looked as tho Mueller didn't write the report and was a mere figurehead. It was a disaster for the Dems

  47. The Republicans do not firmly believe Trump was exonerated – that's all a show to save their butt during the next election. Most are complicit in Trumps' trampling of democracy because they are afraid his base will not support them if they do not support the President, no matter what he does.

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