The United Australia Party: New name, same old shit

The United Australia Party: New name, same old shit

Do you fancy yourself as a politician? Is the One Nation Party too competent for your liking? Do you think the lower house is the place in Parliament you go to pee? Then you’re what we’re looking for at the Palmed Unit- I mean United Australia Party. Let’s face it, Canberra is becoming a circus. The only person who can fix it is a commonsense everyman like billionaire dinosaur-collector Clive Palmer. The problem with Australian politics is there are too many personality-driven parties. We need a party for everyone. That’s where the Palmer Unit- I mean United Australia Party comes in. While the Palmer United Party had its fair share of problems this time will be different because the party’s got a different name. But what are our policies? Well, we believe in giving a fair go to all graphic designers, no matter how shitty their work. When it comes to politics, Australians are sick of Labor and Liberal. They’re dying for a sensible third option. But that’s not gonna happen so let’s go with Clive. We’re planning to run candidates in every electorate in Australia. Now we know that sounds like a lot, but don’t worry we have a strict vetting policy. If you tick the box, you’re in. If you don’t tick the box, you’re in. Who knows where a career with the United Australia Party could lead? The Senate? Centrelink? Court?


  1. the feed(ing trough)… if u think a UNITED Australia is shit, as your header says, then we say "Fock Ewe" !!

  2. the clingiest video if seen in a awhile, whats wrong with the "united Australia party" or the name change??

  3. Just saw the new ad. It is as if he literally couldn't find any other people to say things about him so he mashed up everybody elses words to make an ad.

  4. The Feed, Same old Shit
    Clive built his wealth, no silver spoon , good decisions and business acumen with a true patriotic drive for bettering Australia. Sound similar to someone else who had every MSM network and bandwagon leftist buzzword regurgitating lot of wankers like you telling the world he would destroy the USA.

    How is America doing by the way , Feed yourselves some real facts instead of your tofu and low fat tolerant progressive lattes with extra smug for a change.

  5. You guys keep putting people down … I was raised if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.

    Read there policies they look fair to all.

  6. I'm sure the members are full of ex-Queensland Nickel workers hoping they'll finally get their entitlements.

  7. "Each generation … rescues a new area from what its predecessors arrogantly and snobbishly dismissed as 'the lunatic fringe.” – Christopher Hill

  8. I'm a libertarian… and nothing good can come out of voting for Clive Palmer and his Divided Australia Party. You people are being scammed by the world's biggest con artist since Turnbull$h!+, because he is not concerned about Australia at all. All he cares about is himself. He voted for billions of dollars of welfare for middle and high income households, increased electricity prices by stopping us from getting rid of the unnecessary and useless renewable energy target, which is a wind turbine subsidy scheme that has ensured that nobody has dared to build new gas or coal fired generators in Australia. He also hardly turned up for work, and if he ever did he be slept in his nice comfy warm seat like Slurrin-Derryn Hinch the Whinge or falsely complaining about being wiretapped just because apparently that's what President Trump did in America for ratings, so that means he MUST follow his playbook too. He also wants Australians in capital cities (regardless of economic status) to pay 20% more tax than other Australians living in suburban and regional areas which will increase the cost of living in Australia. Clive Palmer is basically shit that comes out of Trump's ass into Trump's golden toilet bowl that grew into a human instead of getting flushed away.

  9. Clive certainly is a do as l say not as l do, especially when it comes to those poor Aluminium workers.

    I think a great UAP slogan would be UAP where shit does actually float to the surface!

  10. Nice one "the Feed", Nice assertions with no proof in your proverbial pudding to back up this this "informative video". I came here to look at both sides of the coin to find this Swiss cheese of an argument attacking a political opponent. Well done "the feed" for being disingenuous and reaffirming why many no longer listen to what you media types have to say. I'm voting for Palmer if that's what you'd advise against. Realise this, Not all Australians are from Newtown . some advice, If you want people to drop Palmer or his ideas, Provide information that will assist in making their decision, Don't try leftist strategies attacking Palmers character like he's a criminal to get your point across, you look like children when you do this. Comedy aside you provided little to no reason why I should listen to a word you say and you've reinforced my belief your Liberal lackeys. Again Well Done

  11. Basically Trump Australian edition, as he attempts to cut tax for his wealthy friends and reduce any basic benefits we have left.

  12. United Australia Party BS… Every time I see Palmers face my brain just processes it as an Aussie version of Donald Trump and that's not a good thing

  13. We need to get rid of the 'preferential' voting system… it's an absolute joke. So is the voting ballot these days, used to be there were only a handful of parties now every single dickhead with an ax to grind or a soapbox to stand on has a single issue party and it's all horseshit because in the end all the votes go to liberal and labour anyway so what is the point? Pretending to have democracy and a 'vote' when it's always the same 2 chumps in power? Having a literal bloody alphabet full of candidates who are all absolutely fudging worthless? I'll agree with some of the independent parties on one point, shit has to change in a big way. But I don't think a rich old fat idiot like Clive Palmer is the guy to do it. I am… lol. Oh yeah and go stick your 90's rock protest songs, Bob Dylan wouldn't wipe his ass with music that lame. The Times They Are a changin' all right. 🙂

  14. Clive Palmer is an oxygen theif. Everything he touches turns to shit. He talks about jobs. Over the years how many of his businesses have shut down. Thousands have lost jobs. We don't have to look at anything else

  15. This is a great laugh .
    Some people are worried .
    I say folks . Rest easy .
    He is dreaming . It's not happening .
    I have purchased a truck load of tissues for the three fleas and the ringworm attending his election party . The paralysis tick already opted out .
    Have faith . Good night zzzzzxx

  16. great work Clive and the rest of these no hoper UAP boofheads sending unsolicited unwanted unanswerable offensive text messages messages to my phone continuously and when you go to their youtube channel to give them a taste of their own medicine it's all 'comments disabled'. you're a prick Clive and so is that blonde haired thing who spouts your garbage. talk about self-serving arseholes

  17. same name, same leader but new name and new propagana BS aginst china, somehow it's just like Hitler tring to divert the german anger on jews as a means to unite germany……

  18. Just saw their anti-China ad today, scripted BS. Although I don't know politics, as a Chinese person who always want to contribute to the city of Melbourne where I live and call home, I think it's laughable they call themselves the UNITED Australia Party. Because I felt kind of DIVIDED after watching their ad.

  19. This freaking ad is annoying, and we can't even comment or avoid it. Please give us a break, this is like propaganda

  20. Ha, Ha, This Is Brilliant !!
    Seriously What Meat Head Would Join This Self Serving Egomaniac.
    Clive, Pay Queensland Nickel Workers Their Dues, Rather Than Wasting ALL That Money on Advertising, That Will Lead To Nought. Surely, There Aren't That Many Brain Dead Numpties, Which Would Vote This Buffet Destroying Fat Arse Into Parliament, AGAIN !! Seriously, If You Can't Even Manage To Control Your Wasteline, How On Earth Do You Think We Will Trust You To Manage Our Country !! GO AWAY CLIVE !!

  21. I don't know how to feel about the guy in this video (not clive) when he is hosting pointless, that was until now. I actually think he is great now (i still gotta learn his name though)

  22. Does anybody know how to stop their annoying YouTube ads? I can understand why they'd be on TV but I don't know what I've looked at to give YouTube the impression that I'd vote for Clivosaurus Indecisiveness.

  23. Every video come on this my YouTube channel page..Must have common sense place. If have not common places .This video the People who are the stealer. Scare i put the common on there talked to every one know…. Understanding ,must be have common on my page YouTube channel. If not common. Get out here.. I don't like the people steal my owner.

  24. Utter crap as there is quite a lot of depth to the new Policies. There's a rush of fresh new idea's and fresh enthusiasm. A video containing nothing but lies and misinformation, and theatrics for those easily misled who don't want to check the facts.

  25. I HATE Clive Palmer's United Australia party ads with a passion. I wouldn't vote for this party just because they spam their ads so frequently.

  26. Clive Palmer says the two parties don't do enough for workers. Listen you hypocrite!!!! Pay your workers from the Nickle Refinery !!!!!! Everyone hates the United Australia Party.

  27. Clive Palmer is a lair and a con. Don't get me wrong most other parties are similar but anybody who comes up with a slogan "we're not going to cop it anymore" after the whole Queensland nickel debacle is daft. Give Australians a fair go by keeping this knob out of parliament!!!!

  28. I've gotten to a point where I hate clive palmer and the random people from the ads so much that I literally feel angry when an United Straya Party ad comes on before a video.

  29. Just remember this piece of s**t absconded with 70 million dollars of his workers money. He's just trying to mimic Trump.


  31. Look up the full info on the airport near Karratha and you will find the Chinese airport is actually linked to a chinese mining company on lease land. Have a look who leased the land and you will see it is one of Clive Palmer's companies who leased to chinese in first place. So who is telling lies here???

  32. Nuclear power for South Australia? Good luck with that, reminds me of Clive's commitment to building as a replica of the Titanic, complete and utter bullshit. Seems at odds with with his coal holdings. Clive wants to enter Parliament again so that he can fast track future coal mines in Queensland that he owns. Bigger than a Ahani. Conflict of interest, could you trust a politician like Clive, who would represent his electorate if successful, to vote in parliament in the public's interest or his own interest? 'P U P' political party stands for, Palmer's Unlimited Piggybank.

  33. For god sake, can YouTube remove United party ad? It is so annoying and so anti China. Don’t know what China has done to Clive Pama, he seems hate China so much. If his party got a few seats in the parliament , it’s going to be a disaster for the country and this is on top of the already dire political environment we have. What does he truly want. Fill his Ego?

  34. I hate hate hate United Australia party ads , the most annoying waste of taxpayer Money on you tube.

  35. thickheads … do you really wanna keep on going with the two party system??… grow up, and get informed quickly, or you will continue to get what you have always got

  36. Dear old Clive has disabled comments on his videos. I think I am partly to blame, I bagged out his WA video. Bagged out as listed the mistakes.

  37. Hes like a min trump just not as bad or as stupid therefore nowhere near as funny as trump! (but less criminal and corrupt due to Australian Laws). The whole scare campaign about china invading remote Western Australia to steal our iron ore! WHAT A JOKE! As if China would not just take the whole of Australia if it was to invade! LOL one small carrier group at Sydney would take over military and domestic airports in QLD, NSW and VIC in one go and there nothing we could do about it!

    Plus he shafted the workers and decided not to pay them until get votes time!

  38. Let me guess: Clive's been a successful litigant because, shock horror, he was actually telling the TRUTH. And he wants to be a Politician? How can you let a truthful chap actually enter that Cauldron of Thieves, Liars and assorted Lunatics? He might actually do some good!!! No: can't have that. …..or can we????

  39. 2PPS is frauding votes not given to them and most Aussies have no say. Our freedom has gone away and we have to vote the unknown or the unliked like labour, Liberal and the Greens again and again.

  40. Well all you critics should be happy with libs selling off more of aust assets. We can work for the chinese. Let see how that works out

  41. Labour Party OUT; QNI resolved and the liquidators shown to be crooked; didn't supply exculpating EVIDENCE(Document from Aurizon); all in a political hit job and Clive hit back!!! GOOD!!!

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