The U.S. Government Is Heavily Involved In The Ongoing Crisis In Venezuela

The U.S. Government Is Heavily Involved In The Ongoing Crisis In Venezuela



  1. I mostly agree with TYT's opinions, but this time they are wrong, Juan Guaidó is the legitimate president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Given that Nicolás Maduro was elected by an electoral process called by the National Constituent Assembly and not by an electoral institution (as the venezuelan constitution says), he can't be the president, he is an unofficial president. Hence, according to article 233 of the venezuelan constitution: when there is an absence of a president, the president of the National Assembly becomes the president and calls to elections within 30 days. So basically, what you are saying is wrong, there are no excuses about this, there are facts.

    Source: Venezuelan constitutionalist Rubén Ortíz Córdova.

  2. If you would like TRUTH, here are some experienced progressive sources:

    Democracy Now
    Empire Files
    Status Coup
    Ben Norton
    The Moderate Rebels
    Redacted Tonight

    If you know any other sources, let me know and I will post them.

    Btw, the opposition party is violent (assaulting people with grenades and burning people alive) and funded by American Imperialists to prop up an inexperienced neoliberal capitalist (Juan Guaido) who isn’t supported by the Venezuelan people NEARLY as much as Maduro. Maduro has been demonized left and right. There is complex historical context to this as well which you can learn about in the sources I’ve mentioned above.

  3. Guaidó's party is a center LEFT party. Most of the original legal supreme court judges have fled for lives and the vacancies have been filled by Maduro's appointees without the constitutional approval by the National Assembly (equivalent to the US congress). The National Electoral Council (CNE) whose function is to carry out fair elections has been also filled with Maduro appointed members without the constitutional approval by the National Assembly. The Maduro created National Constituent Assembly of 541 members has been structured purposely so that Maduro gets almost unilateral power. The evidence is easily researched by whoever is interested in doing so and reads Spanish. This NCA or ANC in Spanish, has attempted to replace the National Assembly who actually and directly represents the people of Venezuela but was not able to complete this because it is too obvious that the constitution prohibits this and cannot pass in the judiciary. All the top directors of the only and government owned oil company with it's 5 refineries have been sacked and replaced by high military officials who know too little on how to run the highly complex and specialized technology of petroleum extraction and refining. The elections of May 20 / 2018 have been rigged as all the government parts except the National Assembly have been illicitly formed therefore the constitution clearly states that is the position of president is vacant, the National Assembly's president assumes the power of interim president who provides democratic elections through the National Electoral Council and then is replaced by the newly elected president. The conclusion is that the present regime is without doubt illegal. Personally, I dislike Trump a lot together with most republicans but not all and am of the opinion that free enterprise without strong rules is bad for any society especially developing countries. I also lived in Caracas, Venezuela, from 2-25 year of age.

    I'm thankful that this video is much closer to the truth than so many others. Of course, in my opinion.


  4. Hi guys very fare reporting. And no race baiting, proud of you. But don't forget The Ukraine Coup,the Libya coup both done under a democrat Obama Presidency. But well done.

  5. Maduro has silenced anyone who does not agree with him. Venezuelans are desperate and as someone who lives pretty close to Venezuela and has Venezuelan friends, it is not possible to defend Maduro, he’s a fat pile of shit

  6. Ana is not right about Maduro. I had hoped you guys would be different. But tell me, who from TYT is on the ground in Venezuela? Obviously TYT have not made yourselves familiar with the Venezuelan Constitution or you would know that the Constituent Assemblies are MORE democratic as close to a pure/direct democracy as exists in this hemisphere, and are legal per the constitution. Just because Bolivarian Democracy has become more matrix non-heirarchial as opposed to heirarchial. Perhaps if TYT wants to maintain any sort of credibility you will put a reporter on the ground in Venezuela… Also, its probably not too wise to claim to be "capitalist" and still try to be credible with the Left because if you have to go out of your way to claim you are a capitalist, you don't stand in solidarity with workers and therefore cannot and should not be trusted. 😔✌ This is the first time I am noticing a glaring absense of evidence or facts. Fix that.

  7. Also calling Venezuela a Terrorist state allows the President unilateral authority to send in the military without Congressional approval. Nice one on missing that one. Smdh. So quick to go right leaning third way and not anger the Intelligence and Security Cartel that you miss that racist tyrant Pink Slip Rick Scott endorsed military intervention.

  8. Also, the politicians who were barred and/or jailed played a huge part in multiple violent coups.

    Despite all of this nonsense that’s been happening in Venezuela, Maduro has been increasing support for the people of Venezuela (welfare programs, CLAP, raising minimum wage, ect) and trying to protect them.

    Despite the economic war being waged by huge corporations in and out of Venezuela (smuggling bills [30 tons of which have been found hoarded in Paraguay], companies hoarding foods and circulating them in the black market for exorbitant prices, smuggling foods outside, sanctions by the US, violent protests to shut down the country) that create mass inflation, Maduro has been standing by the Venezuelan people each step and that’s why the people support him.
    Don’t take the neoliberal bait.

  9. Also what TYT don't understand is that the government only did the social programs at a very mediocre level. They stole all the money for themselves and blamed everyone and everything else. The price control was made to control the population, it was made by Chavez first, it was done in a way that only the allies where the ones that had the jobs and a box of eggs. Is much more complicated than what you think you know. The US tried to send medicines and help many times and the government refused the help that many venezuelans sent. The do that all the time. You really know what's on the surface. You are just worried about what other say about the failings of the venezuelan socialist agenda.

  10. The US was involved with Venezuela a long ago before Chavez and it was so much better before. PDVSA and many other Venezuelan oil companies directly worked with US companies and it was very prosperous at that time. Venezuelan government has always been corrupt but this kind of economic crisis was never seen before in our history.

  11. Is really hard to think of lending some support to Maduro by himself, nor his politics, his sense of respect for human rights are hard to apppeciate from distance. But let's be honest, if people from Venezuela cannot get ride of him by themselves, what makes you think they could do something against an US occupation?
    and there is no country that we could say survived and is doing fine after an Ocupation from USA.

  12. TYT getting it wrong again check with Abby Martin or the real news for the truth about Venezuela. or just about any independent news outlet. LOL so after the bit they are getting it more right. Jeez they were found guilty they were as corrupt as is possible TYT are so used to legal corruption in the USA they think other countries should put up with it, as for socialism they have built a ton of homes for the homeless more than the UK, and ask yourselves why and who collapsed the oil price. Also, ask what has happened to the money they put out there to buy food and medical supplies all frozen by the SANCTIONS. TYT only half full of shit.

  13. There isn't a grave in Venezuela that hasn't been dug up by 40 million people that are starving to Death.
    Socialism destroyed Venezuela.
    Not ExxonMobil or any Koch brother think tank.
    Leftist must swallow their Ideology with this situation at very least for the time being and stand with the Right, if anything else keep an eye on the recovery efforts.
    Humanity before politics
    Don't stand in the way of American aid

  14. The crisis in Venezuela is primarily the fault of dictators posing as president. The people of Venezuela must rise up and overthrow the corrupt government. If you are starving, the only options are death or revolution.

  15. TYT watchers / members should read Jane Jayer's Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right

  16. It is unbelievable that we have out there people that justify and defend with any discourse, dictators like Maduro, Chavez or Castro. Saying is US fault and that's why they've failed while they have violated and committed so many crimes against humanity, just to defend their mediocre point view of the world. Pathetic, that shows that many people are very sick.

  17. Hey, hey, hey! I could see some potential 2020 US candidates being prohibited from running because they're in prison. Let's not categorically condemn this. The occasion does arise now and again where jailing political opponents is the appropriate thing. It would seem to me that maybe people are too gunshy about jailing political opponents. I can think of several people that the Obama administration should have jailed.

  18. They Dissolved the Congress , Jailed the other Party. If that happened in the USA , you would want other countries to step in

  19. And the federal government are heavily involved with "taking without consent" working citizens hard earned money. But TYT is ALL FOR THAT. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  20. Socialism is not distributing goods to the poor; socialism is giving the means of production to workers. It has never happened in any country.

  21. What is happening it's not a coup! Maduro it's NOT legitimate. Guaido it's a temporary president as the head of The National Assembly, he's going to call for elections in 30 days just like it's said in our constitution.

  22. THERE IS NO COUP! When did standing up for democracy become a radically regressive and uncouth policy position. The scar of the Iraq and Libyan intervention has tampered with all liberals understanding of foreign policy. To try and support a legitimate government against a tyrannical dictatorship is not equivalent of an invasion or covert coup.

  23. Just listened to the United Nations hearings on Venezuela, it seems we again have fallen for fake news on ballot box stuffing, Venezuela has country wide electronic voting. And candidates that were removed had received direct funding from the US hence the CIA , if US candidates received money from Russia would that be tolerated. There is more to this story.Ha just remembered statements from the UN The Venezuela government asked for international observers for a year, that request was refused, two months before the election the election was called invalid.

  24. Trump should definitely help change these horrible leaders, even if it means taking a slice of the oil profit pie. The place is a dump, only a real leader can fix that.

  25. Really???? Is Trump “fighting” for democracy? Well, not here in the US, where HE US SUPPOSED TO BE DOING IT!!!!, not by trying to create another coup d’etat in a country that HE HAS NOTHING to do! The guy is a criminal and is criticizing another criminal? How is that posible? Oh, yes… only in the US.
    Let those people be. Let them fix their own problems, and instead, try to create more and better jobs for the US population, with a living salary. If he destabilizes Venezuela more, and the US intervenes in their politics, it is going to create a huge problem for the whole of the American continent. A revolution will start and for sure there will be terrorists emerging from it, and a whole BUNCH OF REFUGEES that will want to come to the US, repeating again the stupid cycle of creating problems in another country to then pushing people to come here… and then what? What is the big plan? Noting! Absolutely Nothing! Bunch of idiots and morons!

  26. the reason that the economy in Venezuela is struggling is because of economic terrorism sponsored by the United States against their country and any country which does not accept american corporate hegemony

  27. so if Putin supports Maduro, and Putin got Drumpf elected, and Drumpf wants to overthrow Maduro, how does that make any sense?

  28. As expected of Cenk: full of ignorance and simplistic viewpoints regarding Venezuela.

    Guaidó has the constitutional duty to become an interim president. Let me explain:

    Like Anna and Cenk since Maduro relied on a fraudulent and undemocratic election, which makes his election "non-existent" from a constitutional standpoint. His, Maduro's claim to power illegitimate.

    The Venezuelan constitution states that elections that violate constitutional standards and human rights are considered non-existent. Hence, Maduro’s victory was declared void by the National Assembly.

    Without a legal claim to power, his Presidential proclamation on the 10th of January becomes an USURPATION of the Executive position.

    This is why the majority of Venezuelans and the international community don’t recognize Maduro presidency. Is not just a rejection based on “mere whim”.

    Now, onto the Guaido's proclamation as president. The legal basis of this act is a combination of three articles of the Venezuelan Constitution: 233, 333 and 350.

    Lets go first with article 233, which states that the absence of a democratically elected president, it is the DUTY of the president of the National Assembly to become interim president and call for general elections in 30 days.

    Now, Cenk says that Guaidó cannot swear himself on the basis of this article because Maduro is "still there". And sure: Maduro may not physically absent. In fact, the article itself doesn't foresee what to do when the presidency is usurped by a non-elected individual. This is because the Constitution was written to deal with democratic governments and not dictatorships like Maduro's that constantly attempt against the constitutional order.

    However, the article clearly talks about the absence of an DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED president, and, since Maduro wasn't democratically elected, then the article was still aplicable to his condition.

    Before you start typing, keep in mind that this interpretation beyond what was textually written in article 233 does have a legal basis in article 333. This segments this segment states that every citizen, wether invested or not with authority, has the obligation to work together and defend the constitutional order in case of being violated, something which Maduro did by illegally dissolving an elected Parlament and holding fraudulent presidential elections. Hence, Guaidó's proclamation falls once again inside constitutional parameter's, alongside his call for soldiers to defend the constitution (which Maduro's regime has continuously violated).

    And then there's article 350, which obligates every citizen to not recognize any regime, legislature or authority that goes against the values, principles and guarantees of democracy and violates human rights, all of which have done by Maduro and his cronies.

    Following the convergence of articles 233, 33 and 350, the current president of the democratically elected National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, followed his constitutional duty to return the constitutional order and sworn himself as the interim President of Venezuela.

    So no Cenk: What Guaidó is not a coup and it also isn't a "self-proclamation" since his actions had a constitutional backing to them. He also isn’t right winger since his political party is actually center left. And unlike Maduro, he actually respected the parameters set in the constitution, which is why he is LEGALY the Interim President of Venezuela.

    And look: you may critice the US recogniziton of Guaidó and the president (which he is) as an intervention. But what you can't go is spreading lies about Guaidó and what just happened in Venezuela. Specially if you have no idea about it.

    Invite real Venezuelans to your program. People who actually deal and study the crisis everyday and can give you a more accurate description of what is actually happening.

    Please be professional and stop spreading lies.

  29. Couldn’t save Puerto Rico because it was around “big” water, Won’t give “freedom” to Honduras because they don’t have oil or gold like Venezuela… But now has all the resources to go dig into Venezuela yet flint Michigan still has dirty drinking water

  30. I appreciate your journalism but the delivery needs to be more sophisticated to be taken seriously.I agree with your message. Thank you for your dedication.

  31. I support Juan Guaidó and I am Venezuelan. We need to get rid of this regime ASAP. Hugo Chavez and Maduro have been the worst government in our history. We really need humanitarian and militar help from abroad

  32. Umm yeah, some goofy non-govt Russians spent a whopping $4,700 to rig our election. BFD. Chenk, you're as bad as the lying CNN and NSNBC, and DNC. All Pro Neo-McCarthyists! And the DNC wasn't "hacked", it was a download. can you say. . .. THUMB DRIVE???? Smh

  33. For all the people who are thinking about Venezuela from their comfortable armchairs and sofas, in countries where everything happens normally, with enough food in the refrigerator and the security that the law protects, I open this thread." Practice these tips before reviewing what is happening in
    Venezuela: this is not the social programme fantasy and what Chavez did shouldn't be an example of utopia. Venezuela is a broken country in ruins that has been destroyed by a system designed to use power as a form of control.
    Do you imagine what it is like to live in a country where the government considers you the direct enemy if you oppose and expose their failure? What is it like to live in a country where the freedoms that any developed country can enjoy while you lose all access to health care, internet and phone lines?
    You, who are so comfortable in your country thinking about ours as if it were something simple to understand from a distance. Do you know what it means to live in a country where there is a spontaneous curfew at nightfall? Where the police force steals from you at the same time?
    You, who feels like a progressive and socialist genius, wearing Che shirts and hating America from the comfort of your country. Do you know what it is like to live in a police militarised state? Why should I wake up to see tanks and live with armed men in every corner?
    You, who feel so modern hating the US and supporting "the leftist regimes of the world" Do you know what it is like to live in a country where inflation is calculated at 5.1% DAILY? In which the fact of buying food is a daily struggle?
    You, who live in a country where you can go to a supermarket, walk calmly at night and speak without fear of being attacked. Can you imagine what it is like to live in a country where none of that happens anymore?
    You, who have guaranteed medical assistance, private, public or free? Imagine what it is like to live in a country without medicines, in which the sick die by the dozens because "humanitarian" was banned as "unconstitutional"?
    I do not care about Trump, Putin or his conspiracy and delusional theories about controls in a technically bankrupt country. What matters to me is the suffering of ALL the people I know. Of all my family, friends, of every person I stumble with every day.
    Please respect the country in which thirty million Venezuelans are suffering the unspeakable. Respect what happens and have "social conscience" to look beyond the "idealism".

  34. The opposition candidates that were banned from running in 2018 wre banned because they previously attempted to OVERTHROW or ASASSINATE the President! WTF

  35. This show makes no attempt to remain objective. In his opening statement he starts with reinforcing the controlled opposition TYPICAL LEFT RIGHT PARADIGM and says the right is always trying to overthrow the left leaning governments.

    TRUTH is that both left and right are always supporting coups globally if you look back no further than Obama in Syria and Libya.

    WTF is wrong with these peoples memory.

  36. Russia, turkey, and iran are the examples cenk gives for goverments who dictate their elections…. maybe. I'd include the US and many western countries run by corporatists.

  37. What the hell do you think Maduro should have done when faced with US intervention in Venezuala over the last several decades? You blame Maduro but what would you have done? What a joke!

  38. 1. A boycott of an election isn't proof of anything. If you boycott many times govt supporters stay home because they figure we already won why bother voting. Even with the Boycott 50% showed up to vote which is higher turn out than the US without a boycott. Maduro is 100% legit president.
    2. Maduro fighting with the nationally assembly it is because they are actively trying to collapse the country. (that breaks their oath of office)
    But thank for trying for nuance

  39. Foro Penal Venezolano’s Report: registered 791 arrests for protesting between January21 and January26 in Venezuela. 632 arrests on Jan23 (The highest number of arrests in a day at least since 1999) WHO HAVE THE WEAPONS AND USE THEM AGAINST THE PEOPLE? Maduro and his military squad!

  40. You should look into why the price of oil dropped when it did and ask why would the Saudi Arabian government unnecessarily increase oil production, therefore dropping the price of oil, and taking a heavy loss to their government coffers. At the time Saudi Arabia increased production oil was around (or maybe over) $100/barrel and quickly plummeted to eventually reach $28/barrel when the world’s demand for oil did not justify such a dramatic increase in production and OPEC did not feel the need to increase production. (Yes OPEC is a different can of worms.) The countries this price drop harmed the most at the time was Iran, Russia, and Venezuela.

  41. The opposition in Venezuela are racists inciting violence, hanging and burning people, mostly black chavistas.

  42. Every time I look at Trumps Toupee I  can't help but to think of some of the cartoon scenes, where a bomb explodes in there faces, and the concussion blows their face  away, and their hair straight out on end.  But in Trumps case it looks like a bomb exploded in the back of his head, blowing all of his hair to the front, and from a side view, giving him a 1957 Heavy Chevy Look.

  43. What happened in Venezuela is not a coup. Since the may 2018 elections were not legitimate, the resulting president of those elections is not legitimate either. According to the Venezulean Constitution, when there is no legitimate president, the head of the General Assembly, in this case Mr. Guaido, MUST become the temporary president of the country until new and fair elections take place.

  44. This is NOT about left of right wing, this is NOT about ideology… Juan Guaidó is the leader of the most progressive party in the country, Voluntad Popular belongs to the Internacional Socialist.

  45. No, this is not a Coup, Guaidó is DEFINITELY NOT a right winger you have no idea of what you are saying, Voluntad Pupular is the most progressive party in Venezuela, and this is a CONSTITUTIONAL TRANSISSION OF POWER.

  46. Other little thing, Venezuela has NEVER stop selling oil to the US, a tuslly is our best customer, for all their antiamerican rhetoric, they have never stop doing business with the States so, forget about the blokade América has on Veenuels becaaue they don't, they just did, the sanctions were on high raking official not at Venezuela's hability to do business with America.

  47. Lol always supporting American imperialism….liberals are a joke…

    Maduro should chop off the heads of the traitor slaves of America

  48. This is without a doubt the most DISGUSTING coverage of the venezuelan crisis in the american media. Absolutely appalling. This is not a coup, Cenk. The insanity on the left-leaning media is nightmarish.

  49. So the same people who say we should support BDS say that we need to leave Venezuela because it’s “none of our business”

  50. America has sent $20 million in aid, and medicine, food, and supplies are coming in from Columbia in the West and Brazil in the East.
    Help is on the way Venezuela despite Maduro trying to stop all aid.

  51. Great topic, but wish you called in experts on things like this. Ones that can knowledgeably compare this to the US reaction to the DRC election.

  52. Cenk Uygur, I'm from Petare (biggest slum of Latin America) , and I am a US Citizen too. I left my country because of these criminals ruling our country. I know what's going on there. I'm not a MAGA fan, but on this matter, I support US government, 100% like majority of Venezuelan people (inside/outside).

  53. What I don't understand is why some countries (like Uruguay and Chile) being ruled by left parties, US doesn't mess with them. Or Maybe because they are true democracies not ruled by corrupted politicians, so they don't have to use USA as the scapegoat? SMH

  54. This is very educational. Please keep up the great work, Cenk and Ana. Thank you. I remember that years ago in Uruguay that AID, Agency for International Development, was undercover as an NGO(non-governmental organization) that helped the poor but was really a dangerous USA subversive organization. There was a movie about it:

    State of Siege (1972)
    Showing all 2 items
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    In Uruguay in the early 1970s, an official of the US Agency for International Development(used as a front for training foreign police in counterinsurgency methods) is kidnapped by a group of urban guerillas. Using his interrogation as a backdrop, the film explores the often brutal consequences of the struggle between Uruguay's government and the leftist Tupamaro guerillas.
    —Erich Schneider <[email protected]>

    The synopsis below may give away important plot points.
    Synopsis… (copy/pasted below)
    This closely follows a true account of Cold War US black-ops in South America preceding Operation Condor launched by Augusto Pinochet in Chile following the 1973 CIA-orchestrated coup against President Allende and his death by probable assassination. Costa-Gavros also directed Missing, a film about this event starring Jack Lemmon and Sissie Spacek.

    The historical figure played by Yves Montand in State of Siege was Dan Mitrioni, a former Indiana police chief working in Montevideo within USAID's Office of Public Safety, which in fact was training civilian police in kidnapping, torture and assassinations of suspected Communists parallel to School of the Americas training of South American military personnel. The film opens with the American found dead in the back of a car. We subsequently learn how and why this came about. The Tupamoros, a popular Uruguay insurgency that robbed the rich and gave to the poor, had captured and interrogated the American "trainer" at length about his actions and motivations. The captive-captors interactions that take the form of a trial are the heart of the film, revealing the motives and objectives of the insurgents and the defensive rationalizations underlying violent American interference in Latin American governments. The American never breaks and confesses, so they are left with no alternative but to execute him for his many capital crimes.

    Both Contra-Gavras films provide important history lessons that Americans receive from neither their schools nor their media. Missing was a major box office success, but State of Siege provides the clearest understanding of US Cold War operations and their impacts on targeted societies.

  55. About Venezuela and the kind of coverage that Tyt is doing about it. The man you called “far wing president backed up by USA” he is actually a liberal, son of a taxi driver. And he is acting by law, THIS IS NOT A COUP. Did you know that? I just found out but I don’t spread news in the internet to millions of viewers.
    Check this out. Guys, it’s not a matter of right and left.

  56. You would think trump would love this guy. He's playing by the same play book. About how to become a dictator.. too bad he didn't say nice things about trump and ask him to build the biggest ,greatest most beautiful hotel there a d he would be his new BF.

  57. Mexico has a new president and he is cleaning corruption and doing great. His life is in danger cause of it. A lot of americans are involve. The first president that is going to set strong laws against corruption in mexico. Trump and a lot of presidents around the world should imitate him. AMLO is all about peace and raising up Mexico. He's being president only two months and has done enormous changes to stop curruption and economy is increasing. Mexico will be great. AMLO it's Not rich and he cares about the people and his country. We all just pray that he doesn't get kill by Salinas de Gortari, a former president or by any other that their luxury lives are about to change with the new regime.

  58. When the oil refinement was unprivatized production dropped to 20%. The resource doesn’t hold its value forever either, Australia encourages foreign mining as we cannot extract enough before the resource is worthless, coal is heading that way but we have already mined it with foreign investment to the maximum.

  59. Why is TYT using VOX? Doesn't TYT have Latin American socio-political or historic or legal authorities who can EXPLAIN TO CENK AND ANNA the premise and political back drop of this "SECOND COUP ATTEMPT" since 2002?!!!…Someone get JIMMY DORE, PLEASE!!!

  60. Also, Cenk, the term is "il"-legitimate…NOT "e"-legitimate…Moreover, Maduro isn't Erdoğan. There's no comparison….Lastly, GUYS and GALS, don't be so lazy! Calling Maduro a dictator is like calling Chavez a dictator…FYI: Venezuela's had more than two dozen elections since the Bolivar Revolution. They were observed by international observers as well as Jimmy Carter…(MAN! TYT IS LAZY ON LATIN AMERICA!!!)


  62. Doesnt that 2018 election sound a lot like the 2016 election when Hillary Clinton cheated Russia medaled but it was for Hillary and the hack wasnt successful

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