The Truth About The Obamas’ Marriage

They make headlines everywhere, and their
photographs have graced the cover of most magazines. The Obamas are a force to be reckoned with
and one to be admired. From an ice cream shop success to a husband’s
messy habits, here is the truth about the Obamas’ marriage: 13. Dating While President – While discussing
his marriage to Michelle with the press, Barack made his displeasure known when it came to
date night with his wife. After assuming the presidency, problems arose
regarding nights out on the town with the first lady. Before he became the United States president,
Barack and Michelle made it a point to continue going out to make time for themselves and
keep their relationship romantic and alive. He even promised her that after his run for
office came to an end, he would bring her to a Broadway performance in New York City
as it would prove beneficial after the mentally-draining campaign. But, things are more easily said than done. Although Barack brought her to one of the
famed shows and a fancy restaurant for dinner, their simple night out caused a lot of backfire
from Republicans and the media. Some stated that the weekend trip had cost
upwards of $70,000, but Barack is said to have paid for their fine-dining and Broadway
tickets out of his pocket, not with taxpayers’ money. It looks like even innocent vacations can
turn into a struggle when you’re president. 12. Separation from Politics – Although Michelle
ultimately became a large part of Barack’s presidential run, during the early days, she
wasn’t so gung-ho about the place of government matters in their personal life. She didn’t like the idea of becoming immersed
in the world of politicians. Michelle’s goal for her marriage was to
be a mother and have a cohesive family. Though it differed from her personal beliefs,
she still helped a lot with her husband’s campaign for Senate in 1996. After that, she stayed away from the scene
for years. Apparently, Michelle even missed several of
Barack’s speeches, unlike the wives of many other government officials. It was important that she maintain somewhat
of the life she had planned, in spite of her husband’s rising success. By doing this, it brought the couple closer
together instead of severing them, since the entire marriage’s focus wasn’t on Barack’s
up-and-coming career. 11. Days Apart – Since Barack’s work required
so much of his attention, Michelle was often left alone at their Chicago condominium. After being married for a couple of years,
he was working for the Illinois State Senate and was also a law professor at the University
of Chicago. This left little time to stay at home with
his wife, and the couple faced hardships because of his absence. In 1998, shortly after giving birth to Sasha,
the couple was having some trouble financially, so Michelle applied for a job at the medical
center of the University of Chicago. She reportedly said later that the babysitter
who was supposed to watch Sasha during the interview, canceled. So, she had to take the baby with her. At that time, she even mentioned feeling like
a single mother. Michelle also stated that years later, after
moving into the White House, she and Barack could finally spend more time together. It seems like this super-couple can get through
just about anything. 10. Troubles Before Marriage – Barack and Michelle
have proven numerous times, through the hardships of political duties and trials of marriage,
that by giving it your all and working as a team, couples can overcome just about everything
life has to throw at them. But this pair faced some challenges even before
they tied the knot. While the two were still only dating, in 1991,
Michelle’s father, Fraser Robinson, came down with a serious illness and passed away. Although he was running low on money, Barack
got up from his desk during class and left for Chicago right away. It’s always been important for the couple
to be there for one another during difficult times. 9. Winning Michelle’s Heart – Barack Obama’s
demonstrated enchantment has won over United States citizens several times. But he was working his charm on Michelle far
before he was in office. Before they stepped into the political limelight,
Michelle was focused on her career in law at Sidley and Austin in Chicago. During her time at the firm, they appointed
her as a mentor for an associate who was there for the summer. This colleague was none other than her future
husband, Barack. Michelle’s initial thoughts regarding the
new guy were that he had an odd background, having lived in Hawaii during his childhood,
and figured he might be a know-it-all considering his collegiate work. However, her assumptions soon subsided, and
the two began dating. They shared their first kiss outside a Baskin-Robbins
ice-cream shop, and Barack even asked permission for the smooch. Since that day, the rest is history for this
ground-breaking pair. 8. Sheila Miyoshi Jager – Barack and Michelle’s
marriage has made headlines numerous times throughout the years, showing people what
true love looks like. However, there are always past relationships
that rear their ugly heads as reminders that you don’t always find your soulmate in your
first go-round. Sheila Jager, the former girlfriend of Barack
Obama, sparked the interest of people everywhere when their past surfaced last year. The two dated during the late 1980s and early
1990s, and their relationship was very serious according to Jager. When she was just 23 years old, Barack proposed
to her. She declined because her parents believed
she was too young to marry. He asked for her hand again a few years after
that when he was going off to Harvard to study law. During the time Barack was working with Michelle,
and the two began dating, Sheila said that he continued seeing her as well for about
a year. Whatever the case, the Obamas’ marriage
has been one for the ages and Jager is happily married with four children. 7. Campaign – Barack Obama’s run for president
was truly impressive, and even though he did a lot of the work during his campaign, his
wife was the head of operations behind the scenes. Michelle was very wary about getting so involved
in politics and wasn’t exactly excited about Barack’s presidential aspirations. Nevertheless, she supported him wholeheartedly
and began collecting signatures for the petition to put her husband in the race for office. She and a friend even went door-to-door getting
people to sign and was disappointed with volunteers if they didn’t meet the set goals. On top of gathering supporters, Michelle continually
made changes to the campaign, getting rid of anything she deemed tasteless or unflattering. Instead of having an unexciting meeting at
a lounge, she held a fundraiser at the DuSable Museum of African American History, making
an impact on future voters. It’s safe to say this wife had her husband’s
back even though she didn’t totally agree with him. 6. Before the Presidency – Before going full-force
into the kitchen, so to speak, Michelle and Barack had to decide whether or not they could
take the heat. They wanted to figure out what political involvement
could do for their more profound objectives involving social change. Considering Barack’s dreams of a more progressive
society is one of the things that drew Michelle to him initially, it isn’t surprising that
they would want the ultimate aim of his presidency to encompass those passions. Although he believed the best way to go about
achieving these aspirations would be through politics, his wife tried to go around it,
attempting change on a smaller scale through community organizations. They didn’t want their marriage solely based
on government projects, but instead, wanted their union to magnify the goals they’d
already set for themselves. This thought-process and pre-planning strengthened
the couple’s relationship so that once he became president, the stress of the position
wouldn’t tear them apart. Michelle backed him up throughout everything
even though her early beliefs were against government involvement. It looks like it worked out in their favor
and the two made an impact on societal standards that will last an eternity. 5. During the Presidency – Michelle had a lot
of say during Barack’s run for office and maintained an important position throughout
his presidential career. However, she said she was by no means a “co-president.” Although she and her husband discussed a lot
of matters together, such as healthcare, and Michelle helped him in many ways concerning
his public image, Barack made most decisions concerning things like military matters. She also remained focused on her own goals
for societal change. In 2009, she put in a new garden at the white
house to generate a discussion about the country’s welfare. Michelle began the campaign called “Let’s
Move!” in 2010, whose goal is to create a healthier future for the nation’s families. The movement encourages fresh food choices,
provides better options to school cafeterias, makes healthy alternatives more budget-friendly,
and promotes exercise. So, even while Barack was making huge moves
as president, Michelle was following her aspirations. 4. Inspirational – Barack and Michelle have inspired
people everywhere to do their best in life and try their hardest regarding relationships
and marriages. Their influence was so profound that it even
gave way to a documentary that released in August of 2016. The movie, titled Southside with You, is a
portrayal of the initial courting between Barack and his future wife. It details the couple’s first date where
they traveled around Chicago doing various activities. During the film, they visit an art exhibit,
see a movie, and go to a community meeting, during which Michelle watches Barack give
a speech. The movie ultimately leads up to their first
kiss outside Baskin Robbins. 3. It Takes Work – Although the majority of their
marriage appeared flawless to the public, the Obamas want people to know that it isn’t
always fun and games when it comes to maintaining a strong relationship. The two stated that they don’t want to give
the false impression that marriage can be without flaws and various hardships. If any couple has faced severe stress and
strain on their partnership, it’s Michelle and Barack. They dealt with several differences, the majority
being before his presidency when she wasn’t interested in pursuing politics at all. There was a time when Michelle wanted something
more simple, in which she could be a mother and lead a conventional picket-fence life. But marriage takes compromise, and she said
she realized that a future out of the spotlight wasn’t possible for them and accepted it. So, through her recognition of that and Barack’s
understanding of his wife’s passions about social change, political life increased the
couple’s strength. Plus, they always made sure they had time
to themselves even if their schedules were packed to the brim. 2. Little Things – Even though this duo is so
renowned in comparison to most couples we see on a day-to-day basis, they have small
traditions and little quirks just like everybody else. While they were being interviewed on The View
in 2012, they answered some questions that allowed us to take a glimpse into their everyday
lives as husband and wife. Michelle disclosed that Barack isn’t exactly
the most organized person and likes to leave his dirty socks around the house, just like
so many others out there. But he retaliated, stating that his wife forgot
their first anniversary. When he asked her what she wanted to do a
year after they were married, she asked him, “for what?” But, Michelle isn’t the only person to forget
an important celebration. They also brought up Barack’s nightly ritual
of tucking Michelle into bed and the topics they discuss during family dinners. They said they’d leave the presidential
stuff for their alone time, but that Sasha and Malia would talk about their days and
they’d have regular family conversations. So, even though they had so many other things
going on, the Obamas maintained important marital and family bonds. 1. Still Going Strong – Since leaving the White
House, this power couple moved into a place near the famous residence so that their youngest
daughter, Sasha, can graduate from the high school she’s already been attending. Even though they moved into their new home,
they didn’t stay too long before heading out for a little fun in the sun. Michelle often talked about recreating their
honeymoon vacation after Barack left office. Although they haven’t done that yet, the
couple did take their children with them on a family get-away to several different places. Barack was seen kite-surfing near the British
Virgin Islands, and they were spotted rafting in Bali. They’ve been to Hawaii, Italy, and Germany
as well. Barack also took a trip to see his friend,
Prince Harry, during the Invictus Games in Canada. Some of the stops were business-related for
his post-presidential projects, but the family was definitely taking well-deserved time off. He and Michelle even hung out with some famous
friends including Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, and Oprah, on a yacht owned by David Geffen,
to catch up on much-needed rest and relaxation. So even though Barack is no longer in office,
he and his wife are having a blast and keeping their relationship alive.

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