The text message that made a baby – BBC Stories

The text message that made a baby – BBC Stories

He was killed on impact. When the medical team got there, there was no saving him then. So he was already gone. In the blink of an eye. We were just married. We were planning a baby. You know, this wasn’t supposed to be this way. I had my aunt here, my mum here, my cousins were here, my best friend was here. And I was showing them these
text messages. And then, I remember seeing my aunt and she’s a nurse. And her face just went completely pale. So on March 30th 2016, at 6:21pm, he texted me when he said “Love you babe. If for any reason I get in an accident and in a coma or brain dead, keep me on machines till I come back and you can pull sperm from me and have a little girl.” Needless to say I thought about that text message, less than two months later, when the worst case scenario did happen. I was thinking… I was praying. I was begging god. “Please can this be done.” I have my own practice. Children born from sperm stored 32 years. But that is not as surprising as taking the sperm from a man who was dead, for 36 hours. When somebody dies the sperm do not die with them. The sperm remain viable. We’re able to, like toothpaste, squeeze a lot of the fluid out and it comes out like a milky type of fluid that’s usually loaded with millions of sperm and we freeze those separately. That would be the first choice to be used for an IVF cycle. I’m starting to see a little tiny bit of me but she does look like her dad. She has my skin colour. Her dad was a little bit darker but everything looks like him. So this is from Jeremi. That’s a nice looking sperm. My husband would be thrilled with you saying that. Fine little twitch. And that means that sperm is basically viable. That’s it. Grab them and go. Whoa, that is very powerful. A man is going to ejaculate 400 million sperm. It only takes one. It does, it does. There are a very few people that do this because of the questions of ethics. I think that it would almost be unethical not to do it. They are better off that the child was never born? When we see Lenee and Remi and think of the happiness and beauty they’re going to have. You wanna play? You want to get those flowers, huh? If I didn’t have those text messages she wouldn’t be here.


  1. A baby who'll grow without her father's love! Congrats! Like if this world was not sad enough! Using science to create a new type of misery ???

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