The Popular Vote ( Ep1): Trump News – Not My President Protests After Electoral College Decision

The Popular Vote ( Ep1): Trump News – Not My President Protests After Electoral College Decision

I believe the Republicans want to do things for the business and for the common man and the Democrats want to give everything away. There’s a lot of things that are in the middle but there is no category for that. So that’s why I’m a Republicrat. Donald Trump is someone who ran on a platform that promoted… racism – – His message whenever he was campaigning was extremely contagious. Homophobia! Misogyny… I think a lot of people… who are less than moral… were very energized. I’m a business person so I’m really concerned about our business and how to survive in this economic condition. They were painting the country as if it were… the end. He said that China was the reason why we have climate change… even though he doesn’t believe in climate change. He even made fun of a handicap reporter. People like villans they like bad guys. We have a guy that for the past year and a half they’ve told him there’s not a chance in hell that you’re going to be the President. You’ve got a guy that has done everything wrong. There’s no way anybody’s going to vote for him. At all! Boy was I wrong. Just to to kind of walk you through my night it was me and a few of my friends we were there following CNN BBC at Jacob’s Pickles on the Upper West Side. I was getting a drink at the bar. I’m watching as all these states are going red and I’m just cursing at Florida. It just seemed sort of apocalyptic. Everyone in the media was so shocked. and I remember hearing like just an abrupt WHY FLORIDA WHY? WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS MESSING IT UP EACH YEAR? WHY? So I was like what’s going on? So I knew the election started and everything so I automatically went online opened up CNN and I saw that he was winning I was like ah my gosh people are actually voting for Donald Trump. If Trump wasn’t elected the world would end. He was their Savior. I mean he said it himself. I am the only one that can save this country. You cannot continually tax people to the point where they’re done… and that’s what happened to the middle class. The middle class said you know what we’re done. It just kind of seemed like I was being Punk’d. I’m just like wait is this in real time? Are the TV stations frozen? It doesn’t seem like every single major electoral college state is really going that way It seemed really rigged in my opinion. So I got home and I was still watching the news periodically kind of checking in every hour because it was just so long and like drawn out. I remember when Obama won we had the results by like 11 o’clock and this was not the case this time around I was up till 2 in the morning 2:30 when Hillary called him actually she called him at 2:32 in the morning and conceded. When everything was all said and done I just cannot believe that it all happened that way I sort of… kind of predicted it in a way. I wasn’t shocked at all. It’s not the first time I had a misogynist racist… you know anti anything that not him President I just had eight years of a President like me so With all the stuff that he has said all the things during his campaign against women… his business practices… the bankruptcies… How is this man qualified for being the President? I think it shows that anything is possible You really don’t have to be as qualified to get anywhere Look I wouldn’t want his job but he’s going to learn the job just like everybody else. The only thing is he’s learning the job as the President not as a congressman not as a mayor not as a governor so he’s already made a lot of those mistakes along the way. What really bothers me the most is his how he seems to… drive a lot of his… thoughts with bigotry. I mean like… who he is is not a shocker he just says it rather than using like… you know war on drugs and…. welfare mammas. Which is racist terms! They just painted it in a different light It seems that he has no care for how anyone other than himself will be affected. He’s not for us and for us I mean minorities. He’s bringing our country back so many years whether it be women’s rights whether it be immigration rights whether it be… LGBT rights. This man doesn’t have the temperament to… want to.. sit down and be diplomatic He’s about bullying and ego and… it’s his way or the highway. He was like disrespectful… towards the immigrants… and like the Muslims. They’re coming here with a napsack… and a couple papers in their wallet. I’m sorry… I just… think we need to think about us first There’s too many people here that are hurting. All of these campaigns that Trump did online that caused people to have these thoughts like… I’m the one that’s being hurt. It’s all about me. I don’t think that he’s ever… acknowledged the fact that he’s you know been the reason of all this racism He’s been kind of nonchalant about it… like oh really? I don’t understand why they would…? No! Why don’t you just publically say for all the racism that’s going on… for all of the like backtrack in progression… I apologize but this not what I stand for. Trump to me is… he says a lot of demagogist stuff but he’s about the paper and capitalism and… as liberal as I like to see myself… I’m big on capitalism I think it’s… reason why we’re still big I do believe in survival of the fittest so… the dollar is power… and don’t forget that. Sometimes we like to divide ourselves into groups but at the end of the day… that’s what it all comes down to. Money speaks a lot… money is a… very strong language it might be the most powerful… language.

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  1. I have one question for Trump supporters:

    Are you aware that when Trump makes all these hostile and negative comments about Muslims, that’s exactly what ISIS and other terrorist groups want since it helps them with recruiting?

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