The politics of President Trump’s travel ban

The politics of President Trump’s travel ban


  1. Ginsburg needs a coroner of funeral home to determine what state of decay that corpse is in. She should have been buried last year.

  2. We should ban EVERYBODY from coming here to, just like President Trump said before he got elected, so we can find out "what the hell's going on". Well we KNOW what the hell's going on. The democrat politicians are flying to these shithole countries, on TAXPAYER DOLLARS, telling these people to come to the U.S. And now we are being FLOODED with illegal aliens.

  3. These countries are not even the Muslim-originating nations lol ?
    So what are these Muslims protesting about?……

  4. I never realised Venezuela and North Korea were muslim countries. So its actually a travel ban on 8% of muslims AND others.

  5. I don't know what's so hard for you people to understand that we have a right to say who can and cannot come into this country if you're a shitbag coming from a shitbag country we don't have to let you in….. this isn't a charity this is a country

  6. The whole argument by liberals is religion, but it is less then 1% of the muslim population is affected due to safety reasons…….the whole argument of the left is ABSURD !!!!!!!
    Of course any thing that this President does is wrong according to the socialist/marxist.

  7. Don't worry this is the last for now Williams gotta go because me I rely on my Lord and his Angels and they are swift and to the point.

  8. We just want to keep out terrorists. Please add Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador (MS-13) to the list.

  9. Steve Schmidt not only lost with John McCain that idiot said Hillary would get over 400 electoral votes too. Lol. MSNBC – the home of losers

  10. Who cares about the f**** travel ban that's the least of our problems right now. I'm worried whether or not I'm going to have a job here in the next few weeks. :/

  11. I am so happy about this! I don’t care what anyone says, this is a BIG deal. It’s not racist because Muslims and Islam is not a race—it’s and ideology— and not one that works in American society! Honor killings. FGM. Hijabs. Sharia law. Plural marriage. Hate for Christians. No. They are too radical. Too different. Americans first! ??????????????????

  12. This is not a ban against all muslims it's only a ban on certain muslim countries who have proven themselves to be complete bloody cunts!

  13. progress is progress. we can yet save this nation. now we need to vote the swamp out so we can get good judges in!

  14. I've met some Muslims. They act like they're better than everyone. Screw them and their shitty religion.

  15. You may not be at war with Islam , Islam is at war with White , Western , Christian and secularist . Islam is a parasite , Islam is sneaky , Islam The choice religion of Terrorist world wide . Good luck with all that .

  16. You all must ask? Why are Moslems want to come to infidel countries?. They could easily go to Moslem countries and practice their religion.

  17. boooooooooooooooooooooooom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the left go nuts and start to transform into a much crazier form of crazy, a level of crazy not seen the bronze age……crazy back libturds..

  18. Trump wants a war with Iran, I get it now, this is all about them. Its so obvious. And its never going to happen, he is just going to alienate the people of this nation. Everything he is doing is pathetically geared towards that, from punishing Canada by not blacklisting Iranians, banning Iranian oil imports, Saudi gearing up oil production, banning Iranians unnecessarily, being nice to Russia, (Iran's main ally), N Korea, (no distractions, focus on Iran instead). And guess what? Its going to fail, because Iran has 80 million united people in the strongest nation in the region that actually has a positive influence in the region. What a stupid dude. Can't believe I voted for him. Won't be happening again.

  19. Please now are you saying you would save me from a radical extremist Moslem tourist? Ya right, I highly doubt it that's what it sounds like to me shabby bureaucrats want violence is what it sounds like to me.

  20. Muslims don't care about non-muslims. Why should non-muslims care about muslims. They should stay in their own country where they belong. We don't go to theirs. We don't want our country to be islamised.

  21. they could not stop trump because trump had his decision in the rule of law, they thought they would have on their way because they said trump is racist, but neither the judge accept such a claim and the law prevailed. Another win for Trump, win win win hahaha

  22. 3 women and one little twit…of course that explains it. Can you say BIAS boys 'n girls?…sure, sure ya can…ooo that's nice.


  24. I hope Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg assumes room temperature this year and we can put another right thinking common sense jurist in that position . I don’t wish harm to her but she is just to old to be there .

  25. There is a point where we must admit that the elephant in the room is the fact that Islam is at complete odds with Western Civilization and what is coming with it is an end to Western Civilization and its traditions such as individual freedom and the laws that the West has suffered for and nurtured into being over three thousand years. There is NO Constitutional imperative to allow ANY person into the U.S. nor is there an imperative to allow in any sort of religious group as immigrating parties. The First Amendment only says that the government will not establish any law or endorsement concerning the practice of religion. The idea that this means that the U.S. must host every cult that wants to occupy some U.S. geography is an interpretation. Congress and the POTUS has the power to determine if and WHO gets to immigrate. PERIOD

  26. No District Court can stop what is in The President's authority under our current law. Any Supreme Court justice that thinks that they have the authority over The LAW is not fit to be a judge. READ THE LAW AND APPLY IT AS IT IS WRITTEN. Enforce the law as it is written and you will find that it works to protect the American PEOPLE. MAGA!!!!

  27. Trump is the guy! Proud to have him in the White House! And I don`t understand why Fox is bringing Anti-Trump Journalists to talk against President Trump. Are Fox being a Partner of liberal psychotics?

  28. Socialist DEMs are living in an Alternate Orwellian Reality.
    They are entitled to their own asinine opinions but NOT their own fanciful set of Facts.
    DEMs are anti Constitution and Rule of Law

  29. Is nobody seeing the successful Muslim invasion of Europe? It would be very intelligent, very sensible, to ban more Muslims moving to the USA. Once Muslims achieve even relatively small populations, they become unstoppable. Very small national percentages will not stop them achieving higher local populations in cities. London is already a MINORITY British city. The Muslims run the city through their Muslim mayor.

    This ban is, however, not a Muslim ban. A great shame.

  30. The Dem party is becoming a boutique, coastal and urban party disconnected from the concerns of ordinary Americans and contemptuous of their way of life. Yes they won the popular vote in presidential elections, without however winning the electoral college vote or controlling Congress. A matter of time till the Party is in the SEWER and I will celebrate that day …

  31. Of course, all the female Supreme Justices, especially Sotomayor who's hispanic, will vote AGAINST. The EU is ruled by predominantly women. Look at all the rapes, bombing, assaults, etc. throughout Europe and Scandinavia. Obama and the Dems would have just bent over and takin' it up-the-poop-shoot.

  32. They want to "conquer" the world and introduce the SHARIA law by force. Wake up, and see what's gone "wrong" in the UK & Europe, thxs to senile Merkel & the Pope.

  33. WINNING again. The Trump Goose lays another golden egg.
    Watching a liberal self implode is almost as gratifying as
    watching the birth of ones first born child. Almost.

  34. I am sooooo happy about the travel ban!!! I think it is essential to the peace and security of America! Look at what is happening in Europe!!

  35. I have liberal friends if you did not know they were liberal you would think they are the nicest people I just can't understand there logic.. or lack of logic.

  36. islam is NOT a religion, it is the insanity induced writings of a pedophile bandit called mohammed who copied tracts of christian and jewish bibles and added in his own savage flavor to give himself legitimacy

  37. President Trump with his tweets, is playing the dems like a fiddle. They hate him so much, they respond badly to everything he says. But in the meanwhile who is campaigning?

  38. Great! Remove the other 4 from the Supreme Court, there is no room for judges that put personal feelings, political bias, and acting in protest on the Supreme Court! Impeach them, the constitution is clearly written!

  39. I salute the Supreme court Judges to give the biggest win against the Immigration Bomb being bombarded by the Illegals from Central America. This Immigration Bomb is directed as a war by the Mexicans and their Southern border politician Lackeys and the Drug Lords. We should all Thank Donald Trump for getting completely rid of the Islamic ISIS Bomb. Trump again met Kim Jong Nu to sign a joint declaration RWA, Ready, Willing and Able to denuclearize N. Korea Bomb so the world can sleep in peace – achieved in just 500 days. For 500 days in office over 10'000 illegals crossed the US border making the biggest invasion Bomb on Americans. Radical forces (Maxine Watters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer & Media) have joined to bring down the President to deny peace to Americans. Time to rise up and take on by Bombing the Dark Forces.

  40. well luckily for the sheep in the UK they dont notice whats going on around them… until there dragged up a lane and gang raped… funfact 97% gang rape increase in my country guess who the top demographic is doing the raping were just loving our multi cultural experience… 2A stay safe Qanon

  41. The Muslims have said we're here to take over America . It was heard nation wide . Has the libs been in a coma ? If they like the Muslims so much let them go live in a Muslim country . We don't want them here . We are tax payers , we have say .

  42. Leftist are so predictable, people are being ran over on the streets with trucks, attacted with machettes, being blown up with pressure cooker bombs, and gun down. President Trump is trying to keep Americans safe and the mental cases on the left call him a racist. And the other thing, the left knew this hole time, that the travel been was legal. What the Supreme Court should do is… When whoever the President is, if he issues an executive order, the court should look at it right away. And put a stop to lower courts making bad decisions. Just my two cents.

  43. So much winning. So little time. Only 6 1/2 more years.

    I love my big, white, CONFIDENT, privileged, rich, famous, multi- talented, brilliant, successful, hard working, family loving, Republican, Orange/bad combover, ladies man, electoral college understanding, courageous, Paris Climate Accords snubbing, TPP exiting, ObamaCare mandate repealing, NAFTA/Mexico/Canada confronting, Iranian Nuke deal busting, Democrat war against coal winning, American steel/manufacturing/small business rejuvenating, patriotic, pro-life, unborn defending, SCOTUS anti Union Law winning, common sense, Military/Business loving, job/wealth creating, peace making, sanity restoring, fair/equal trade negotiating, Israel loving, Wall/Pipeline Building, ANWAR/Gulf drilling, MS 13 deporting, SCOTUS travel ban winning, UN/NATO confronting, ISIS caliphate destroying, tax cutting, tax return simplfying, economy/GDP growing, disaster relief championing, hostage returning, Comey firing, 2018 primary's winning, heathen Democrat marginalizing, Space Force creating, regulation cutting, totally transparent, MSM confronting, beholding to NOBODY, Presidential salary donating, strong, gentle, protective, generous, ,kind and STRAIGHT TALKING President SOOOO VERY MUCH!!!!. MAGA!! KAG!!! Trump 2020!!

    Bill Clinton calls that shoving poison down America's throat. And it is, to him that treacherously sold our most sensitive nuclear secrets and 25% of our manufactiring sector to China and others , defiled our Oval Office with whores and cigars, in return for 'campaign donations'.

    All this is happening the same way the rising, unmovable, strong, over-arching human consciousness and conscience ended chattel slavery by the defenders of it bringing its to it's end blindly. This is all so DELISH. They still fire the first shot of the wars they will lose. Invest in popcorn and keep your guns close, if we have to use them, American patriots. It's going to be a a wonderful show and fight. They are committing suicide in droves already. America is back.

  44. Great precedent. Now let’s get that other 92 percent of Muslims on the list. And let’s adopt the same system here in the EU

  45. Ban against anti-American terrorists automatically Translate into a Muslim ban hmm is someone reading between the lines?

  46. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is holding on much like some dictators who grow old before dying and going to Hell. She could do the Court and the country a great service by resigning or maybe just dying. She has lived a good Liberal life. I would like to extend these wished to Senator McShame the non-hero of Vietnam.

  47. The elites of BOTH PARTIES are corrupt. We were told so many lies by Obama, and don't get me started on the Clintons! I had hopes for Trump because, frankly, he sounded like BERNIE about a LOT of things (healthcare for all, drain the swamp, save Social Security, money out of politics, control Wall Street, end these all these damn wars (Obama went from 2 to 7 wars!!!!)
    Don't let party loyalty blind you, like we did with Obama!!
    Now the President is ramping up the fear and hate, just in time for the midterm elections. I'm in South Texas near the border and here's why the rush of arrests of illegals:
    Obama's law said you have to apply for asylum at "designated ports of entry", not just any border crossing.
    Trump CLOSED the ports of entry. These folks are TOLD to apply at another facility, which is INSIDE THE U.S. BORDER. So, when they obediently show up to fill out the form for asylum, THEY AND THEIR CHILDREN ARE ARRESTED!!! So Trump can say, look at all the arrests, I'm so scared!!!
    Besides the unfairness, it COSTS US $700 per day per person!!!!!! But those private prison companies are big donors to both political parties, so that's ok???
    I'm tired of the corruption. Not just Trump, HILLARY STOLE BERNIE'S NOMINATION!!! We all have more in common with each other, than with the elites of either party. I'm tired of being manipulated.

  48. So…according to justice Sotomayor, President Trump's statements prove that the ban is contaminated by impermissable discriminatory animus against Islam and its followers YET FBI agents' statements which clearly showed animus against Trump in text messages did not contaminate the outcome of their investigation into Hillary's emails???

  49. Everybody remember how up in arms the media was about this about a year and a half ago saying this ban is TERRIBLE and will never pass. NOW it is to be the LAW of the LAND and the media can't do anything about it. The Deep State behind the UPROAR will FIGHT every step but are backing down a little more all the time.

  50. How come religion is such a big deal now. They don't care about Christian religion why is islame a concern for them?

  51. Kraut needs to stay dead. Hope Charlie meets him in heaven and asks why he got to fight to live but he didn't.

  52. Blah blah blah. I ay if you threaten me I can protect myself. If you go so far as to take action I can defend myself and shoot you before you shoot me. Ths also exists on the national level as on the ppersonal level. You are mad to say that I have to sit there and be killed or hurt.

  53. Why in the hell would even think about bringing charles lane on to give his opinion? I wouldn't ask him about a dead dog, the bias-ass idiot. Go to hell charles…


  55. OMG.. how is it UN AMERICAN to want to KEEP THE PEOPLE SAFE.. .what a F-ING LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. In reality, terrorist attacks seem to have been lessened under President Trump. Yes, you still hear the shootings in America. But overall less chatter on attacks.

  57. I have a next door neighbor named Sonia.. She uses a lipse in her voice to get attention. I don't mix well with other ethnicities (not racist); maybe it was because my culture was taken away from me on the Trail of Tears (Creek Indian).

  58. Let's send your stupid ass is over there and see how long you live for you get your head cut off dumb bastards talkin out their ass

  59. If you want Muslims in your country look at England look at France and look at Switzerland now tell me you wanted me in your country all there non-radical all they're good people oh well I'll take him into your homes and show them love the Christian way you know they don't believe in Jesus Christ

  60. It should include Morocco which is one of the worst exporters of terrorists and subversion.

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