The political journey of Bernie Sanders

The political journey of Bernie Sanders


  1. If Americams choose as Bernie Sanders better elect Mr. Trump's he his better then him Trump's his the best Presidential for next election now he having more experience last 3 years he will take up USA to a excellent level no one done before in USA 👍✌👌

  2. Ha ha… Bernie is not good in one o one small talk haha….. he is not pandering you mean….it is not about him, it is the issues facing this country. He has more love in his body then the whole damn republican party. What the hell are you talking about.

  3. Wow!! Washington Post with an actual positive(and honest) piece on Uncle Bernie… shocked to say the least. Bezos has a soft spot for the Bern!

  4. Washington Post has lost all credibility. They're incapable of not showing their bias against Bernie. A once reputable news source.

  5. Bernie 'came out of nowhere' because Clinton wasn't making her poll numbers. Bernie Pied-Pipered the Left away to La-La Land so Clinton could jink Hard Right and poll her pro-Israel and pro-Warhawk role in the Obama Administration, going after the Bluebloods and the Chosen. Then Bernie drove the Leftist sheep into Clinton corral, and rolled over for his hoped-for SecState Cabinet future in her administration.
    75% of those who voted for Bernie said they will never be fooled again. He's not polling ANYWHERE near where he was in 2016, and has ALREADY PUBLICLY STATED HE WILL TURN HIS VOTES OVER TO BIDEN!
    Today he's spewing proven Big Lies about 'Increasing Hurricanes Are Caused By The Rich!" and 'Great New Deal', a $1,600 BILLION Socialist Wehrmacht that would be as big as Warfare + Welfare COMBINED, with a Fed Mil.Gov.Sci that is TWICE AS BIG, and an at least +30% increase in taxes ACROSS THE BOARD.
    It's all just self-promotion and self-aggrandizement, chasing after Leftist PAC $s like Arabella, which itself feeds on churn-cycles of End of Days media moghouls, one of the most profitable tropes since Star Wars.
    "Results take time, but I know we'll get there. God Bless America!' We are STILL paying for Reagan's Folly.

  6. This video is great, but I still find subtle mistruths throughout. They misrepresent Sanders' legislative background in Congress by showing how many Bill's he personally passed. He did the most legislative work by putting amendments (that spoke to his issues) on other bills that were all PASSED by Congress. This dubbed him the name "the amendment king". It's Bernie 2020 baby!!!

  7. He did the most legislative work by putting amendments (that spoke to his issues) on other bills that were all PASSED by Congress. This dubbed him the name "the amendment king". It's Bernie 2020 baby!!!

  8. This played automatically after another video and after hearing some words I thought "I bet this is the washington post" hahah

  9. The classic dinosaur. All his ideas are prehistoric failures. FREE……  Anyone that does not earn (work)
      what they have will never appreciate what they get for free. It doesn't even make sense to obtain or get freebies. Individual responsibility is never a topic of discussion amongst these liberals. It's non existent when in fact it is the most important aspect of ones dignity and self respect. Show me an individual who gets a pass on earning a living through individual motivation/desire and I'll show you an individual with entitlement issues that transcends there ability to get off the couch. Bernie represents a crowd that does not take inventory of there own decisions and take responsibility; rather points the finger outward towards those that had absolutely nothing to do with the situations they find themselves based on the decisions they made. Most people want to work hard (even if it's a struggle) and grow develop and climb the ladder as they go through there lives and obtain self respect and dignity raising a family or being able to take care of themselves. Dignity is spawned via individual responsibility win/loose or draw. The nation should not take Sander's and his supporters as the rule but rather the exception and outlier that should not drive the momentum of the country's sentiment.

  10. Stupid empty head jerks. They have no brain and IQ lower than dogs and cats. Stupid fools. They just talk and talk and talk. Fools.

  11. lol ironic the motto of your "news organization" is "democracy dies in darkness" while you guys also are owned by Jeff bezos and act as corporate propaganda

  12. The WaPo Creative Team: "Some of our criticisms of Bernie have been too obviously biased. Let's make a video which seems like a puff piece but ultimately undermines his candidacy."

    "How about some anecdotal evidence from a Koch-backed think tank?"

    "That's perfect!!"

    "What if we interview Sean, who covers Bernie's campaign worse than some conservatives."

    "LOL! Great idea!"

    "Let's take his career out of context to make it seem like he is a failure even though the Center for Effective Lawmaking has consistently given him a grade of "meets or exceeds expectations."

    "…they will never see it coming."

  13. No matter how bad you paint Bernie Sanders he will become the nominee. He doesn't need to grow others need to catch I don't mean polls. The election is fluid because the media are in a struggle to accept Bernie Sanders has been the leader of the democratic party since 2016. He had 13 million last time. I think he will get close to 20 million now. Can any other candidate get more than that?

  14. "and he shouted a lot" lmao why dont you guys speak actual substance?? hahahah right because your daddy Bezos is scared of finally paying taxes 😂 Bernie 2020 🔥

  15. "If you, if we don't elect Bernie Sanders for president in 2020, we would have failed again, just like what we have now, Trump."
    Special invitation to Pennsylvania, Truckers and Farmers, come over to the right side. Elect Bernie Sanders as your president in 2020. He may not have a cure all, but he will bring a balance, just what we need. Youth Black & Brown people take this chance and make the right decision and vote for Bernie Sanders. He has a heart of a lion, and he has true conviction. He's for the people. Remember before Biden Warren Harris Bernie Sanders had a agenda for the USA. He still has an agenda for the USA, let him deliver. Wake up, it's your time to shine.

    "BRING IT."

  16. Bernie didn't come out of "nowhere". Progressive activists fighting for all kinds of issues have been following Bernie for years. I've been listening to Bernie for almost 2 decades now. He's amazing and people have wanted him to run for President for a very long time. Ecstatic to have him as a candidate!!

  17. 1- love you berniw… 2- WP u should apologies for the FAKE "fact check"….. just bad bad coorporate journalism….stick to real facts please

  18. Honestly this wasn't a bad take on the Bernie campaign but people are just sick of you Washington Post. You show this obvious bias against Bernie and others constantly and it is obvious why.

  19. it was all good until you said "sander's may have little to show for his decades in congress".
    HE WAS ONE LEFTY against a ton of rightists both democrats & republicans and was still able to pass bills and be champed as the 'amendment king'

  20. Bernie the clown communist Sanders took a tax payer funded pay check for over 30 years and did nothing. He was part of the swamp. That should wrap up Bernie's career.

  21. Bernie Sanders 2020!
    Out corrupt/sellout Republicans and Democrats

  22. If the WP intent was to make Bernie look bad or anything, this piece actually speaks highly of his history as politician. That video with the kids is a gem, educating people about drugs, politics and society since young age is the right way to go!!

  23. He's been running on the same argument for 40 years 😂😂😂 yea because Washington is corrupt period, only few have fought, the new generation is starting to fight with Bernie

  24. Anyone notice that when the gazillion of stupid smears don't work, with this video they went more subtle: tell a story about how Bernie is loved by the people to create trust with the viewer, and then conveniently leave details and bend the narrative to "Bernie is loved, but he never ever accomplished anything and therefore would not accomplish any of his policies if president". Manufacturing Consent 101.

    As a European, the media's portrayal of Bernie disgusts me. For the sake of the world I truly hope US elects this man.



  26. The Washington Post is Trash. You can't even get your fictional storyline right. You have destroyed the idea of getting the Truth from Corporate News with your blatant and repeated Fact Check Lies. Buying up small independent news agencies like vox and censorship of independent news journalism is not going to save your failing buisness model of pushing propaganda.

  27. Sanders has foolishly demonized the Post 's owner, Mr. Bezos , who also owns Amazon, and provides beneficial servces and good jobs to millions of people.

  28. There holds the world's record for Treasonous acts against it's own Nation , so many attacks against Americans and Anerica everyday in favor of one world views with socialist ideals inciting violence , sedition, lawlessness while denouncing US Constitutional law and hiding behind first amendment rights to do so

  29. People and MSM can say any negative things they want about Bernie, but his decades-long consistent message tells me he will tirelessly fight for the PEOPLE and not Corporate America or private interests. He's a wonk, but that's a positive. It means he knows the ins and outs of policy change and knows what will get us to the place we want to be, or at least well on our way to making this a better country for the true majority. We can't keep pushing for a middle of the road candidate and expect anything to ever get better. We must starkly differentiate ourselves from the Republican party. Driving to the center of the road isn't going to get us there.

  30. Pocahontas for President!

    Elizabeth Warren is just like Bernie Sanders in this respect!

    Bernie Sanders has been consistent throughout his history, from the Chicago Civil Rights arrest in 1963 to his unfaltering record in the US Congress, Bernie has always been for the common man and human dignity!

  31. Bernie was famous long before 2015.

    One of the only 2 independents, and fought like a lion for Veterans programs. People been telling him to run ever since.

  32. Bernie didn't come out of nowhere it came out of New York went up to Vermont cuz he couldn't get elected in New York let's be serious here Bernie he's just full of BS bulshit Bernie hasn't done a thing in many many decades but line his pockets being a bum. we don't need Bernie in Vermont go back to New York Park some cars Bernie

  33. That's why people don't want to live in Vermont anymore you're making it worse for the locals now you want to pay people to move there under your dictatorship let's just move you out save Vermont for vermonters

  34. Love your BS coverage and view on Bernie Sanders. You ignore him bc your afraid he might effect your pocketbook! Bernie Sanders is our only hope for true democracy. Shame on you Washington Post 🤮 You make me sick!

  35. It starts falling apart at 4:41. Washington Post begins making baseless opinions and begins using things out of context. If you truly stand with Sanders, dislike this video. Show the Washington Post that the people of this country WILL NOT TOLERATE lies and the corruption of the elite. They can try all they can to stop him, but they won’t win.

    Bernie 2020.

  36. This video was going pretty well the narrator had to go and say that "he has little to show for his time in Congress" I knew the Washington Post couldn't make it through an entire video without being bias against Bernie Sanders.

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