‘The Most Inhumane Of All Of President Donald Trump’s Policies’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

‘The Most Inhumane Of All Of President Donald Trump’s Policies’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. The only way to stop this is to march on Washington. This is a human decency issue. Now the American people have been made complicit to this murderous hatred. President Obama said we need to stop waiting for a hero and be our own hero. If we continue to allow this maniacal venom to become policy, it won't stop with "the immigrant" .

  2. I would encourage everyone to read their Bible and God's word, then I would encourage everyone to seek out the history of Hitler and his policies and rise to power in Germany and the horrific results. There are too many similarities to be ignored. We still have a chance to correct this cruel deviant behavior now if not we will all reap what is being done. May God forgive us all for our cowsrdness.

  3. White Evangelicals made deal with the devil, crucified their plastic Jesus on their used popsicle stick. Because family values?!

  4. Merriam-Webster updating their dictionary to include new definition for 'Republican.'  "A hypocritical regressive racist obstructionist who doesn't need a reason when treason is in season."

  5. How about you take care of Americans with their health insurance first and then you move onto helping others. We are not the worlds care takers I don’t pay taxes so that our tax payer dollars are squandered world wide while not a cent is wasted on Americans. There are plenty of ill American children who don’t have the privileges these randoms do. Gtfoh you all are nuts.

  6. The wall Trump is building is in reality around him, trapping himself within the confines of public disdain, disgust, disapproval, and utter contempt, which he lays down brick by brick, turd after turd, in endless succession. Edgar Allen Poe would have heartily approved.

  7. For three years, Republicans have propped up and protected a racist, corrupt, sociopathic narcissistic menace to society, gaslighting and covering up Traitor Trump crimes, ineptness, and incompetence. Republicans don't really care about our country; time and again, for decades now, they have put their politics and greed for power above the welfare of this nation. The destructiveness of GOP politics on American government began under Nixon, but starting with Reagan it became a Republican selling point. Conservatism won't die, but Republicanism has become a zero-sum game for losers. This incarnation of the GOP needs to die, or it will be the end of American greatness.

  8. We've long, long past the point Republicans can feign ignorance that the occupant of the Oval Office they elected is a sociopathic menace to society.

  9. Terror Trump administration embracing the dark side now, using white supremacism as the creature feature attraction in bid to win reelection! You know just how truly pathetic things are when the best thing going for the Republican Presidential candidate is his rampant racism.

  10. Terrorist Trump turns public grief in the immediate aftermath of these tragic mass shooting atrocities into personal grievances and political campaigning, heartlessly heedless of the victims and their loved ones, ramping up divisiveness — rather than admitting his own significant culpability, thereby engendering and promoting healing and unity, as any true leader would. Unfortunately, Biggest Loser has never been a true leader, as is once again demonstrated for the world to see at the G7 Summit.

  11. Really anxious to know…how many more Traitor Trump terrorist attacks against Americans before we put him someplace safe so no one else gets hurt?

  12. President Trump: "We have racist Republican traitors INVADING America, SLAUGHTERING and KILLING Americans! If we had a proper AG and Senate, we wouldn't have to work so much harder impeaching the head of their KLAN, and it would be a lot safer and a lot better! These are rough, rough people in many cases, and if they're allowed to permeate our society, only larger and bigger, we will have EMBOLDENED these people, and they will DESTROY America!"

  13. Is the prime focus of this new FBI task force focusing on white nationalist / supremacist / neo-Nazi terrorist hate groups going to be their current prime enabler, instigator and de facto leader, President Trump? Otherwise, won't that task force just be fighting a losing battle?

  14. The U.S. stands disgraced with an openly racist President! Congratulations, Republicans, you've finally done it! Aren't you proud of yourselves, now?

  15. Hateful coward in El Paso just following along with his Coward-in-Chief. How many more victims from these hateful cowards incited by Terrorist Trump's highly incendiary racist rhetoric?

  16. I thought the American medical system was a for profit enterprise?
    None of those profits are making it into trumps pocket…
    Poor donnie…..

  17. The USA tried and failed to address and stop kids being held on the border in concentration camps
    The same thing will happen now and in 6 months the Trump admin will push the envelope again … and after that again …each time American's are becoming more accustomed and desensitized …
    6 months was all it took to forget about concentration camps for kids and the right RIDICULING of those that attempt to stand against it…
    The decent has begun America … where will it end ?

    Immigrant only for profit work camps ?

    Mass graves in the desert ?

    Will America in 20 years after whatever happens ACTUALLY view itself critically or like every other time it does something horrendous will it somehow see itself as the true victim ????!!!!!!

  18. Rachel, thank you for covering this story. Please keep after this reporting, every day. The administration needs to answer to their crimes.

  19. And yet the religious right still supports him.
    “With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil – that takes religion.”
    ― Steven Weinberg

  20. What type of "human being" has the heart to come up with this????????? As a mother I just cant understand it this is EVIL!

  21. Jesus it’s more humane to shoot the kids than send them back to suffer a slow painful death. Can this get more inhuman.

  22. Does Trump really think this will garner votes for hm in 2020? Does he really believe that his base will love this move? Just how low will this guy sink this country?

  23. I love the strong immigration we need it, it’s great!
    No more sympathy for criminal illegals and being a dump for the UN.
    Go Trump!

  24. I truly believe that Trump has dementia and we should demand an independent mental evaluation of Trump. Those around him are hiding this .

  25. Is just Evil , is inhuman Trump and GOP are despicable and everyone else who agree with this monsters! Christians of course the worst

  26. Draconian.
    Inhumane. Heartless. Malicious. UNCONSCIONABLE…
    These are words I never would have thought I would see applied to the US of A.

    Trump. Truly a new low in humankind's lowest common denominator.

  27. Who really write this letter, please get to the bottom of this. Oh God Almighty mmmmmmmm. Just reading this letter I feel like I can’t breathe

  28. This is extremely sad. But I have a children whom have serious medical conditions. I couldn't find help for them. I'm a US citizen. They are white Americans. And never received help. Thrr dad was a veteran 100' service connected. Still no help with them. So this is a hard topic for me.

  29. Trump is worst than Hitler, Stalin and Mao!! LOL are you SJW Social Justice Wieners,are crazy, you have PTDS President Trump Derangement Syndrome!!

  30. The Republican Party death Squads! This is the kind of stuff republicans blamed democrats of when universal healthcare was first proposed. Except it was elderly people that would be the target NOT immigrant children being treated for life and death illnesses! Who’s evil!

  31. It isn't that the Trump administration 'figured out' that where the 'really good' pediatric hospitals are and then decided to concentrate on those. It is that illegal aliens with sick children made their way, or got routed to, those hospitals in those areas. That's why you see the clusters of letters delivered to this area.

    I challenge all you progressives here to make a donation to a developing country's medical system. For example, there is a 'Cystic Fibrosis Association of Guatemala' — send them some money instead of seeking to use sick children in your fight against the US having any immigration enforcement at all.

  32. The Shriners Children Hospital in Chicago accepts all children regardless of immigration status, and it is funded by private donations.

  33. The effing cruelty is the ENTIRE POINT of this evil, child murdering , hateful policy!!! Watching little kids with brown skin , suffer and die, gives these old, White, male NAZI GHOULS in the GOP, wood in their pants, better than viagra!!

  34. How much more crap and cover up on trumps ICE's ,,,,what a cruel thang wasnt enough you got aman killed because he had medical & diabetes and no help his blood should be on your hand s you deported to Iran ,,it is time your held accountable for your miss deeds how about jail for all of you whom ,dose these non human thangs trumps ,,,deverting his other miss deeds

  35. These people aren't citizens or legal immigrants… they aren't ours to pay for… How many kids do you pay for? Because there are many US people with medical problems that you can support.

  36. socialism or any other political doctrine can be used by psychopaths as a
    weapon. its not the system….its the leaders that implement and
    reinterpret the system. and , ya,…..we have been warning people about
    this for years. even before trump. evil people have got a hold of this
    system and were perverting it. we tried to tell everyone but were
    ignored and told that we were crazy extremists.

  37. It really takes a special kind of special. Sick, depraved individuals like Toxic Trump seek out–and attract–those like them. There is no real coherent policy in this administration. It's ALL about the racism, cruelty and corruption! This is seen starkly in the targeting of critically ill migrants CHILDREN for deportation by Customs, which will end life-saving treatments for a number of them.

  38. I’ve said from day one that Trump won’t be happy until he causes chaos throughout the world he’s totally insane and he’s been diagnosed by several top doctors that he is one of the worst physcopaths that there is iff not the worst and I cannot understand how or why that he is even considered fit to be in the White House he should be impeached or took out ASAP for the sake of mankind he is nothing but a raving lunatic and when I watch Hitler ranting in the mid to late 30s Trump is the nearest politician that I’ve seen that’s anywhere close to Hitler good luck America Stevie

  39. How can some one be so(Hurtful)to kid's that didn't ask to be Born,if you're a parent and have Kid's even if your kid aren't Sick,one day it could your's!! With a life threatening ill ness?? So let's say a(Prayer)and leave it up to God?

  40. Trump is just reflecting the hate of the American people, His immoral, low down ways were well known before you put him in the White House. Now that his hatred,and stupidity is spewing on those who put him in office and those that want to do all they can to keep him in office now have bleeding hearts. Talk to the farmers, they loved him to death. This man has the heart of ,Hitler and many of his ways. He is the one with 666 on his head and the majority of Americans love him, why, because they think and hate like him. Pitiful!


  42. So, if the parents refuse to leave… or if the parents leave but the undocumented child stays in the hospital, does an ICE agent literally walk into the hospital, brush aside the nurses and disconnect the child from the IVs and monitors? Yank the feeding or trach tubes?

  43. What is hard for me, is imagining ANY American that can support this President and his disaster of an administration.

  44. WWIII is on track
    U.S, Russia, china(possibly), N Korea(possibly)
    VS the rest of the world.
    Are you proud America?
    Can you say with a straight face that we are still the good guys?

  45. You guys elected this moron, time to admit the mistake and get rid of him. Most Americans are good people, please don't let one evil man destroy everything you've achived.

  46. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2019/08/26/immigrant-families-with-severely-ill-children-face-deportation-advocates-say/EMXZQURTzE0U25L6xQlYBN/story.html%3foutputType=amp

  47. 1. How do you know for sure this situation in Boston Kids Hospital & elsewhere hasn't been perpetrated by a group that has "nothing" to with your "government"?
    2. By the way, any follow up those folks arrested when working at Koch's chicken 'disassembly' plant a couple of weeks or so ago?

    Things in your country are now so chaotic you are going to have open a another News channel just to follow up with old & past stuff!

  48. Whatever your feelings on immigration, no CHILD in DIRE need should ever be turned away from these sacred shores of liberty and refuge for the oppressed. It is un-American. But that is the outrage being perpetrated upon child migrants and the American people by this Trump administration, which is targeting migrant CHILDREN for deportation who are in hospitals receiving life-saving treatment.

  49. I. Posted this after. A comment. About the legal status and. Them coming for the. Help and hospitals

    So what, if that’s the reason they came to save there children, I’ll gladly forgive them as a taxpayer!!! that’s not a an immoral reason to come that’s not “MS-13” it’s. No reason to end treatment for children what on earth is this argument you think that although they may be illegal immigrants the American national response is to unplug their healing and throw them back out that’s your idea of a response from one of the most successful/ profitable and ABLE. countries that has ever been/will ever be, to send someone from a Third World country that did everything to get here to get help for THEIR CHILDREN ! you don’t think there is anything else that they could do sir, other than unplug them and throw them out sentencing them to death THIS IS Afghanistan 🇦🇫 behavior dictator. Behavior. You. Scum !

  50. I find it incredible that supposedly rich sane man could have so much hatred for another human being, totally innocent, just because they are of the colour Trump does not approve. The numbers are small and the savings for Medicare is negligible, but the effects to the loved ones is immense. I find it disgraceful how one human being could hate another human being for no reason except the colour of their skin. Our President has excelled in this hate and now in this 50th anniversary of the glorious Moon Landing he has invited the survivors of that glory to the White House in a bid to accept their attendance as an endorsement of his policies. My fervent wish is that these astronauts refuse to attend.

  51. You have to be lower than a heartless snake to take a child off of a life saving procedure
    Because you are so racist that a child life means nothing to. You and would rather let them die
    When you do wrong you reap what you sow.

  52. Isn't the real evil that 100 million Americans support this policy, still thinking Trump is doing a great job? And no one is marching in the streets.

  53. Trump Administration and Trump supporters are the most EVIL peoples since Nazi Germany and Hitler. This is America 2019

  54. Ok can we get news. . .like all around neutral news? Nope its either left or right, and no inbetween. Rachel meadow would impress me if she did other stuff too. Other people are being jackasses too like ilhan omar. I want well rounded news, not lopsided trying to persuade me.

  55. This is conventional Trump strategy: he creates a crisis in order to "save" people from the crisis shortly afterwards, and then we are expected to thank him. BUT, if he DOESN'T do this: NO parent is imaginable who would comply with this outrageous order. ICE or whoever would have to snatch the chldren from the hospitals by MAIN FORCE – and THEN CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY. Transportation of the children out of the hospitals would have to be BLOCKADED by AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE.

  56. Prediction: There will be a decisive American backlash to this current regime and its congressional sellouts. It stinks in the meantime, though!

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