The historic potential of Obama’s Cuba trip | IN 60 SECONDS

The historic potential of Obama’s Cuba trip | IN 60 SECONDS

That’s quite a background. Well, up to now
the President’s gambit on Cuba has been pretty much a debacle. It’s been a one-sided affair.
He’s showering concessions on the regime, and getting really nothing in return. But
I’m not totally pessimistic about his visit because I think he can salvage this Cuba initiative
by going to Cuba, going to Havana, insisting on a national platform, some sort of national
broadcast, and posing to the regime this challenge: “Let Cubans vote.” Let them decide their
future. That’s really the problem up to now. I think the President didn’t understand that
the real problem in Cuba was not U.S. policy but the fact that the regime is a totalitarian
regime that’s bent on holding onto power. If he makes that challenge, it will really
be a historic moment. It will be like Reagan saying: “Tear down this wall.” And a great
opportunity for the Cuban people to see the Americans as friends and seize this opportunity.
What are your ideas about empowering the Cuban people. Please offer your comments and give
us ideas about topics you’d like us to cover in the future.


  1. This is an interesting point. I haven't been thinking about it, and I appreciate the perspective. Is the Cuban vote something that should be emphasized? I don't know. But, somehow it seems like a reasonable bridge as democratic relations are opened. And, I don't know if this is the perfect strategy. But, I wonder if it will come up. Let's see what happens.

  2. Just bomb them with democracy. You have the experiance and the moral hypocricy to boot. Hell maybe you even find a few dozen people to take to Guantanamo Bay and teach them democracy values there. I believe in you America. And i wish you all the Trumps in the future.

  3. Wish they would've waited for the Castro brothers to die first in respect to Cuban Americans, but Pres Obama is racing for legacy points for his future presidential library instead. The administration has effectively rewarded the Castro regime for its patience against the big evil American Imperialists pigs, now their heirs iron hold on the country is secured with fresh American money  and investments.

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