The Golden Globes Were All About Politics | Splash News TV

The Golden Globes Were All About Politics | Splash News TV

Forget the dresses, forget the smiles, and
actually just go on and forget the performances altogether. This year’s Golden Globes was all about
politics. When Jimmy Fallon took the stage in his opening
monologue, he threw a subtle dig at Donald Trump, saying the Globes is one of the few
places where America still honors the popular vote. And when Hugh Laurie stepped up to the mic
after winning his Best Performance trophy for The Night Manager, he quipped that this
might ‘the last ever Golden Globes’ because its sponsors have ‘Hollywood, foreign, and
press in their name’. Bryon Howard, co-director of Zootopia used
his stage time to say his film was about embracing diversity even when there are people who want
to divide us using fear. Of course, it was Meryl Streep who used her
acceptance speech to slam Donald Trump for mocking a disabled reporter. She asked the public to condemn hateful acts,
saying disrespect invites disrespect and violence incites violence. Donald Trump tried to take her to task using
his Twitter, calling her one of Hollywood’s most over rated actresses out there. Guess we should come to expect these things
at award shows. And we think it’s going to get worse before
it ever gets better.

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