The Economy Is ABOUT TO CRASH!!! Senator Warren Sounds The Alarm

The Economy Is ABOUT TO CRASH!!! Senator Warren Sounds The Alarm

>>Elizabeth Warren is finally sounding alarms
on what the reality is of our economic situation. And I say finally because we keep hearing
the media regurgitate talking points about how the economy is doing so well. My god, would you look at the GDP? Would you look at how the stock market’s doing? But if you just do it a little bit deeper
dive, you’ll find that the economy’s not doing well. And so in a Medium post, Elizabeth Warren
outlined all of the various issues that our economy is facing today. She says, quote, I see a manufacturing sector
in recession. I see a precarious economy that is built on
debt. Let me just read that part again. I see a precarious economy that is build on
debt, both household debt and corporate debt, and that is vulnerable to shocks. And I see a number of serious shocks on the
horizon that could cause our economy’s shaky foundation to crumble. Finally, someone’s talking about the debt,
finally. And I’m not talking about the national debt,
I’m talking about consumer debt and also corporate debt. This is a huge issue that no one’s been paying
attention to and it’s been driving me nuts, and I’m glad she’s drawing attention to it. She says the student debt load has more than
doubled since the financial crisis. American credit card debt matches its 2008
peak. Auto loan debt is the highest it has ever
been since we started tracking it nearly 20 years ago. And a record 7 million Americans are behind
on their auto loans, many of which have similar abusive characteristics as pre-crash subprime
mortgages. 71 million American adults, more than 30%
of the adults in the country already have debts in collection. Okay, there’s more but come on.>>So, look, look, this is pitch perfect,
so for two different reasons. Just this weekend I had multiple conversations
with progressive leaders. And we all coincidentally were saying look,
somebody’s gotta start saying the economy’s gonna crash, cuz it’s gonna crash. And so if we don’t get out in front of it,
what Trump is gonna do immediately is blame Democrats, now for what? He’s in charge, right? It doesn’t matter, he’s gonna make it up. He’s gonna say, Warren was leading in the
polling, or Sanders was, or was or Biden was, or something. So the markets thought they might, blah, blah,
blah, blah. They thought he might win, and that’s why. It’s not me, it’s not me, it’s not me, right? No, that is why it’s so important for Elizabeth
Warren and others to come out and say, this economy is built to bust, okay? It has been inflated and inflated. The tax cuts further inflated it. All they did was take the stock buybacks. It’s so the markets are artificially inflated,
and the number one driver of that is the debt, so that’s the second part that Anna is referring
to. Also pitch perfect, exactly right. Nomi Prins on this show. Wonderful financial scholar talking about
how the debts that the companies are holding is a time bomb and Elizabeth Warren talks
about twenty five percent of those companies have way too much debt. That’s set to explode.>>Yes, could I give you the excerpt from
her piece->>Yes.>>That talks about that a little bit? She writes, leveraged corporate lending, lending
to companies that are already seriously in debt, has jumped by 40% since Trump took office. Spreading systemic risk throughout our financial
system. These high risk loans now make up a quarter
of all American business loans, and they look a lot like the pre-2008 subprime mortgages:
poorly-underwritten loans with minimal protections that are then packaged and sold to investors. So understand what’s happening there, once
that is settled explode, all of these individuals, average Americans who are enjoying the success
of the stock market today, who have invested their retirement account in the stock market,
they’re gonna feel the pain once this explodes.>>Yeah, so look, guys, this is here real
house, she is great at this. And she is right to have her hair on fire
here, because when the markets crash and the economy crashes. Millions of people lose their jobs. And so she’s right politically because I don’t
want anyone getting a confused later and they will try their hardest to confuse us, as to
whose fault this was. So that is why it’s important to say it ahead
of time and show the reasons why it’s gonna happen. Elizabeth Warren’s done this before she wrote
a book back in 2003, explaining how the subprime loans were going to be a problem. And those mortgages were gonna collapse of
the housing industry was gonna collapse. She nailed that five years ahead of time. No one’s better at this than Elizabeth Warren
is, and she’s right about the scale of the disaster that would come if these things blow
up, and if you don’t change anything they will. The only thing that I’ll add to it, and this
is she shouldn’t need to address it necessarily in this piece. I think she got this exactly right, but they
all have to move on to the next part. How do you solve it? I know she had descriptions in her proposal
for how to solve it, and they’re all wonderful, but the real problem is the corruption. And Elizabeth Warren was the only person to
mention it during the debates, so I loved that. But you gotta dig deeper. It’s not just Republicans. A lot of Democratic senators aid and abet
this.>>Yes.>>And if you don’t have the courage to call
out your colleagues on this, this thing is gonna blow.>>Yeah, that’s a great point, because she
did list solutions, like increasing minimum wage to $15 an hour. Forgiving student loan debt, things that we’ve
heard from her before. But you’re right, I mean what we’re seeing
right now is a symptom of a much larger issue and it is the government corruption so she
definitely should call that out and propose more to actually stop it, mitigate it, you
get the picture. But one other thing I have to add that she
didn’t mention in this piece, and it was a lengthy piece. I’m not trying to be like overly critical,
but non-bank lenders now give out more mortgages, more than 50% of mortgages than the big banks. And the reason why I mention that is because
Don Frank doesn’t regulate the non-bank lenders and so they’re doling out mortgages to people
who just went bankrupt, okay? The whole subprime mortgage crisis is in the
works again, and it’s so frustrating that no one’s paying attention it, so that’s another
thing to pay attention to.>>Yeah, so last two things. I don’t wanna even get it wrong. I’m not saying Elizabeth Warren is not doing
a good job. She’s actually probably the best in the field
right now. But they all need to do a lot more than they
are now because if we’re gonna pass anything, you’re gonna need all the Democrats to vote
yes, whether it’s fixing healthcare or it’s fixing Wall Street. And unfortunately, a lot of the Democrats
are gonna vote no cuz they get that same corporate donation. If you’re worried about being polite to them,
we’re never gonna fix any of this stuff. That goes to the whole field. Now, lastly, on this issue I thought her piece
of medium was again nearly perfect. But I want you to understand she’s not just
doing this because she’s a progressive, it’s actually the correct financial analysis. I’ve heard this from other people that I know
that work on Wall Street, and former Chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen, also
said it. And she’s been warning for several months
now. She said, quote, there has been a huge deterioration
and standards. Covenants have been loosened and leverage
lending. If you don’t know the details of it, guys,
I spent years covering this in the last collapse. Leverage lending is everything that is when
they gamble on the already bad loans, but they gamble at a much higher level. So when it collapses, the collapse is much
larger. So whatever it is, subprime lending in the
case of housing, or in this now, the most likely point of the collapse will be the corporate
debt, but that’s the trigger. The gun is leveraged lending.>>Yes.>>And the former head of the Federal Reserve
is saying, she said, quote, I am worried about the systemic risk associated with these loans. So Elizabeth Warren is not telling you, hey,
I like a progressive society that does this and this, she say something that everyone
should agree to, like we have got to stop this train before it crashes. And anyone with any sense recognizes that,
unfortunately, almost no one else in government has any sense.


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    Plant a garden people.
    It will be a valuable asset if & when the shit hits the fan.

  3. 2020 will be the start of economic collapse, every price will go $5 up and people will lose their crap and start stealing and Shit will hit the fan

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  7. ELIZABETH WARREN, A PROFESSOR, HAS BOOKS ON ECONOMics, how to help folks with budgeting. She is brilliant! She will be a contender. This is what she KNOWS! TRUMP SHOULD TAKE HER SERIOUSLY. SHE HAS GREAT INFORMATION IN FINANCE.

  8. Seems like (in this case) you guys don’t know anything beyond regurgitating talking points around the economy. Great entertainment though.

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  12. We have some of the same problems now we had in 1927 tariffs, isolationism, a corrupt out of touch government. The economy is so complicated its impossible to predict when it will crash, it could be next month 10 years from now but a crash is coming. Every time the yield curve inverts the economy crashes. The yield curve has inverted so a recession is inevitable but we have a more robust economy than we did in 1927 and if we start addressing these issues the crash won't be as bad.

  13. Obama never fixed the economy in 2008. He kicked the can down the road by using quantitative easing and bailouts to put a bandaid on a arterial bleed. Now the chickens have come back to roost so let's blame Trump for this.

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  21. "Leveraged corporate lending" are awful big words for these two idiots, especially since they don't understand it's use. We have extremely low inflation – which is the best time for companies to borrow to then grow their companies. If recession occurs it won't be because of earnings or yields, it will be because of fear-mongering leftists wanting the economy to recede in time for 2020 elections. The bottom will be high and companies will be positioned with low interest loans to move ahead. Entrepreneurialism requires risk taking. These idiots want a socialist world where they are cared for. Investing and working for a living scare them.

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  26. Listen to these people at tyt Convinced me that they have no clue how economics work. America has always been built by debt. The only reason anybody should consider an economy crash coming is when unemployment starts going up. The unemployment rate is at its lowest in years. Stop the fear mongering

  27. They have described 2008 recession that happened under Obama.
    What caused that recession is when a lot people(with loans) started to lose jobs (under obama).
    That caused a dominos effect in the financial sector.
    Right now the country is bring back jobs. So more Loans are being taking out. The only reason we time should be talking about recession again Is if people are going to be losing jobs again. BUT WE ARe NOT!!. It’s mongering people!!!! Don’t be mislead by these far left people.

  28. Warren is a brilliant and well-intentioned policy wonk, but only Bernie Sanders has the political heft, track record, and commitment to kick down the door of the neoliberal machine so that any real change becomes possible.

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    He’s traded on all the stock exchanges for years had his own show and is rich
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    Let me repeat that for those who can only read CAPS:


    There, I`ve said it. But I doubt that anybody was listening.

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    Then we abolish the Federal Reserve Bank.
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  36. Since you posted this video, the market is way up. People probably pulled out of market because of what you said
    They are now out millions..I hope u get sued

  37. Glad they're pointing out the facts but Elizabeth Warren has been a part of the problem not the solution

    Bernie is a much better candidate

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