1. America has a history of invocation. Without Intellectual Property protections we lose sovereignty. Without sovereignty America is a carious for China to devour.

  2. yah continue antagonizing China, they'll slow down US economic growth and put Trump out of the office faster than he can grab a p***y

  3. Finally a president that stands up to countries trying to take economic advantage of the USA! The theft of IP of America needs to stop and Trump is the only president that is trying to do something about it. Will never be a president like him again, we are blessed.

  4. It goes up and down! For US it will go down damn! Values, credibility, count even in the stock market! US is not the only market, look at the world!

  5. 中国人根本感觉不到贸易战,中国贸易出口数据仍在不断成长,因此关税并没有伤害中国经济。GDP的降低主要由内部投资部分的降低引起,说明政府正在去杠杆。
    The Chinese simply don't feel a trade war, and Chinese trade export figures are still growing, so the tariffs aren't hurting the Chinese economy. The decline in GDP was mainly caused by a reduction in internal investment, indicating that the government was deleveraging.

  6. Hahahah. You cannot beat China in a trade war. The market tanked after China dumped treasure bonds that was a shot across the bow, they can do so much to hurt us, ever reject U.S. companies from their shore. They can manipulate their economy; we technically are not suppose too. That is illegal to us.We may be able to do some maneuvers but they can rewrite the rules on their end. Just think.

  7. IN MOST negotiations, the maxim that “no deal is better than a bad deal” makes perfect sense. If you are buying a car, you must be ready to walk away or the seller has you over a barrel.

  8. 🇨🇳out murders Hitler and Stalin combined
    Obama’s🐵trade deficits paid4🇨🇳's military.
    Cripple🇨🇳's economy cripples🇨🇳's military. Seize U.S. China assets to pay for🇨🇳theft's. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2017/09/11/politics/daca-asians/index.html
    Even after centuries as racist ethno states, 10’s of millions of Asian's still FLEE🤣ASIA for the successes of White countries that Asian countries can only dream of. If DIVERSITY is STRENGTH vote for THE BROWNING💩OF💩CHINA https://fairus.org/issue/publications-resources/fiscal-burden-illegal-immigration-united-states-taxpayers

  9. The US should trample china under its feet to some extent that china would be plunged to an African-level country and crumble it into several weak countries.
    The chinese ambition to supersedes the US will be sunken into a sewage and the china dream will be an evanescent dream.

  10. Americas trade deficit with China has increased since the beginning of the trade war……….which means America is losing the trade war…..fact

  11. If im the democrats, I'll not give Trump any victory at all especially that moron likes to go around boasting his ego. Shutdown that ego and the republicans cult of personality.

  12. China needs to carefully consider what the USA wants. Anything would be better than no trade, which is what is coming. China has outlived its usefulness and companies are leaving in droves. The longer they wait to settle trade issues, the more they will lose. And the loses are getting rather large all ready. Communism has always
     been hurt by fair trade. Problem here is the communists do not understand this. They were better off (and the Chinese people were too) remaining in the background and working with others, or at least allowing others to work with clients. If communism or the communist party is more important that the people, both will lose. I don't think the last 50 years has taught them anything, which may well lead to their demise. They will not be missed.

  13. China will throw Trump a bone and he will take it get a photo-op and claim a great victory and the trade deficit will remain the same.

  14. A "trade deal" with China will be the nail in the coffin for the US. It may boost the stock market in the short term but bye bye America in the long term.

  15. That chinese president has a master troll face haha , he is so laughing at trumps face is unreal…


  17. It will screw up the economy and it will not take that much to do it. Economy and market is very very sensitive. Best thing to do bot to gamble. Come up with something and take a long approach over the years.

  18. Almost all the analysts saying the economy is going down and people are frustrated. Fed should pay attention to all analysts and people before it is too late. Rich people are ready to short the market for the long time.

  19. No, You're wrong! Let me tell you a secret about China! The Chinese people are all waiting for Trump to put all his tariffs on China. Them they will take all the CHEAP stuff from their hard working people away from the United States and sell them elsewhere, Not every country is as rich as America !! Trump, you're gonna be the biggest winner ! Bye bye.

  20. Keep printing that toilet paper called the US dollar and before you know it rest of the world is going to ditch the u.s. dollar as the world Reserve currency. The day that happens all the gibberish you guys talked about on every single Financial show is not going to Mean a Thing

  21. The Chinese president Xi Jinping is vert smart, because he doesn't need to threaten; in order for him to do business internationally.

  22. Trump likes Navarro because he is very good in praising and stroking the soft sensitive underfeathers of TheDon at every opportunity he gets while pushing all blame back to Trump.

  23. Rumph+Putin+inbreed sociopath from n-korea peninsula=true all sound morally right butt-fucking"love".so oh fucking YEAH there's "luv in da air"so please OH please fuck yeaayh drop d nuke upon us ALL…3 deranged faggots in control of that big red button..
    Now exacly WHAT could ever go wrong?!

  24. Well Trump tired of winning a bunch of GM factories are shutting down 5000 jobs will be lost thanks a lot Trump just before Christmas Farmers are plowing under there soy beans and cranberries

  25. am from mainland China and know Chinese communist party. Rather believe the sun rises on the west not to believe Chinese communist party.

  26. Not long before trump takes the great united states back to the dark ages 😞👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 it makes Brexit look good lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. I hope Chinese communist Party stop China-US trade! ! Just stay at your home and play your own ball all day you want. Fuck off

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