1. The Dems open their lying mouths before knowing all the facts. The party boogeymen needs to shut up an and leave. Or better yet go to jail.

  2. Remember that JESUS himself was with his disciple Peter and Peter was armed. All JESUS disciples was armed and well trained! And that sets the example for me.

  3. Research the liberal democrats and what they plan to do with
    Nato and OUR civil rights ??
    NO AMERICAN CITIZEN WOULD EVER support the democrat party again, they are atark raving anti American socialist .

  4. ANYONE that would give up their rights , DOESN'T DESERVE ANY RIGHTS to begin with .
    Socialism and LIBERALISM are home base for
    the mentally ILL.

  5. I want to see the SOB's head at the point of impact. Why not. This is what you get when you do crap like this, in Texas.

  6. Biden's brain is cooked,he likes little kids and he lies he done quick quo pro,lied during his run for president years ago on and on

  7. Obama Joe is an elitist scumbag who couldn't care less about the average American citizen. He is just like any of the other power hungry marxist socialist pricks who want to disarm the people while he lives behind a wall protected by guards armed to the teeth.

  8. Zeducation! Here's your next installment of "That Didn't Age Well'.
    Joe Biden is too old to have so little foresight.

  9. The Democrats want us disarmed and dead. As a Virginian, we have a lunatic Governor who is going to sign off on laws to disarm Virginians and imprison them. He's got a BIG problem on his hands.

  10. They were watching him ,so they expected him ,you think maybe they couldve caught him at the door ,before he entered ?I mean just saying

  11. This Lt. Governor is the BOMB! He means business…need more politicians like him. Show this video to as many people as you can!

  12. Oh yes he is, he try to poison the President of UK twice. Cuz he wanted him to force someone from his position to fire him. Supposedly some lawyer. All democratic are evil and dangerous cuz the have big times money.

  13. dan has NOT done what he said he would ! constitutional carry in Texas ! where is it dan ?! land and school taxes that are thru the roof

  14. Rip tony Wallace and Mr white thank God a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun or there would of been more deaths joe biden is a joke and a liar and fraud creepy child molester biden


  16. Yes the bad guys will always have their guns. Demonrats want to reduce our population and want us to die. Or they just don’t care.

  17. The Democratic party is the most vile organization in America! They are the true enemy of America and freedom!!!

  18. The Demowhacks are dangerous in nature. But what this man said, it makes since. Remember they have been attacking our 2nd amendment for yrs now why? Our guns are who we are.

  19. …a$$holes with one or several guns, who are intent on gunning as many people down as possible, ate irrational. Wanting to pull a gun out and shoot such people before their victim count grows, is entirely rational. Biden himself is a demented old goat.

  20. Don't let what happened in my country happen to yours. Self defence is a crime here in Canada and Justin Trudeau makes me ashamed to be Canadian!

  21. The folks at that church in Texas had someone watching over them !!!! The liberal joker Joe is a freaking NUT case and if he had his way among others liberals there would be more mass shootings because only they should have armed security but us little people don't deserve anything !!!! God bless Jack Wilson and those folks in Texas !!!!

  22. Amen. Lt. Gen Patrick you are on target. We have had enough. John Hagee was shot at in the pulpit years ago. Old problem. Take a stand.

  23. Every socialist judge in Texas that let’s dirty attorneys laugh at their clients while the judge takes their firearm privileges needs to be thrown off the bench.

  24. What the church dont know …….allways carry dont need anyone's permission,lot of psychos out there we need to take out

  25. New Jersey makes u feel like a criminal when buying guns and ammo! Over 2 hrs for back ground check for 12 ga. pump and thats with the mandatory" firearm purchasing ID license" MD. PA took me 10 to fifteen mins. state and federal check. Sorry to hear about Virginia!

  26. I wish I had a nickel for everytime "creepy Joe" told a child that was sitting on his lap, to stick their hands in his front pocket to find the surprise!

  27. Sunday after church or security team got together actually watch this video inside the church we have one of our congregation is Homeland Security we also have police officers that belong to our congregation. They give us as a church instructions on a somebody comes in with a gun. 2 years ago our church was tagged with the Islamic sign. At any of our functions we have security watching over the flock.

  28. Demon Rats want you to be attacked but they don't want you to fire back these are a party of insane —JACKASS—kicking Truth

  29. Asshat Biden recommends a pump shotgun in the home to make the "racking" noise with to scare the intruder away!

  30. Joe Biden, you and your misbegotten progeny can go straight to Hell.
    Do not pass "GO", do not collect $1.5 Billion, go straight to Hell and burn.

  31. Wood he just lay down and die someone should test that fact the pedfile has dementia he ole and stupid need to be in a nursing home.

  32. Hollywood makes the most violent movies on the planet I have ever seen, these movies do have an influence on society, ban violence and violent movies.

  33. Why Biden is dangerous ? Look like the investigators the justice is behind him they are his college for 50 years and this is why he run for a President and is not arrested

  34. Look like we see Biden runing for a President we see the corruption continue and all the lawyers political and Intelligents are his college ?

  35. I think there should be a national poll taken asking the US citizens if WE want the politicians to apologize for what this country is and it has done to offend some other country. I'm tired of hearing apologists saying "America is sorry for ….." What ever may be said. Why apologize for doing their sworn duty? That makes us sound so very weak.

  36. I bet Biden would be singing a different song if he or his family had of been in that church! Democrats= Hypocrisy & Corruption!

  37. The government don't want us to defend ourselves because that would mean we don't need them. Biden won't defend us. We should only rely on ourselves

  38. Also the person who chose this church out of all the churches they could shows they chose the church with the armed security Force. Either this person you that and was hoping that he would be gunned down in the end. Or he was obviously a liberal Criminal that doesn't have any logic and only reacts by emotion. Either way I think after this all churches to think about a security Force just like this one. Again it's just absolutely insane to think someone would Target a church in Texas that has a totally armed security Force. Just blows my mind. It almost seems like God intervened on this one and Lead that gunman to the wrong Church or and gods in our eyes the right Church.


  40. Isn't it or inherent right to protect ourselves and neighbors? When did we transform into a nation or state where we have to have permission for that right? Every person, regardless of a law passed should be afforded that right. Outstanding job to the protectors in this situation, but the travesty is a government thinks it should dictate who can and can not protect themself.

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