Strong Democratic Showing In Elections Sends Political Shockwaves | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Strong Democratic Showing In Elections Sends Political Shockwaves | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. American's are for American's and what benefits the people ….tRUMP thinks we are all like him a SCUM but we aren't and the REPUBLI-KKK-ANS that support this ORANGE TURD are NEXT ! Let the people of America make this NATION GREAT AGAIN !  Go VOTE BLUE its about COUNRTY vs the ORANGE TURD ! FLUSH them all out to sea for the fish to eat !

  2. I think people are just getting more upset about the Republican party. We need to vote Republicans out in 2020 just to show that their behavior is not ok.

  3. What has happened to you Virginia voters!! Electing Democratic state control makes me ashamed to say that is my home state. Thank goodness I don't live there anymore.

  4. We must have hope & show determination as country , despite the GOP who will lie ,cheat & use shameless propaganda to further their oligarchy agenda , We must all become more involved & at the very least always Vote. I still have hope & know that the overall majority of our people do not live in the alternative facts world or get their news from Info wars etc…
    Not only can we rid ourselves of the current GOP/ Trump , but we can force the democratic party to reform & become a true progressive party that works for us.

  5. Noooooooo if you are a Republican and even MENTION the fact that you won Mississippi you should NOT even BE in politics PERIOD ! That is like saying (as a Democrat) well at least we won California ! OF COURSE you won a ruby red state ! Congratulations !!! At least you have ONE PLACE you can move to when you are COMPLETLY DESTROYED in 2020 !!! Or at least a PART of Mississippi (coming to think of it) considering that the cities most likely will vote for Democrat as well…

  6. Elections don't matter, corporations are now "We The People" and money is "Free Speech"! Now get in your 1% owners' grinder, piggies need more money… You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  7. With The Democrats in control now in Virginia….guess who gets to draw the Congressional District lines after the 2020 Census???……lol
    by by gerrymandering

  8. There is no way Trump wins in 2020 !! Most Democrats don't even need to bother voting anymore, he will still lose !! I'm a Democrat and I'm not even going to bother voting !!

  9. Donald bendict Arnold trunp and the COWARD Republicans need a new strategy. The Republicans held the majority over the Democrats 66-34 in Virginia before trump. Now look at Virginia, Blue like the ocean for the first time in 26 years ??? Congratulations Virginia

  10. looking at the map, I wouldn't want to be blue. The red is all around you. Red needs to cut off access to blue and blue will disappear

  11. Well done to all those Americans who got out to vote, and a special thanks to those who voted against the Traitor sleeping in the White House.

  12. Trump already is the most corrupt crooked person that has ever lived. Trump has a little further to go to reach the evil of some of his predecessors but as far as crime and personal motivation for wealth and power… Well minus Oil Conglomerate CEOs, Trump is one of the most crooked people to ever live.

  13. MSNBC this presenter is super! great explainer!
    also your graphics team here, A1! he touches and talks and the screen comes up with the visual

  14. But the majority of the map is still red.
    Someone could please explain it to me how is it good for democrats? There was even less blue before?
    Sorry for being obnoxious, I am new to American politics.

  15. The Kentucky result was 100% a Bevin effect, it wasn't any sort of fundamental shift, all other state offices went GOP by double digits.

  16. Love the way it appears to be going, but let's not take our eyes of the ball here, remember the Russians want to display flaws in our democracy. Those numbers should have raised questions in a state that's been red for so long. Imagine how hypocritical we'd look if this was the case. Hate to be one of those conspiracy theorist but with everything that's going on??? If you've seen Rachel's segment on this matter you'd question it too!!!

  17. The election graphics on MSNBC are always just awesome and Steve Kornacki just knocks it out of the park every time with his presentations – well done.

  18. stop this you only have one planet you are all being judge for were you belong in this world you no you are wrong with the better for the world stop doing this we love everybody and every body must stop this negative on humanity

  19. The Trolls ran from the evidence,  they must be working on their "I really voted for Hillary," lie!!!!!   TRAITORS!!!!!

  20. One party wants to  address peoples concerns and govern……. and one party wants to hide it's corruption from almost uninterrupted rule for four decades or more!!!

  21. Sucks that voting machines aren't even reliable and politicians don't want them to be. Sadly we're probably many decades away from implementing blockchain technology in the democratic process.

  22. No surprise about Mississippi, where most people continue to live in the 1800's and 1900's, so the state remains the most racist place in the world.

  23. After recanvasing votes, the senate wants to discredit the ky governor election so they can decide it in the house and republican senate

  24. I kind of like Rachel Maddow…but she needs to get her brain washed…she can't do a thing with it.

    "Of the 21 counties with median household incomes above $100,000, the new estimates show, …HALF OF THE TOP 10 fell in northern Virginia". These Washington fed Kleptocrats can afford to be democratic.


  26. I see a lot of idiots here who seem to still believe the Russians elected Trump. If they were paying attention, they would realize the Chinese believed it too and are ramping up their own Troll farms.

  27. When you look at those state maps you can see just how much republicans have jerrymandered these states to cull votes in their favour.

  28. The American voter can't convince the Trump Cult to vote for the Democratic Party! The Democratic Party must reach out to new voters, marginalized voters, poor voters, not interested in voting voters ! The hard heads will blindly support Trump no matter if the president is Indited , in jail or in Moscow!

  29. You cannot rely on congress to deal with Trump and hold him accountable. All of the apathetic democrat voters that would rather have stayed home than vote for Clinton and gave the presidency to Trump, MUST come out en masse in 2020 to vote or Trump will most likely be elected again as the conservatives will be out in force to make sure a Democrat doesn't become president. Even if they can't stand Trump. The only hope for America is for democrat voters to get out and VOTE!

  30. I think it's becoming clear having Trump's endorsement is more of a liability then an asset.
    Most people know Trump is a crook and anyone who sides with him also must be one.

  31. Wow! I thought Bevin was "Trump's boy" in Kentucky, where Trump is seen as God, albeit a very poor fake one. Maybe people there have begun seeing through the B.S. and have come to the conclusion that the real God speaks truths.

  32. When Democrats control the country we can finally see America move in the right direction. Healthcare for all, less debt, fair taxes, end of gerrymandering, basically less crime and hatred.

  33. It’s not an issue of being Democrat or Republican anymore for me. It’s about specific issues. As a long time democrat voter, I prefer Trump’s way of dealing with international matters, this is how Trump going win 2020.

  34. That graphic was kind of a distraction because the reporter kept saying that democrats had gained control of the Virginia House and Senate legislature, but the graphic still shows GOP in control of both. And he wrote the change in personnel on that graphic in what was barely readable. Black lettering on blue background. Optics like that just makes him like kind of inept.

  35. It was so strong that the Democrats, got wiped out in 5 of the 6 races in Kentucky. A Judge redrew the distracts in Virginia, and the Democrats didn't have any opponents in some of those races.

  36. After Chris Matthews, this is the next most annoying guy. On top of that, his board has such small numbers, you can't read them at that camera angle! Please go back to the drawing board and redesign or get rid of the board.
    Thank you.

  37. I sincerely hope that our brothers and sisters around the globe understand that it was only a minority of the American populace that voted for this orange tinted, lunatic, criminal…aided by decades of Republican gerrymandering, voter suppression, race-baiting and public education devaluation…using Fox News to prey upon the intellectually vulnerable by spreading misinformation and propaganda which leads to a significant portion of particular demographics to vote Republican in DIRECT contrast their own interests. Meanwhile, those of us who recognized this stunt for the con job it was going to be all along are left to pick up the pieces and fight to restore some sense of decentcy and order. Which we are…and we will. The GOP has made a mess of America and the sooner it dies off completely, the better this flawed but wonderful Nation will be!

  38. Kentucky Republicans won 5 out of 6 seats,lost the governship by less than 5 thousand votes and still be contested. Swept Mississippi and got swept in Virginia.

  39. Vids and comment sections like this are going to make 20's so fun. 5 more years of seething for you delusional idiots.

  40. Notice that the 3rd Party Candidate, John Hicks (Libertarian), scored over 28,000 points. That dwarfs the ultimate margin of victory by more than a factor of 5. Those are PROTEST votes among conservatives that would otherwise vote Republican. Mitch McConnell better be paying attention.

  41. This just goes to show that the average person knows what’s going with the GOP and they don’t like it. People are fundamentally decent. They sent their representatives to Washington to represent them, not be Trump’s bum boys.

  42. Rachel and her network should be proud, the have helped the united States turn from the land of the free into a Socialist State. Probably their next move will be to turn us into a Communist Republic… the Democrats are counting on that move.

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