Steve Bannon: Trump is delivering for the working class despite impeachment

Steve Bannon: Trump is delivering for the working class despite impeachment


  1. before every market crashes the employment rate was going up. Just google it. It's not tied to the president that was sitting at the time.

  2. Britefarts dirty steve ….knows good and well it's over…all you trumptards do…you are the enemy of my country…we coming….tic toc

  3. He’s right about Hillary people. You can’t tell me this wasn’t the plan all along since she can’t hack a year long campaign w/o falling over. I’d bet money Biden goes down with a medical issue to usher her in. We better be fricking ready!

  4. Thank you Maria. Steve holds the Floor. Clinton will not go because there is too much dirty water surrounding the CLINTONS.

  5. Trump has never done anything for the middle class ever and he never will, ever! Trump is guilty as hell and the reason you see all these Republicans running to talk smack to defend him is they know if he loses, they all lose! ?

  6. Trump has never done anything for the middle class ever and he never will, ever! Trump is guilty as hell and the reason you see all these Republicans running to talk smack to defend him is they know if he loses, they all lose! ?

  7. Hahaha, delivering how? With the impending recession? With the destruction of the planet? With the trillions in new debt? With the sale of America to Russia?


  9. Donald Trump represents the corrupt status quo. We can’t tolerate another four years of this exhausting Trump circus. We can’t wake up to foreign policy by tweets, gratuitous taunts of our allies. Donald Trump stands in the way of solving the problems affecting ordinary American families.

  10. Scumbag Bannon is worth 50 million according to Forbes. He only cares about manipulating working class people just like Trump. He will likely run if Trump is removed from office.

  11. Mr rainmaker is gaslighting again. delivering for the working class. Wow this is an insult to the people as well as as a blatant lie. And all of you fox gobblers are eating it. start thinking for yourself and stop listing to these ratchatchers

    RIGHT TO CARRY. The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at
    the end of your driveway. That’s why I have a concealed carry
    permit and why tens of millions of Americans do too. That permit
    should be valid in all 50 states. A driver’s license works in every
    state, so it’s common sense that a concealed carry permit should
    work in every state. If we can do that for driving – which is a
    privilege, not a right – then surely we can do that for concealed
    carry, which is a right, not a privilege. – DJT 2016

  13. Unemployment is down by .001% and the USA is still run by a narcisistic liar who fucks porn stars and does nothing about guns killing kids. What a country..

  14. job growth? you are being conned and Trump complained in 2016 that Obama was using the u3 stats. u6 used to be the ones that matter. btw Obama was conning you too. u6 is about 8%. facts are that many people must work 2 or 3 jobs. as much as 1/2 of the pop. makes minimum wage or less. research it. all of those politicians are owned by corporations: for the corporations, by the corporations, …

  15. Trump magic in the past 3 years has been miraculous. Amazing success despite a non functioning house, and impeachment warfare from the left. Imagine what Trump could accomplish and how our country can thrive in only three years starting in 2020 with a Republican House and Senate?

  16. Trump, his gang and Fox are drowning the public in disinformation and twisted facts to cloud the obvious misconduct and obstruction by Trump and puppets.

  17. The deadline for filing as a candidate for next year's election has already passed in New Hampshire and is looming for many other states… Hillary is already off the ballot in NH, so no, I don't think she is going to run… She's on her usual ego trip going on any show where they will talk to her…

  18. Justing it doesn't make it so. US farmers are going bankrupt, the vast majority of new jobs are low-level minimum wage. All the new tax cuts have benefited only the very rich.

  19. Maria and Steve,
    Please, if you will:
    1) Show video clips as (side by side comparisons) of the PAST OLD and PRESENT NEW PERSPECTIVES of the OLD and NEW "scripted" narratives (grouped by:
    a) topics [i.e., economy, jobs growth, financial markets growth, etc],
    b) then grouped by talking heads from each network).

    2) below each side by side video clip window,
    a) clearly the dates each clip was originally aired.
    b) the number of weeks or months between each clip being aired.

    3) Then immediately after each topic comparison show clips of Pelosi and others of her ilk who make claims that POTUS Trump is failing, ruining the country, etc.

    4) These short, rapid and concise side by side video clip comparisons will clearly reveal the scripted negative narratives verses the truth. The obvious organized scripting of negative and untrue narratives and the shear volume of the propaganda being bombarded on the American People and my which named networks and which names perpetrators.

    5) This presentation will become visual and audio evidence of the crimes by the corporate and individual actors during their coming trials for conspiracy, sedition and treason.

    Go get 'em Maria and Steve.

    If you would like some help with this, I would be honored to be of assistance.

  20. If you are going to have such a smart man as Steve is,.make a longer interview! There so much he can talk about! & i love to listen to what he has to say!

  21. Let's just hope free market capitalism beats this crony capitalism down to the dirt..its a political war of big company power and the power to the people/consumers..

  22. Trump in 2020…and the democrats will lose BIG TIME next fall. The democrats are full of hate and are dumber than a rock

  23. While President Trump builds the strongest economy in recent history the Democrats are hell bent on destroying our democracy.

  24. Hillary was going to run, she just isn't healthy enough for the "on the road campaign" and can't afford to have more collapses. All her speaking events that I've seen she is provided a large chair that resembles a throne instead of standing.
    What a dangerous individual to lead a nation.

  25. Lmao thank you fox news for censoring my comments when I'm speaking the truth of this alt right white genocide supporter who was dismissed in the White House 7 months into his role as chief strategist this guy is tool America is a land of immigrants never al white and never will be you would have to eradicate millions or ship all colored people out in boats out USA.
    I'm a make a youtube video on how you guys block me when Its something you guys dont wanna hear that you know is true and how you guys dont censor me when it's something you wanna hear.
    It's so funny clicking back to see how many likes your comment got just to find out it's been deleted

  26. Trump is getting AMAZING results on Economy ,, 260,000 new JOBS last month and not one Media Mob ( CNN, MSNBC , ABC etc…. ) talks about it. WHY??? cause of HATRED. The Dem's MOB uses the Impeachment BS fraud in order to cover up these GREAT RESULTS from this GREAT President . WHAT A SHAME ,, What a bunch of CROOKS ,, What a Bunch of LIARS. !!!!!!!!

  27. I'm glad that despite their rough seperation, Steve Bannon is not turning on Trump in spite, like Scaramucci or Cohen.

    The people have spoken in the popularity vote
    CNN the winner ?

  29. Really I thought coal mines including Murray energy the largest coal company in America declared bankruptcy leaving thousands of people without work

  30. .CNN news is actually heavily scripted..and when you throw in the ..let's say ''misuse of facts''..then you are in the territory of 'docudrama'..the crew may actually be used as actors but they just don't realize the transition as they themselves have been duped as well…and their scriptwriters know that their acting skills aren't good enough unless they believe it themselves.

  31. Democrats just go away. You are doing nothing for the country and in spite of all your road blocks the economy is booming.

  32. Oh flush the toilet ? White House when taking a trump and pence already! Nobody wants to see another poop ? stinking up this democracy any more. Impeach trump and separate religion and state!

  33. People have a lot of money in their pockets and the Democrats want it for them and make charity with the money of other typical Socialists and that is the main reason why Latin America is so poor. Democrats are going to raise taxes to pay social plans that strangle the middle class and businesses and promote laziness which causes companies to escape to less tax places leaving more unemployment by increasing social plans by increasing taxes to pay them the typical spiral of socialist poverty Now they want to give the free health card to all immigrants with which they will pay? If you are an immigrant and you work, you do not qualify, you will pay the card to someone who does not work and surely he has better health than you.

  34. Is it possible that Trump is AMericas whistleblower!! Would it be possible for the American people to investigate the Bidens based on this information that there may have been corruption and try his claim?

  35. Bannon is full of BS.  Congressional supporters have admitted he reason they pushed the Tax bill was to satisfy their donors. It’s not hard to see why; the vast majority of the benefits of the legislation go to corporations and the wealthiest Americans. And while most working- and middle-class families saw a temporary tax cut, the permanent tax cuts for corporations are paid for by permanent tax increases on the middle-class.Middle-class families benefit from the tax bill, is wiped out by the new costs that Trump is imposing on them through tariffs. They are aimed at helping large corporations secure even larger profits, not at increasing workers’ wages.

  36. If the election were held today it would be a total Trump blowout. But it’s not enough. If the House doesn’t change hands soon…. I don’t know, man. This country might get ugly in the next few years. A big red wave is crucial.

  37. why dont we EVER see high unemployment rates in the athletic sector ? I never see high unemployment numbers in NHL or NFL, NBA , or any pro athletic institute ??!! why not ? never hear of cutbacks . the ONLY thing we hear of is wage increases while our taxes increase, our wages drop, why does not these pro athletic institutions drop wages for the athletes ? make them work for $26 per hour or less ? why ?? all money is funneled into these criminal organizations and we cannot do a thing about it.

  38. When Fox is the only Commentary Channel reporting that Trump is doing well- i wonder who he paid off.. everybody else is reporting the truth and FOX is Fake News.. for the My Little Pony crowd.

  39. I don't do polls, because like most Republicans, we are scared to let these idiots know who we voted for. The polls be damned. Skinny Bob 2024

  40. So much lies from Bannon. He is misleading all of Americans. The trump presidency is great for the american people??
    Tax cuts that profit the high 1%. Not the middle class. You are stuck with 2 billion dollars deficit now because of the tax cuts. Debt under Obama 19 billions. And that is thanks to the Bush presidency’s wars. Now with trump it is 23 billions in USA budget after near 3 years! How is it better? Do you have better services? Health care? Child care? Education? 401k? Etc?
    Pure propaganda from Fox channel and Trump’s sycophants.
    Most of all of you in comment section are blinded sheeps. And I mean it.

  41. He hasn't sent us badges to arrest our local and state govt. that signed that deal with the Devil/UN. We're tired of waiting patiently watching many look traitorous and more.

  42. Best President in ages!!! Best thing could have happened to this country !!!
    Trump is the real deal…he's kept his Promises…he's cleaning the swamp & paying for it with these witchunts !!!

  43. Bannon for president 2020! He knows what he’s talking about and speaks eloquently… trump can’t think his way out of a wet paper bag, but bannon can; it’s time for a real change

    Trump didn’t even try to go after Hillary, she should be in prison

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