Stephen Learns Macroeconomics On A Roller Coaster

Stephen Learns Macroeconomics On A Roller Coaster


  1. liberals are getting desperate…now that want you to focus on the looming downfall of the economy and not the positive upsurge. smh

  2. I get dizzy when in high places now add the speed of a roller coaster and I'll faint and become jello by the time the ride ends.

  3. I live in Argentina. Inflation is NOT good, and printing money without something to back it up leads to it

  4. The roller coaster and the economy are similar in this way: from the perception of the rider(American citizen) the roller coaster(economy) seems to be highly chaotic that's why we get a rush, because theres a sense of danger. But in reality, the roller coaster and the economy are highly controlled and there are people in the background that are highly controlling what goes on. The difference is this: we have regulating bodies that oversee the business between roller coaster manufactures and the people who dictate that the roller coaster is safe, these regulating bodies make sure that there isn't corruption, illegal activity, or any corner cuttings because it puts innocent lives at risk. With the economy and banks, the govt is supposed to oversee the banks and make sure they are playing by the rules because innocent lives are at risk however, the banks have paid off the government and that's why we get fucked In the ass. A handful of banks put us into a recession by fucking with our money and mortages, when they lost, instead of letting them crash and fail as you would in a free market economy, the govt bailed them out, with what? Oh right, more tax payers money.

  5. does pollution brings prosperity ? because that is the major product of humanity in consumerism . waste that last more than a lifetime .

  6. They really shouldnt put a man the age of Paul on a rollercoaster. Notice the way he pants when the ride ends, the drop in blood O2 levels and the sudden rush of the ride really is awful for his heart

  7. Don't buy gold and print more money. No wonder he won the nobel prize. He's an Illuminati globalist elite puppet.

  8. How about you learn economics on the ground now so you don't have to invite that idiot socialist Alexandria Cortez or idol Bernie sanders.

  9. If you wanted a lesson in economics why did you take Paul Krugman on there? Just kidding, but seriously, the man is only "reputable" because he works for the NYT.

  10. The whole economy is an adjustable rate mortgage and we're all pretending we're rich. Paul Krugman and his shitty ideas are the main reason for this. I hope you're ready for the second great depression

  11. One of the worst economists in US history, but with a surname like "Krugman" I'm not really surprised he gets accolades.
    I only came for the roller coaster.

  12. Economics is impossibly complicated for us normal people to comprehend, and so even if it is significant in our daily lives, we should unquestioningly trust private institutions to design our means of living. Culture is different though: we mortals can understand power in sociological relations, and especially as it is significant in our daily lives, we must organize and punch Nazis.

  13. Krugman seems like a nice guy to hang out with; even to have heated squabble with, dont think he'd lost it n be exasperated easily

  14. Just in case anyone is wondering, Paul Krugman is wrong on every front when it comes to every facet of economics.

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