States Take Legal Action Against US Government For Migrant Detention Center Conditions

States Take Legal Action Against US Government For Migrant Detention Center Conditions

One year after the Trump administration began
its aggressive crack down on Southern border crossing several states, including California,
Texas and Arizona are pursuing legal action against the federal government for its mishandling
of juvenile detainees. Tens of thousands of these children are being
held in what many call deplorable conditions. This of course, after being separated from
their parents at the Southern border and being transported to detention centers. Joining me to talk about this is Allen Orr
VP of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Allen, just how many of these juvenile detention
centers are we talking about and, and around how many children are currently being held? So honestly, it’s hard to really tell because
there are a lot of local, local jails and states that are sort of helping right now. But there are over a thousand facilities that
are holding migrants and of that thousand, a couple of hundred that are holding minor
in those, those facilities are between CBP and ICE. You know, Allen, one thing that you keep hearing
in the, you know the, when you take a look at these stories, there’s always that argument
that gee whiz, what Trump is doing is no different than the policy that Obama had in place for
eight years. And if you look, if you put side by side their
two policies, there really is very little difference. And maybe you can help maybe, maybe can you
explain that? What are the differences and why is this different
other than the fact that we have far more migrants coming into the country right now? What are the differences? Because I’m not, I’m not seeing it. Maybe you can help with that. Sure. There’s a, there’s a very large difference
between the two policies. I will not say that the Obama administration
got this exactly right. And there were problems with family separation
under the Obama administration that were very limited and family detention under the Obama
administration was more wildly a concern, which sort of led to the amount of time they
were holding families in captivity with small kids. So what Trump administration has done is sort
of moved the policy to the farthest extreme of making everything criminal, sort of like
entering between ports is criminal. And in the very beginning he was separating
a large number of families that were coming over with their mom and the father. In this case recently, they’ve sort of rolled
it back where they’re only separating families if someone’s coming through with an uncle
an aunt or someone that’s not a direct family, but in the very beginning they were separating
families in, in general in mass. Okay, well talk to us about what the conditions
are like in these detention centers for these kids already separated from their families. And I’m, I’m curious is what, what are the,
what are the solutions here? What, what do you do? Do you just stop, is it, is this, do you,
you release them to the general public? What is the idea of how you go about solving
this problem other than to have some rule of law in how this is dealt with. What’s, what’s the alternatives? Please. Well thank you for this question. In your estimation, what are the alternatives? Yeah. There, there are no alternatives other than
sort of following the law and if the law was being followed, then we wouldn’t have this
consideration because in most cases at CBP, they’re not supposed to have these kids for
more than 72 hours before some sort of processing happenings. So therefore that releases the concern of
the conditions that we have and the overcrowding, which is a bad situation and the lack of food,
the bad facilities, which are just because of the overcrowding, there just can’t be enough
food. There can’t be enough space. The water and the facilities aren’t living
up to code. There are several places that the government
has facility and there are other places where there’s these sort of private contractors
and both of them are not meeting the need. The concern is that the, this is not, this
is a known quantity. We should have prepared for this before because
it was the very beginning of the year that we knew these surges were happening. So we need to live up to the standards of
the Constitution and, and provide humane facilities for the processing of these individuals. Yeah. How successful have the efforts been to reunify
these children with their families? I mean there’s a lot of talk about it. Well we’ve tried, and again, I, I don’t want
to say this is a Democrat or Republican thing because I, you know, I followed it in Obama. I was hugely, by the way, critical of the
same issues with the Obama administration. Completely I was critical even back before
this developed. Here, the numbers are different, but you know,
there was still a problem. There was really no plan to reunite these
children with their families. What, what’s being done here? Right. So the problem is on the front end because
if we had done the proper intake to make sure that we’d match people who were coming across
the border so that we could return them, that would, that would have also created, well
not have created such a large problem. In addition, they were telling individuals
that they would keep the kid and return the parents to their home country and then sort
of finding them to return their kid has become problematic. So the many kids that we separated early on,
there’s still hundreds of them that have not been reunited with their families. One of them we separated at four months old,
which is now almost two years old. So that’s very problematic in the whole system
of what’s going forward. So not a lot has been done to sort of reunite
these families overall, which is part of the problem. So, so this is something that’s been dragging
on for eight years under Obama and this year on Trump years, it’s been dragging on and
everybody talks about it. And I can remember talking about it, the admins
during the Obama administration, I can promise you I did. And my, my criticism was then you got to have
a plan. Okay. You just can’t say this is terrible. You got to have a plan. And there was no leadership that had a plan
there. There is no leadership that has a plan now. And I’m wondering, what impact has our federal
crackdown in general had on immigration, specifically along the Southern border? What, what kind of impact, if you were to
quantify it, how would you distill the impact? I think it’s more of a political impact than
anything else, right. I think that the focus on the Southern border,
it’s problematic and it just shows concerns of just the Southern border when in fact we
have a number of borders. And we are never concerned with all the people
who come here legally and overstayed their visas during this administration or some of
the other ports of entry where drugs and things sort of come to the United States. So it sort of gives a focus political argument
of saying this is a large number of people. Let’s sort of focus on this. This is a threat. And I think that that’s really been what the
big political scheme has been. There was a problem under the Obama administration
with some humanitarian situations and also with the families that were sort of being
detained for over a period of time. But there wasn’t this concern of just humanitarian
rights at the port, at the port of entry at the Southern border that there are right now. Which is supposed to be a deterrent, which
really isn’t working to deter people from the, from the three regions for coming up
to the, to our port of entry. Allen, thank you for joining us. I want to get you back on. This is a story that is going to continue
building. Thank you for having me.


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  6. Do to others as you would want them to do to you and yours….. Trump and his clan needs to learn this. They could be walking in those people’s shoes one day. Nothing in this world is permanent.

  7. American people. What they are doing to these people is wrong and inhumane. We get upset how they treat animals but when it come to a human life we can careless. I am talking about the people in charge such as 45 and his administration. People get all twisted when AOC or any other representative tell the turth. People 45 tell his supporters that everything looks good but a picture speaks a thousand words. Were are the white Christian coalition such as Graham jr. What brunch hypocrites

  8. I’m a bit put off by the allegations that things were just as bad when Obama was potus. I’m so glad it was clarified that the humanitarian efforts are much more horrendous with the Trump administration. Trump is using this as a deterrent

  9. Obama Did Not have these policies!! Chump has rewritten, twisted, and abused his interpretation of a policy that Obama had in place, but it was nothing to the criminal, unconstitutional degree that chump has pushed it!!! Obama never said separate a newborn from it's parents and keep it in prison indefinitely, without clean diapers, no love, no sleep, barely being fed, in the cold! That should be chump's reward for all the crime he has commited!


  11. I'm from Michigan and alot of white mothers with Hispanic fathers and Hispanic mothers with white father's. What will happen to their children that are by all appearance are Hispanic. Please do not harass these citizens and cause major trama they are American children. Trump is insane his base are misled and our country is too beautiful for this administration. Stop bigotry and realized we are all the same under skin.

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  15. Okay we get it ,you commented on it way back but commenting isn’t the same as doing anything about it .
    72 hours by law and one 7 month old is now nearly 2 . Trump is blaming the Democrats for this problem . Typical it’s always someone else’s fault . These kids should have been completely documented with relatives names and phone numbers like the family who wrote the phone number of their family in America in permanent marker on the child and it took a visitor to see it and make the phone call.
    Trump will never enter into a conversation about the terrible conditions these kids are kept in he just sends someone to court to try and stop giving them soap, toothbrushes and blankets . Jeeze ! Why don’t you just throw in some water torture whilst you’re at it . They are children for gods sake .

  16. I am so glad to hear this. Something has to be done. Hooray for every state and every human being who has compassion, kindness and 'good' in their hearts. B R A V O !!!!

  17. Terrorist in training. Once these kids grow up theyll have a great hatred towards the US gov for ruining their lives and will take action somehow. Because the more we oppress people the more enemies we make. It's our govs fault on how these kids grow up. They're gonna be so screwed up from this. It's sad we cant go back and stop the whole thing

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  24. It doesn’t matter what similarities or differences there are, it’s a distraction! We only need to look at the policy itself. Are there the people being treated as humans? What about the children? How many human rights violations are there already? How many more deaths need there to be?

  25. Yeah, the policies were the same but how they were being enforced was completely different. Under the Obama administration kids were only separated in extreme situations but Trump and his cronies are just doing it to EVERYONE and where is there would have been concern and a solution with Obama, there is none with Trump because he feels no concern or remorse for these kids and neither do his cronies.

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  28. Who cares what this lispy homo wants done at the border?

    Don’t come here ILLEGALLY and you won’t have this problem.

    All people that want to help the ILLEGALS post your address and state how many you are willing to financially support and take care of in your home..

  29. My heart breaks for those poor little children who only want their mommy or daddy. For the parents wondering if they'll ever see their beloved children again. I'm a mom. Take my precious child away from my and I will fight like a demented animal for her return. Moms everywhere, need for fight for these poor people. They have escaped Countries which were run down by American imperialism. US decided who would rule these Countries and all were greedy Dictators. This is like slavery revisited.

  30. Giving away America to people who cannot follow the laws of immigration is simply unacceptable. Why can't these people do whats necessary to legally enter our population? If I break the law, I fully expect to be punished. Why is it that when the law is broken by illegally entering our country, they are given rights and even subsistence? My grandparents were immigrants, but they followed the law and did not sneak into this country.

  31. This is shocking cruelty. You know, even if these children were well cared for, the fact that they've been separated from their parents is OUTRAGEOUS. It's akin to KIDNAPPING. You take into account the horrible conditions in which they are forced to live, and a decent person can only conclude that ALL of those responsible should be in JAIL.

  32. California has one detention center operated by ICE that appears GlobalIncident map as having an epidemic warning…

  33. We need to stop Meddling in other peoples Country we created this mess and it's both parties by pushing out their elected leaders and putting one in that is US approved which means corrupt And doing the bidding of big oil and other Donor's . and then we sanction country's forcing hunger and violence on them.that's the only thing Sanctions do .

  34. Adults and children in families make up about 33 percent of the homeless population.  Juveniles constitute 1,200 of the 1.5 million people housed in federal and state prisons in this country, and nearly 200,000 youth enter the adult criminal-justice system each year, most for non-violent crimes. On any given day, 10,000 juveniles are housed in adult prisons and jails.  We should be worried about U.S. citizens.  The parents of the kids in Detention Centers chose to come here.  Please be outrage about homeless america children living on the streets and children being incarcerated for non-violent crimes.  Those issues have been going on a lot longer than the Detention Centers.  I have never seen or heard the uproar about those American issues compared to the outrage over forgieners (illegal) children in Detention Centers.

  35. But Obama created the Honduras crisis after overthrowing their government in 2009. Trump is just taking over what the rest of the previous puppets put in place.

  36. The US pulled out of the Human Rights Counsel. The US doesn't believe in Human Rights, only if you're rich and in governments.

  37. Obama had a 98% immigrant returning to court ratio, during his terms. These kids told Congressmen they have'nt been allowed to call their families. Chump and Miller should be charged criminally. O'bama realized it would fail to continue separation en masse, that's why he changed his actions.

  38. The border with Canada is much larger than the border with Mexico, but you never hear anyone ever talk about that one, and people come here from all over the world, and most people who come here come on planes, but this administration if focused on only one, which shows one dimensional thinking.

  39. So we heard a lot of what we already knew.  What happened to the news about states taking legal action against US government?  Didn't hear anything about that so you have the wrong title heading.

  40. You would think anyone with even a high school education would take diagnostics i.e. pics, fingerprints and familial data of these families when apprehended and definitely before separation so at some time in the future they can be reunited but the way this is being handled is extremely gross negligence on the part of our government and should be sued for each and every day children are detained away from their parents of next of kin.  Like the saying goes "Two wrongs don't make a right"

  41. American big business pressures and bribes their government to force policies on other nations that will benefit the top .1%. When these countries collapse into chaos and their people have no choice but to flee and cross into the U.S. the .1% sees these desperate people as another chance for profit. Corrupt Americans passing laws to imprison foreign nationals so that American tax money can be funnelled into a for-profit prison system. Human life and childhood innocence turned into a commodity with a dollar value. Children in cages crying for their parents tuned into executive bonuses and one more supercar for the CEO. Ask yourselves how history will record this, how will the American school children of the future look back on this shameful period. History records other American atrocities such as the treatment of the Native population and the Japanese internments of WW2, but the media of today is far more pervasive than it was then, despite government attempts at rewriting history the world will not forget this. This stain will never be forgotten or forgiven. The blatant corruption of the Trump administration has turned on a light and shown the evil, greed and vileness that infests fully one third of Americans, no more hiding the truth, no more innocence, the shining city on the hill has been shown to be a mirage covering a seething mass of self-serving greed and corruption. The great american constitution with its checks and balances has been tested and has so far failed miserably. When the time came for men of honor to step up and do their duty to defend the laws and challenge a despot they were all found to be inept or corrupt and for sale.

  42. Kidnapping is kidnapping, since when did it matter who did it? Kidnapping under the color of authority is still kidnapping, there are no legal exceptions to capitol crimes.
    Until some actual prosecutors grow some balls, and do what is right, these low life scum of the earth will remain above the law and all punishment.

    It's waaaay past time for some simple, straightforward arrests, for some simple felony crimes – BOOK 'EM, DANNO!!

  43. Art del Cueto , vice president of the national border patrol council came out to attack AOC !.
    In a interview by a Trump supporter channel !
    He was asked if this detention camps had cameras , his response was "YES" !!!
    And video footage would prove AOC is lying about the condition of the detention center.
    He also said that he asked the agents about the accusation and the respond was a denial..
    Congress please subpoena the video footage of this jails and get this clowns out ASAP

  44. Time ago ,in France, before Macron ,it founded good solutions for the refuge seeking, did paying their tickets backwards and gave some amount of money, to survival for a while. If U.S.A can't take so many illegals peoples, ok,sending back freely, not makes themselves prisoners, still worsen children's. Theses arrested must to ending sooner as can .

  45. Why are they being held so long? Why aren't they being processed through the courts and moving along?

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  47. These children are victims of human trafficking…by CBP… kidnapped…if I was Sheriff in one of those places I would rescue those children… with the SWAT team !

  48. This was done and developed to make money let there be no mistake!!! $700+ per individual per day this money is not deposited back into our government! athough these million$ are (provided by YOU and Me the taxpayer) it ends up going to the "inside" private detention facility OWNERS's the fruit doesn't fall too far from the Trump tree 💲💲💲

  49. Individuals taking action while the politicians are arguing will alleviate a lot of the suffering!!

    Items needed at the border camps that individuals or corporations can easily & inexpensively contribute to the crisis.

    Used or new mattresses or matts. Queen is good because more family members can fit together. But it doesn’t really matter

    Bedding – top & bottom sheets, 2 pillow cases, 2 warm blankets, mattress protectors

    Toiletries – 2 wash clothes, 2 hand towels, 2 bath towels. Soap in a plastic container, toothbrush in container, toothpaste, razors, shampoo, hairbrush, combs

    Other commodities


    Baby formula & food

    Clothing (and shoes) of all sizes

    Books for all ages (English & Spanish)

    Most of these items may be used and are not costly to buy new. You may send them individually wrapped or coordinate with the Red Cross, Salvation Army or many church groups.

    If we all contribute in a small way, the politicians will have to drop the “soap & toothbrush” argument and onto something more substantial.

  50. A child went from 4 mnths old to now 2 years old in one of these camps, heart-wrenching….The one responsible for this kind of abuse towards a child will have that burned onto them forever….How can people be so cruel…

  51. How many times is this "reporter" contracted to mention the words "Obama Administration" while asking questions? I didn't count, and I'm sure as hell not gonna watch it again… But it seemed like it was 8 or 9 times in a 6 minute clip… a pattern? It seemed to be framing everything he said.

  52. these are just the symptoms …. the USA is responsible for 50% of the worldwide existing refugees.
    The USA supposes to be taken to a criminal cord for being the biggest treat to mankind.
    What Hitlers Germany was in the 40th …the USA is now. (just with another polarity).

  53. What's with this guy and Obama? Enough of this shit. Focus , the problem now is bigger because of the money that is involved, one big part of that money goes to John Kelly.

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  55. I didn’t say that but I live in the US where so far I still have protected free speech to critize my own country

  56. My German friend loved it and it shocks her that we would do this. Read a little and try to keep up man

  57. Chump and his evil cronies are funneling the children into their child sex trafficking ring, THAT is why they kept NO records of them, the purposely created NO PAPER TRAIL

  58. When looking to solve a problem in the U.S., focus on those who benefit from that problem, not those who suffer from it.

  59. They should have immediately deported them all. No illegals should have US tights. If they do, those laws need to change. The states are just trying to get federal tax dollars to subsidize their efforts to circumvent federal law and support illegals with benefits that should only be given to US citizens and perhaps legal documented immigrants who paid into the system.

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