SOTU 2016: Rethinking Obama’s job growth policies | IN 60 SECONDS

SOTU 2016: Rethinking Obama’s job growth policies | IN 60 SECONDS

You didn’t start my timer. President Obama: We’re in the middle of the
longest streak of private sector job creation in history. More than 14 million new jobs,
the strongest 2 years of job growth since the 1990s, an unemployment rate cut in half. Michael: In his final State of the Union address,
President Obama touted the fact that the unemployment rate has been cut in half. The President is
right to celebrate the unemployment rate. Its fall represents the alleviation of hardship
for millions of American workers. Unfortunately the job market has much further to go before
all Americans who can be working and who should be working are in jobs that they’re satisfied
with. And unfortunately, several of the policies
the President has championed throughout the course of his administration have made it
harder to find a job, not easier. Let’s take two. One is the minimum wage. The President
is wrong to insist on a higher minimum wage. Raising the minimum wage makes it harder for
people to work. Instead, the President should be touting wage subsidies that pull people
into the work force and that encourage work. In addition, the Affordable Care Act should
be repealed and replaced in a responsible manner that makes it possible for Americans
who want health insurance to get it, but that doesn’t erect barriers to employment. So what
do you think of President Obama’s legacy? Let us know if there are any other topics
you would like to see AEI scholars discuss in 60 seconds. And be sure to check out other
State of the Union responses from my AEI colleagues.


  1. Wait a second. Wage subsidies are better than a higher minimum wage? So you acknowledge then that companies are failing to provide a living income. And the solution for that is make people who are actually working and being productive dependant on government handouts? AEI I like most of your content but that doesn't make sense. In an age when we've got wealth inequality to a level that reminds of the time "Robber Baron" was a thing and a huge section of WORKING Americans still far below the poverty line why should we be encouraging companies to continue to expand their use of minimal income labor? This sounds like a ringing endorsement of the Walmart scenario: hire many part time workers, pay them minimum wage, sign them up for government benefits, meanwhile the corporation takes advantage of tax cuts and loopholes to pocket ever higher profits.

  2. I hate listening to democrats and republicans talk about job creation. It sounds too much like medieval lords talking about the need to keep peasants employed to keep the serfdom going.

  3. I was expecting a bit more data in your rebuttal.  I oppose his policies but most of my friends support him.  If the President's claims are true, that his administration is responsible for increasing job growth and reducing unemployment, then I would tend to be less concerned with your response on the difficulty of finding jobs, opposing minimum wage, opposing the minimum increase, Obamacare, etc.  If the President's claims on job growth and unemployment aren't entirely true, then please specify how.  Thanks,

  4. Instead of raising the taxes on everybody to subsidize the few why don't we just allow them to keep more of the money that they earn in their pocket? Raising the minimum wage is a direct tax on businesses. Larger ones may be able to eat the increase a little easier but small businesses will have a harder time keeping afloat without cutting employee's hours, benefits, wages, etc. Why not, instead, push for lower spending by the government and lower taxes on the middle and lower classes? Hell, let people making under 30k keep ALL of their paycheck? All you would actually have to do to balance it out would be to cut spending a bit. But by allowing people to keep more of their own money that they earn they also dont have to rely on the government's help as much and that would be a major spending cut from the government.

  5. Let's see, no mention of UNDERemployment, no mention of the rise of part time and fall of full time jobs, no mention OF PEOPLE WHO STOPPED LOOKING FOR WORK AND ARE NOT COUNTED AS PART OF THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE!!

    You are stupid fools, your channel would be trash if not for Christina Sommers.

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