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Welcome back to the show. Two more candidates for minor parties. The ones we had earlier today very
similar platforms or a lot of common interests. We have two now that that diametrically oppose. In Melbourne we have Jason Tuazon-McCheyne for the Australian Equality Party. That would be
marriage equality. Welcome to the show Jason. Jason: “Hi Jane, how are you going.” Good thanks, and here with me is Nella Hall who is running for the Senate. I should say, Jason is running for the senate in Victoria. Nella Hall is running for the Christian
Democrats here in New South Wales. And we just heard from Glenn Druery that the Christian Democrats have a good chance. Nella: “I heard, that would have been a bit daunting.” What number are you on the ticket? Nella: “Number one.” Well, there you go. I keep saying a lot of people don’t have a chance but you never know. Let’s hear a bit about you then.
Your background and how you got to that epiphany – so you want to be a politician. Nella: “My background is in commerce. It’s actually in insolvency, so that’s a
really interesting. So let’s hope Australia doesn’t go bankrupt. [laughs] No, it won’t. and legal, so I manage a legal firm. How I got into, per say, politics. I was actually just a community activist. Someone that thought that the residents did not have a voice. and me being tiny but loud, thought, I can do this and I can take people
with me a they followed and I wanted me to take their banner and say, ‘well Nella can you fight this issue for us’. And of course the issue is amalgamation in NSW.” Jason, you were a Christian Minister? Jason: “Yes I was ordained when I was 24. But when I came out as a gay man at 28 the church was not very happy with that so I went into teaching, psychology, and I have been a marriage celebrant for the last
twelve or thirteen years and performed over 100 weddings, namings and funerals”. And you married your partner in Canada? Jason:”Yes, in 2004. We were married non legally in 200 and have been waiting 16 years to be legally married here. We were married legally in Toronto in 2004. Our son, who is now ten, was born in 2006.”
What made you want to be a politician? Jason: [laughs] I think I always wanted to be Prime Minister as a young kid.”
See I always say there were no kids growing up who said they wanted to be a pollie but you did!
Jason: [laughs] Yes, I don’t mind leading. I don’t think I will be Prime Minister but I would really love to represent the million plus Australians who
are LGBTIQ. Who are not treated equally in Australia right now. I would be really honoured to have that voice and advocate for changes in the federal parliament. As you know we don’t have marriage equality in Australia. But we actually have a policy platform that covers 23 areas where we don’t have equality for the LGBTI people. translated into sex and bisexual people
in australia women either we just believe that everyone in Australia
deserves to be the same starting line I think my magical mist the experience
actually motivated me to start hi that seems that some principles
around fans human rights and all right All Things Bright and you used an
official game obviously couldn’t you couldn’t not the worthiness of the
issues or your little more Christian Democrats that you use anyone we were
active why was about the policy that you didn’t go enjoy my mind your pie I felt that they have policies with fair
also and they were for the family for Australia and for the most vulnerable they don’t like our liberal and his
strength and then you’re not really it’s right there for people they’re not NT is training but for
christian democratic hi is for pro-family it is for the
protection of children it is for supporting marriage it is for
getting a federal corruption but sure so it’s not no changes to superannuation
is no have to medicate education and looking after the most vulnerable and it
differently that the Christian Democratic Party is that we do have 47
candidates across new south wales in the measures we are 35 years old we’ve been around for a long time and we
do have a river nile and poor grade in the they should counseling yourself a
little gatekeepers to the Christian thing using
using a plan yeah so you’re known as big and micro party
even though they say that this is all about quality issues it is pretty well single issue that it might be different
areas over but we were really narrowing down to that thing that brings all to
you but it also keeps you out of the probably kicks you have all getting a
search in the edge what do you think you can do for joining
our party I mean the labor you would think I mean it’s better to
work from within if you really want to get to sense its marriage up isn’t
really that changing the views of the blue layer well are you know when we started here
in Victoria Liberal government and there was no push for LGBTI faulty victoria
and federally after the Sabbath was made Prime Minister was obvious to us to
bring our changes and so the last three years we’ve actually put together a
complete that form of magic lies in one paragraph about 43 pages of things that
need to happen for those million-plus people to be fully include industrial
society and we think it’s weird I’m already it’s all over the state line
with government they have actually enacted 56 about key policies including
a gender and sexuality Commissioner growing and helen is now
doing a really good job in that role that’s a policy in real life we have a
quality minister in the state government did not exist on my side and now we have
to talk about let me give you of having a federal gender and sexuality
commission so actually you can actually do change a change but not just sitting
around Eugene and participating in the
democratic process and I think it’s really important that more strategies
actually engaged in politics and stand up for what matters and i have been
frustrated as we don’t miss that the federal government that’s what we want
to do in the Senate federal government is not progressing anything with for
LGBT people right now on the other side that potential lap and later this year
is going to be very harmful actually caused quite a few people to actually
lose their life with the mental distress that are going to a sink so actually I
think it’s the other way around he was really important that we all have to
start somewhere every pipes that some of the small blue
and all that stuff and why are you running seven candidates this election
election we’ve raised over a hundred fifty thousand dollars of funds through
our journey and we have a full policy platform including things like a human
rights child that we think are very important and we are centrist we really
liked a lot of the friends of the other guys have done things for us we really
believe that quality and doing rise ever seen on the political conversation I want you to know that you have
increased in the conversation it’s we exist then you let that happen
beautiful rare now this is that a lot of people think
that this is an inevitable change the Christian Democrats if you stay you’re
abroad part of being around you have a lot of the different policy platform but
right at the line James right marriage equality is a shoe
do you find that when you’re campaigning the people see you as the opposite to
him you’re the one standing against absolutely so it is a big issue when you were paid
and big issue and traveling south wales one thing that resonates is they feel
like they are voiceless and they need to voice their Christian number yes mr. affair we stand yes people that do you want to support
family units and jeans and fat and marriages and the beacon view of
marriage what about the place hasn’t that been
i’m having that was the that was a young that dumb to a piece the right the
conservative faction the Liberal Party seeing as you’re using the democratic
process you want to use that to get elected and you’re willing to abide by
this up I think what the issue aside is and when
I talk about the voice of the boy is what happened at the moment is a divine
any discussion on the implications of the changing the marriage act or
changing the definition of the financial social economic and legal implications
of these changes has not happened you haven’t had a discussion and we need
to have a discussion need to have the debate up only friend you are having yes people need to have this is what was
that for exactly and that’s why we walked the
planet side because the majority so I guess you’re going with that there is a
communal elect representatives might happen you will bring it it’s a conscience vote and I would still
have to buy foreign policy of no marriage between a man and a woman and
it be definition and marriage action change however that doesn’t mean that
adding the acct single unit is possible ok Jackson just bought a word on there
have you feeling your chances of walking out when you’re at the house I have a good chance we’ve done three
years of hard work and there is legally with a walk chance but that last
sentence victoria and we are using the phrase marriage equality on the belt
because one of the key social platforms and you know I just really now obviously
but every family in Australia deserves to be treated equally you’re spending on the sexuality
agenda marriage and civil rights religious marriage can still continue
mom isn’t going to separation from less than thirty percent of population
America is our churches nowadays and there’s no change for them all trying to
do is make a whole step of people across this full and happy up mentally
healthier and make this country Conda and gentler and cyclic place for
everyone we think that’s really important and 11 for marriage equality
is here in the general election I can’t just being you want to say about
my never will be stupid to make ready to be barrel that thank you about Jake and Ella hanging
out yeah they got a good chance we’ll see who we got next week

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