Senior N.K. official warns Pyeongyang could resume war of words against U.S.

Senior N.K. official warns Pyeongyang could resume war of words against U.S.

now senior North Korean diplomat has
warned that US president Trump’s recent remarks hinting at the use of military
force against the regime will be quote a very dangerous challenge if they were
not made in error it marks the first time in months the North Korea has
criticized Trump himself so directly our Eason Jay reports in a statement carried
by the North’s state-run Korean Central News Agency North Korea’s first vice
foreign minister Chesson he said present Trump’s remarks
hinting at a possible military strike against Pyongyang would pose a very
dangerous challenge if they were not made by mistake
Chae added Pyongyang could resumed a tit-for-tat name-calling against the US
if similar expressions are used again the senior diplomat said it’s more
displeasing that Trump referred to the North’s leader Kim jong-un as Rocketman
an expression the US leader used when the exchanged verbal spats amid
heightened tensions in 2017 attending a NATO summit in London earlier this week
president Trump said Washington could use military force if it must urge the
regime and its leader to honor their agreement to denuclearize referring to
Kim as Rocketman chair says such remarks should be diagnosed as what she called
the relapse of the dotage of a dotard if any words stoking the atmosphere of
confrontation are used once again on purpose at a crucial moment as now
Sheridan Kim jong-un has not used any harsh words against President Trump in
an effort to prevent the situation getting worse chess remarks come just a
day after Park Jung Geun the chief of the General Staff of the North Korean
People’s Army lashed out at present trumpet a separate release saying the
regime will also take prompt corresponding action at any level if the
u.s. does indeed use military force against the north
easing Jay Arirang news


  1. Two countries both direct nuclear threats with armys already in faceoff positions and we get summit level name calling. Omg wow i swear….you know if pres. Trump, northern fatone, and pres. Moon ever had a lengthy summit. Pres. Moon would come out appearing to be the adult in the room….

  2. *US asking SK to pay more for their military alliance.
    *SK reject it and looking for alternative strategies to resolve issue in NK and SK border.
    *US rising the tension between NK.

    Interesting timeline. Looking how SK govt response to handle the issue.

  3. Nuke North Korea right off the face of the earth. Bunch of worthless ignorant bastards. Rocket man is a worthless evil piece of shit

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