Senator Graham rips into Stephen Miller over U.S. government shutdown

Senator Graham rips into Stephen Miller over U.S. government shutdown

To discuss possible We recognize that ultimately It is the decision of Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer as to how to proceed and we’re not trying to preempt that but we are trying to be helpful and showing them that there is a path forward and that a substantial number of senators from both parties Are eager to find that path? One of the things we learned from the last Shutdown was that as time goes on positions Are it is absolutely our goal to make sure that there are discussions today with opportunities for? Compromise yet tonight And so that is absolutely critical that we not continue this number one on behalf of the country, but I think also Resolution gets more difficult the longer we wait So we’re going to get there, and if we don’t tonight. I am really worried about where this thing goes because it’s going to get nastier in terms of rhetoric In the president is is got what he said Tuesday I want comprehensive immigration I want it done with love and security and let’s get on with it. Don’t stop till we get a solution the Tuesday Trump If he comes back, then we’ll get a deal if they keep pulling him back It’s gonna be hard to get this issue over and I would say this from the Republican Party’s point of view All I can say about the white house their staff has been Unreliable to work with on this issue Two examples in the meeting Tuesday where President did a wonderful job? I thought he chastised the administration for handing out a list of border commands that can only be Concluded at the end not the beginning When he was told that is 18 billion dollars for the wall. He says that’s too much. I think he was right Then what does the White House staff to offer to the Congress 33 billion dollars for border security? So that needs to stop we need a reliable partner. I think the president’s in a good spot in terms of understanding the What deal will work you just got a commit to it so that? Republicans are willing I think in large numbers to move to immigration on a date certain If we cannot find a solution before that date February the 8th gives us three weeks to work on all these issues. I’m going to vote the proposal by by Leader Mitch McConnell He’s included immigration in the mix for the first time that’s enough for me If there’s any more willingness by the leader to say we will move to immigration I guarantee you we will if we don’t find a resolution Then that should be enough for almost everybody because Mr. Miller. I’ve known him for a long time I know he’s passionate. I know he’s an early supporter of the president. But I’ll just tell you — his view of immigration has never been in the mainstream of the Senate. And I think we’re never going to get there as long as we embrace concepts that cannot possibly get 60 votes (to pass). One of the concepts that I just completely reject is that we have too much LEGAL immigration. You know, Mr. Miller wants to restrict legal immigration at a time when we have a worker shortage. We’re a declining population, we need more legal immigration. So Mr. Miller has evolved on a ‘pathway to citizenship.’ But to — for every greencard you give a DACA recipient he wants to take one out of the system. And I don’t want greencards just for computer engineers. To my Democratic friends don’t overplay your hand the government shutdown is not a good way to get an outcome Legislatively we learned that as Republicans So February the 8th makes sense to me with a commitment to move to immigration that is enough for me I’m gonna probably be enough of flake I’ll let you talk to him so what what leverage do they have They’re not gonna the budget caps are not going to be resolved until we get something on immigration March 5th to be here before you know it Republicans are in a bind when it comes to the daca population you got 90% of the public supporting a pathway to citizenship at least 80% For the 800,000 so March 5th. What does the Republican Party? do we’re going to find a solution because we have to if it’s true that the President that that Senator Schumer agreed to a number Offered by the president a couple of days ago on border security. We should be 99 sent there if that’s true


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