Sen. John Kennedy hits back at Hillary Clinton’s Russia accusations

Sen. John Kennedy hits back at Hillary Clinton’s Russia accusations


  1. This whole Russian crap started with Hilary…she and her butt hurt Democrat friends started all this.
    I bet you Hilary reached out to the Russians for help

  2. And We’re all supposed to believe everything that ms resist button, uranium selling, Benghazi catastrophe, email destroying, computer bleach bit ting, cell phone hammering, debate cheating, sore loser, woman says!!!! Lock her up!!!!

  3. I told Tяump that FBI is vяong, it wasn't ЯU$HIA (foя ¥hat?) but ÚKRÁíNA that яeally messed up vith youя 2016 elektion…
    and H€ BIELIEVED M€ ?

  4. HRC is a hypocrite. "Why are you parroting Russian propaganda" designed to divide the country. Well, HRC, you & the DNC started Russia Russia Russia to divide the country & defeat your opponent.

  5. This whole Trump/Russia fiasco comes down to accusing someone of what THEY'RE guilty of. It's classic deflection. It's never been worthy of consideration.

  6. Im surprised she didnt bring her Russian 'reset button' with her for that interview; or even a secret briefcase for Putin like Kerry did in March of 2016.

  7. The only Kennedy I have ever liked, the rest of them you can have, and yes I know he isn't related to those Martha Vineyard liberal turds.

  8. Amazing how the left and the democrats party fell for the Russian disinformation campaign not the Republicans and they have the balls to accuse us of being Putin's puppets AGAIN. Don't they know that didnt work

  9. Anything to point the finger anywhere else then at the election stealing , lying , traitorous DNC .
    Republicans gotta protect their future war mongering good thing they have the DNC.

  10. Her response is questionable. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The innocent would call for an investigation to clear up a matter. Not try to discredit, and try divert attention from the matter.

  11. There predicting Hillary to be the nomination already………she cheated Bernie once wonder if he's gonna heel and submit this time too……..

  12. dumbocrats are recycling their material.they have tried everything in the rules for radicals book against trump and nothing has worked,so they are going through the book again.

  13. I would rather tell the truth about the Dem/ CIA RUSSIA FANTASY than be a lying FACIST BYTCH like Hillikunt Clinton.

  14. She’s on Howard Stern right now. Of course, within minutes she went into a coughing fit and is still in that fit 15 minutes later. Spewing enormous amounts of garbage.

  15. It's all because hillary and the democrats are guilty of quid pro quo, being theives and traitors sedition and Treason.

  16. JOIN THE “GET OUT NOW MOVEMENT”.  Communist Putin’s Russian Security Services promote propaganda (Undermining Democracies Worldwide)through President Trump, Trump Administration, Fox News Commentators, Republican Party.  Let’s empower ourselves Americans by stepping up with our “GET OUT NOW MOVEMENT”.  All of them need to go home to Communist Putin’s Russia today! “GET OUT NOW”!

  17. Hillary is NOT secretary and she 'was' a very poor one too and she caused agony throughout the world and she committed crimes and walked free because Obama was a corrupt president. Fox News did very little to stop these monsters on the left, Fox news talks a lot but that's all….:(

  18. My question is why does Hillary go out of her way to push the Russia angle? Those two were not the only ones to begin with. It's known that an Australian politician also had his hand in it, as did Italian agents, British (the Steel dosier)' and who know what others. Seems to me that Hillary is trying to distract the attention from Ukraine. Wonder what she's trying to hide?

  19. If Russia was colluding against Clinton’s, why Trump hasn’t have a good relationship with Putin then ?….. oh wait!!, cuz Ukraine and Russia was expected to get Clinton’s so they can still the corruption biz same as creepy Joe and family…. ???

  20. Clinton’s Obama China Russia I don’t see the difference in either of them.
    I forgot the Clintons,Obama HANDLER George Soros

  21. I think Hillary is a Russian agent!!! Why else would she accuse everyone else!!! Who ever smelt it delt it!!!! And she's been smelling alot!!!

  22. How Are You Daniel Clinton, Why This Project
    Your proposal, New Building Blabla……..Magic……
    Why Key Of Magic……

  23. Hillary would know about corruption with her email and destroyed server and paying for the Russian hoax dossier. Comey let her skate on the emails. As for the rest of it no one wants to end up like Epstein. The Clintons are evil vile people whose connections let them get away with anything

  24. The Ukraine has no effect in our elections. The USA will take care of our own business. And Hillary lost. Why is anyone listening to her? About anything? She is not important to us.

  25. If Chuck Turd called me a communist to my face, I would calmly walkover and knock that little twink out cold.

  26. Most likely Biden and Hillary and Obama helped orchestrate Ukraine to meddle in the election , ironically they blamed Donald Trump for colluding with the Russians which was a hoax from the beginning. The democrats have a habit of accusing their opponent of the things they actually are doing and since they get a way with it like Biden did for his Son with kick backs in the Ukraine and China ….why not ?

  27. I still can't understand why Russia or the Ukraine meddling with our election is an issue. The US , especially the Odingbat administration was meddling with elections all over the world yet nobody brings that up?

  28. Every country on earth tries to do what is best for Them!!! How is this a surprise? We do the same for goodness sake.

  29. Also, I thought I read back when that there was 4 countries that hacked the DNC server, the attempts were also made against the RNC server (but unsuccessful). One of the countries being China. Also, why don't these Repub Congressmen ever mention the fact that no candidate was being favored over the other in the Russian meddling?

  30. Unfortunately what I heard is that all people are currupt, it just depends who is in charge at the time, and whether they can keep the power at all costs

  31. Any other time those sources would be fake news but now they're credible sources and they know more than the intelligence community ???

  32. John Kennedy does not even understand how our Congressional Impeachment process works! Trump doesn't normally get ANY opportunity to be involved in the process until the TRIAL PORTION of the process which is the TRIAL IN THE SENATE! OMFG do these Republicans just not know anything about our government's processes or are they deliberately trying to confused the American People?! Perhaps John Kennedy is in the pay of Putin, as he is parroting Putin's exact orders about making Ukraine the enemy in the public eye so that when he next invades Ukraine to take over the rest of it, American's don't realize that they should care. Because that is exactly what John Kennedy is doing – working for Vicious Vladimir Putin whether he is being paid for it or not.

  33. Why does no one ask the one fundamental question, " did Russia interfere, More, or Less during the 2016 election, than say, the 2012, or 08 elections and if so, how much?"

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