Schiff releases phone records of political rivals, conservative journalist

Schiff releases phone records of political rivals, conservative journalist


  1. matt gaetz, feels bad for pensacola but will vote over and over to arm, support, and defend the Saudi regime. make no mistake, MBS ordered the strike on the naval base.

  2. ???? IT ISN’T SPYING. He didn’t plant listening devices in any office or had anyone followed on tax payers money. He was smart enough to get the records from the phone companies, something that the any GOP member could have done too. He OUTSMARTED THE GOP and exposed the hypocrisy of Nunes, ????. You guys are not contesting the ethics conflict of Nunes, just whining because he was caught doing it. Lol ?.

  3. Schiff, where is the agency for TIs to call for help when they are abused and harrassed by your voice to skull (V2K) electronic microwave satalite technology? The FBI and all the state and local PIG departments are just playing fkN games !

  4. Anyone want Adams personal cell phone number ???????, be at the next Trump rally and I’m sure we’ll get it, please President Trump give it to us

  5. Ole Popeye should go to prison for that deliberate act of lawlessness. The way the democ rats have conducted themselves over this stupidity is bringing the entire law into disrepute!

  6. none of this would be happening if we simply drug tested our politicians on a monthly basis.
    Twice per month. Just like professional athletes.
    Not those stupid multiple choice drug tests, like the ones that Hunter Biden likes to take.
    That's a first step.
    No, wait, thats the second step.
    The FIRST step is admitting that WE'VE GOT A SERIOUS problem.

  7. Someone should Subpoena and release Schiff's own phone records. I bet it will show a catalog of conspiracy between Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, and some of their Hack operatives.

  8. Schiff is behaving like a compromised individual. The lengths of corruption with a total disregard for whoever knows is evidence that he rather accept the punishment from Congress then the complete disclosure of his history of criminal behavior. He must have something so corrupt , so vile, to proceed as he has .

  9. And use of, old Library cards-and cover up–debit cards-credit. Bankers–Biden and, China U Ukraine. Federal crimes–Scanners man–Jumbotrons New York UK.

  10. English dictionary should add a new word, Schiff. (noun) : a cruelly malicious person who is involved in wickedness or crime; scoundrel.

  11. So Schiff releases phone records illegally in plain sight to oust a political opponent and apparently thats ok? What a crock

  12. Hannity exaggerates a bit. Like we're slow. If we actually do our research we'll see that Hannity has exaggerated facts and led us to believe so many perceptions that were off the mark.

  13. Republicans were bitching about the investigation being behind closed committees. The. They were bitching about the investigation not being public. Well ya got it.

  14. Hannity, you lied. The title of the 'Most Corrupt and Congenital Liar' goes to: Donald Trump, Hannity and the entire GOP 'bumlickers' in Congress.


  16. as.a.sign.of.displeasure.over.trumps.presidential.success…Nadler,Schiff…and.even.Pelosi…

  17. It blows my mind that this man is still in his position he needs to be removed immediately he has completely ignored and broke the laws of the constitution on multiple occasions. He does these things and no one even really says anything

  18. The husband finds conclusive truth on the wife's phone (or vice versa) about her/his infidelity… the wife/husband: HOW DARE YOU ACCESSING MY PHONE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, I WANT A DIVORCE!!

  19. Why can schiff get away with lieing and if we lie before congress we go to jail but nothing happens to liberals case in point Hillary lied and destroyed evidence. American's wake up democrats that aren't happy with your party Walk Away Now! Trump 2020

  20. Wait… hold up, you have an open criminal investigation, and a series of very damaging piece of evidence on someone your friendly with, and instead of saying, hey this doesn’t make my friend look good, but it’s not criminal, you choose instead to blame the person who’s job is to investigate, because he subpoenaed phone records and got them. Literally every detective in the United States does this, it’s not a crime or immoral it’s literally the definition of good investigating.

  21. So investigating political opponents is a valid tactic for the demoncraps…. Just like when Hillary paid for the fake dossier which used Russian information collated by Christopher Steele

  22. I can't believe how many stupid people are in this country. Fox and the Republican Party should all be ashamed. This country is going down.

  23. That's funny now YouTube won't even show mainstream television, every video I click on from Fox News is only 2 minutes long.

  24. it is truly shock and disbelieve that really really have people buy into dems lie to believe Nunes wrong doing!! after all Adam schiff have lies and done, these people still so unbalanced judgemental. how many times needed to debunk their lies only to make these people open up their mind or at least start to think 'yeah, dems have lied so many times, very high % they lies again too!!' continue to believe their lies, these people are to blame for dems lie all the time. whatever idea against the norm, these people just like it because they really see themselves very very caring and loving and kind. they might not have any bad intention at all, but their stupidity are why dems able to keep their position even they have obviously done so many bad things. how anyone able to make these people to accept and believe they have been lied and used that make them indirectly admit they arent that clever as they see themselves.

  25. ? Nervous Nancy Pelosi, angry Jerry Nadler and pathological liar Adam Schiff, your Judiciary Committee's Ex Post Facto Approach To Impeachment Violates the Constitution. How can you Three Stooges be so dumb? Your perfect examples of why we need term limits in Washington DC.

  26. Ok so let me get this straight….
    Schiff and other Democrats decided to go ahead with impeachment proceedings on the grounds that Trump used a “quit pro quo” with Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political rival by withholding foreign aid.

    Schiff is using his own political power to acquire telephone records on his political rivals, and one member particularly on the committee, for political gains.

    Am I missing something or am I basically seeing Schiff do to his colleagues what they are accusing Trump of doing?

  27. Lol what schiff did was legal. Republicans are just butthurt because they are almost completely exposed. Well done democrats.

  28. Schiff is an Enemy Combatant working on behalf of Russia, China, N Korea, Iran, Obama, Hillary and Pelosi. Schiff should be the focus of a Firing Squad.

  29. Balloon Head Shift has once again got down in the political dirt bin. Every thing that goes around comes around.
    I can picture him now with Nadler doing a line dance.

  30. OUR HOPE IS THAT THESE TREASONOUS BASTARDS WILL PAY THE ULTIMATE PRICE FOR CORRUPTION! Their actions will result in the destruction of our Nation. OTHER "ADVERSARIAL" nations are watching the DIVISION of the citizenry of the United States and WILL "STRIKE" when we appear weak.

    Americans who love our country and Constitution will fight these bastards to the end, which may not be long off. As Wyatt Earp said in the film, "You Tell Em We're Commin , And Hell's Commin With US', MOST of the good citizens of America believe that this day of reckoning is here. GOD HELPS, GOD SAVE AMERICA.



  31. Don't really like trump, but Schiffs behaviour and personality screams aderol crazy. Look at those popping eyes. Gimmie trump crazy over his any day.

  32. Shiff should be careful…. someone might just take a deep interest into hanging corrupt politicians in front of the white house for treason… JUST AS OUR FOREFATHERS WOULD HAVE DONE.

  33. Civil war is the only way corrupt politicians are going to pay for what they are doing to the free world cause you know and I know Republicans won't!

  34. We should also reveal Schiff phone record to the public, and see how other people create wonderful exciting possibilities with it.

  35. Without a legal subpoena per most if not all wireless providers they can provide phone records to someone who is in the account. I don’t believe Schiff should have been able to get ahold of those records, people need to look at the company that released them

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