Scaramucci Urges GOP To ‘Save The Country,’ Speak Out Against Trump | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Scaramucci Urges GOP To ‘Save The Country,’ Speak Out Against Trump | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Smart guy? How smart are conservatives when they are on the wrong side of smart. MSNBC LOVES THIS BOTTOM FEEDER.

  2. When a person can suddenly announce amidst a meeting that he was going
    to talk to KIM at the Korean border, you know something was wrong with that
    guy right away.

  3. only in america can someone go on the telly trashing the president after writing a book that sucked his proverbial balls.

  4. Republicans simply don't have the balls to stand up for the country and we the people, and they certainly don't think for themselves. Congress needs to expedite impeachment, IMMEDIATELY.

  5. " The role of a US president is to negotiate with the Globalized World and to do so with clear vision and not to draw attention to himself to become a hero of his actions.
    This is not correct and reminds someone very insecure and lacking clear vision about the real order around them.
    Barred at the door on the border with Mexico excellent workmanship and cuts relations with the Economic market in relation to China that performs the same work !! WOW !
    Too bad ! Excuse me !

  6. For a guy and his voters that claim to be patriots, they sure spend a lot of time hating half of America, half of it's institutions, and half of it's former presidents. I've never seen a president be so one sided about which part of the country he serves. He is not my president. He's not America's president. He only serves those who kiss the ring. And that's the most anti-American you can possibly be.

  7. It’s so pathetic to watch the occasional former Individual-1 sycophant try desperately to claw his or her way back to relevance and seriousness.

  8. When you have a politician, who can't take any criticism without attacking their character and trying to ruin their whole lives and livelihoods that is not a Democrat nor a Republican, nor a Christian, nor a scientist; but it is an -"ist."

  9. So another words Republicans have no balls no death nothing you’re just a bunch of KKK leaders fighting for a position‼️👎👎👎Sad so sad‼️

  10. Scaramucci deranged little midget he was told to get lost and can't take being rejected. Look at his eyes he's a doper.

  11. Because someone gave him money?? Scaramucci will say anything for money. Write him a check for 10k you'll never see him again

  12. So what are you gonna do now America? The repugnant pile of rotting garbage that is the republican party holds almost all the power. You can't even get a hold of that orangutan's tax returns. You liberals, centrists, and independents are losers. While the republicans cheat, gerrymander, fill federal and supreme court seats, you fight amongst yourselves. You hear me AOC and Bill Maher? Pathetic.

  13. The next president of America will have to spend his or her first month reversing all the stupid things Trump is doing to your nation and the World.

  14. Amarosa is Scaramucci in drag. Like Amarosa, the little attention wh0re will never be trusted by anyone on either side ever him again.

  15. Continuing with treacherous OBAMA legacy, the Anti-American Democratic Political Party, its Congress
    members, liberal judges, leftist Hollywood obsolete and decadents actresses,
    actors, singers, comedians, etc., and the CNN and affiliates mainstream media
    reporters, commentators, and analysts such Rachel Maddow, Jim Acosta, hybrid
    Mexican-Nicaraguan Ana Violeta Navarro-Cardenas, all of them who are
    encouraging, supporting, implementing, and financing illegal immigration
    invasion to U.S., they all are BLAMED and ACCOUNTABLE for the uncontrolled
    waves of illegal immigrants and criminal, terrorists, and seriously ill and insane
    migrant invaders from Central America and Muslim countries, because from August
    2018 to July 2019 the Border Patrol reports that it's stopped roughly 450,000
    illegal migrant from Central America, among them 20,000 infested with epidemic
    diseases (yellow fever, smallpox, cholera, malaria, typhus, tuberculosis,
    sexual transmitted disease, AIDS, measles) that rapidly outbreak an spread in
    infectious epidemic disasters; however, around 250,000 have illegally entered
    into U.S. among them 150,000 infested with those diseases which obviously are
    spreading and infecting healthy U.S. Citizens.

  16. The Anti-American Democratic Political Party, its Congress members, liberal judges, leftist Hollywood
    obsolete and decadents actresses, actors, singers, comedians, etc., and the CNN
    and affiliates mainstream media reporters, commentators, and analysts, they all
    of them are BLAMED and ACCOUNTABLE for the fraudulent scams from August 2018 to
    July 2019 perpetrated by these Central American and Muslim invaders, among them
    7,100 adults and children fraudulently posing as families so they can be
    released into the U.S. quickly rather than face detention or rapid deportation.
    The Department of Homeland Security has also reported the "child
    recycling," cases where they say children allowed into the U.S. were smuggled back into Central
    America to be paired up again with other adults in fake families,  something they say is impossible to catch
    without fingerprints or other biometric data. Those are kids that are being
    rented. To stopping fraud, agents might take personal information from children
    that could be used against them later. Of course child trafficking
    exists," said Karla Vargas, an attorney with the Texas Civil Rights
    Project. One Border Patrol official described a case he said led to eight
    indictments in South Carolina, including of a Guatemalan woman who said she had "recycled" children
    13 times for payments of $1,500 a child. The U.S. attorney's office in South Carolina
    told the AP this week that case was sealed and declined to comment on it.

  17. In those retail supermarket stores, most Hispanic migrants from Central America and Mexico countries, recipients
    of  food stamps, are purchasing in retail supermarket stores food items every day, including meat, vegetables, fruit,
    milk, bread, eggs, snacks and many other items; however, they’re spoiling and
    infecting food and products (meat and chicken’s sandwich, snacks, bread, etc.)
    which they’re taking out of the stocking shelves, breaking the package’s
    sealing, and infecting with viruses trough grabbing these foods with dirty
    hands, smelling, licking, savoring with tongue, spitting on the foods, then
    returning to their package and shelves, or throwing them unpackaged and/or
    broken to un-refrigerated or hazardous areas. Other times the infected foods
    are thrown into other shelves, with the danger these foods can be taken for
    other customers for consumption. These malicious Hispanic food stamps
    recipients, also are perpetrating child abuse, indoctrinate their children to
    imitate the unhealthy and illicit practices, encouraging them to try-on, and
    steal clothes, shoes, socks, and other personal and intimate clothes, inciting
    their children to run and play inside Sam’s and Wal-Mart retail supermarkets,
    without supervision, neglecting their children. These extremely threatening to
    health, illicit, and dangerous actions can be verified through these retailers
    supermarket’s monitoring and security systems, unless their management are
    intentionally disconnecting the system.

  18. These Hispanic migrants recipients of food stamps, are using baby stroller to steal all kind of food,
    clothes, shoes, etc. by supplying them below, covering them with a blanket and
    placing a baby on top to cover the theft, which is often seen by those retails
    supermarkets who conceal or are accomplices of these massive thefts and
    dissemination of dangerous and deadly virus infection in food and clothing. Furthermore,
    when other consumers report these actions of infecting food with virus and
    theft of food, clothing, toiletries, etc. in Sam’s Club and Wal – Mart retailers,
    these stores’ employees are refusing to intervene on the grounds that those retails
    supermarkets management’s have order “to allow this Hispanic people user of
    Food Stamps to infect with virus and steal food, merchandise and to steal
    clothes and shoes, because these retails supermarkets operate under “loss
    prevention” policy, for which everything in those stores are insured and
    Insurance Companies reimburse the triple or quadruple of what is reported
    stolen or lost; however, this unlawful and draconian policy under which Sam’s
    Club and Wal – Mart retails operate are mortally endangering the health ad life
    of U.S. Citizens, who are victimized by these retailers, Hispanic migrants
    recipients of food stamps, and the Governors who ha declared Sanctuary States
    to California and Nevada; therefore, they are BLAMED and ACCOUNTABLE for these
    unlawful and hazardous to health actions and must be RECALLED!

  19. Despite the criminal and terrorist illegal migrant invasion to U.S., endangering homeland and U.S.
    Citizen’s security and life, which is a clear and present danger, the
    treacherous North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy COPPER vetoed a bill on
    Wednesday that would have required local law enforcement to ask about
    prisoners’ immigration status and cooperate with Immigration and Customs
    Enforcement and other federal immigration authorities, which has been the
    typical procedure enforcing federal immigration laws; “We the People” must
    REVOLT against the TREACHEROUS, unlawful, obstructionist tactics, and
    authoritarian rule of this governor, requesting he must be  REMOVED
    from Office through a RECALL procedure, because his is violating U.S.
    CONSTITUTION, Articles I – Section 10 Treason; Art. III – Section 3 Treason;
    and Article IV – Section 4 Protecting U.S. against foreign invasion. Also,
    must be RECALL Gavin NEWSOM, California governor, and, Steve SISOLAK Nevada
    governor who are undermining those States declaring them sanctuary for illegal
    immigrants and criminals and terrorists migrants invaders from Central America
    and Muslims countries, and both governors are sabotaging the Health and Welfare
    System giving unlimited benefits to illegal immigrants and criminal and
    terrorist invaders, at expenses of U.S. Taxpayers. RECALL these treacherous
    governors according the VOTER-RECALL PROVISIONS!

  20. Basically, Republicans and Democrats leader are weak at the moment. Personally, i think the members of both parties are interested in holding to their office without having any concern about the citizens….

  21. He says this now that he doesn't depend on his paycheck anymore…
    Everything suddenly became clear to him…………..

  22. The mosh is trash. He is calling trump out for going after him as a private citizen but not to long ago he was defending trump going after other PRIVATE CITIZENS.

  23. the republican party may have certain disagreements with trump the man, but they still have a long way to go if they want to rebel against the thinking that legitimized trump in the first place.

  24. How many disgruntled employees is Trump going to diss on? That means he should blame himself for this shitshow. What a low IQ individual.

  25. Wow what a contrast between Scaramucci during Trump and Scaramucci post Trump. It's like Scaramucci and his evil twin brother. Like doctor Scaramucci and mr. Scaramucci. Get it, Jekyll and Hyde? Hey I'm old I'm entitled to be lame…😠

  26. 2020 go out and vote we must unite and defeat Trump and his destruction of America and learn our lesson once and for all

  27. Trump is the people champion who work for a living maybe not those who live on welfare and live in mommy basement 😏 lol ha

  28. OPINION:







  29. Add him to the other list of ppl, who I'm forced asking "where were they and why did it take that long"
    Bcuz of their lack of speaking against him together, nd only doing it when they drop out or are fired…he can spin the narrative to "another angry person cuz I fired them, fake news, etc"

  30. "leave room in the off-ramp" ! he couldn't have said it better yet there you journalist are attacking Scaramucci -he's very brave and he is taking on the fascist so join him and stop attacking him!

  31. I think it would be interesting to see what stocks Scaramucci has personal money tied up into to see if the sudden change has to do with money rather than long term policy to bring manu jobs back to the U.S. We need to start making stuff in America again or we will disappear. A country without exports turns into France/Germany

  32. I would probably go further/too far in drama, "making fun" of a new age member "You have no idea how hard it is to feel dumb as being wrong about the rights, everything George Bush told me about what a nation's fundamentally emboldened veto, as the only rightly chosen culture is."

  33. Are those two married bc they definitely like each other,look at their body language how they lean in to each other but anyway yea trump sucks

  34. Scaramucci is carefully working on his own agenda to apply for president in the future. My guess. However he makes a little reason after all.

  35. C-o-m-e 'o-n- e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e
    all One has to do is to "scratch-own-head" looking at the name Scaramucci !
    has anyone thought of him as a serious-person especially now with the pink makeup on the face ?

  36. It's not about how the USAiasns feel. YOU elected him the president. And others are suffering. I Can but only hope that you understand. Stop blaming. Start proving through action. Personally, I feel that you are all shift in your responsibility to people in Africa and Asia.

  37. Trump bankrupt his company now he is bankrupting the United States . Trump have the only way out not to bankrupt all his business was to get Russian involved and to help him to become the president of United States and take orders from Russia. I was to Europe last moth and people can’t believe that American people can vote for this Moran.

  38. S.O.C.  = Save Our Country , the next president should sign an order to ban MAGA hats and ban blonde hair dye for old men over 68 years old.

  39. How did half the country miss these facts? 90% of Republicans missed these facts? Better late than never scabmucci. Welcome to the light dumb dumb! Anthony is sounding like a snoflake all of a sudden…… Lmao

  40. Scaramucci is a very arrogant asswipe who was thrown out of the WH because of his openly bad/rude behaviour. Just another muppet trying to make money out of smearing Trump, like Clapper, Comey, Brennon, etc, etc.

  41. little weasel ,he is sticking to trump as a leash would;guess is the standard behavior in the business circle they belong to…DEPLORABLE S

  42. Mooch knows what is going on. The Dems should hire him to run their campaigns and the impeachment. Veschi and Rule are the enemies of Liberty.

  43. What's this BS about the Republicans being afraid of Twitter bullying? Be honest and tell us the real reason now if you don't want to come out as a hypocrite

  44. The President Never Hasn’t a plan Hi just Takings and Taking. like a Comedian on TV Show entertaining People Hi Had Nothing to Said

  45. He's talking like Trump has low approval ratings in the Republican party…….Trump's approval rating in the Republican party is something like 85%. However, what he said about Bush 1 being at 91% before being primary'd gave me a glimmer of hope……hopefully someone goes in there and beats Trump up in the primaries, and he loses steam.

  46. Republikkunt party SEALED THEIR FATE!!!!!!!!!! They dont deserve a second chance.
    However some TRUMPF supporters will have their lane to exist the Criminal RepunliKKKunt Party

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