1. Trump, Epstein, Ivanka, Kushner, were all raised in BAAL MOLOCH's 666 darkness where their parents passed them around like party favors in the lust for power that goes all the way back to Jerusalem's ancient valley of Hinnom where Mussolini's Blackshirt Menachem Begin Heritage Center now stands. Rump and his Ca – Baal should go back to Epstain Island w/ his Baal – Baphomet phallus worshiping Reptilican "evilgenital" church fiends and left to their resources (The word 'cannibal' is derived from "Cohenim Baal" [Priests of Baal] and communion of sacrificed flesh). REVELATION911

  2. Baal – Baphomet phallus worshiping Reptilican "evilgenital" church fiends (The word 'cannibal' is derived from "Cohenim Baal" [Priests of Baal] and communion of sacrificed flesh). REVELATION911

  3. Astrologia "esoterica" pedofilia e omosessualita' sono connessi con l'astrale e la coscienza universale per mezzo della ghiandola pineale

  4. Modern life is increasingly experienced through the artificial light and sound generated by a machine. By consistently presenting the same partial view of a subject it may be portrayed in either a positive or negative light. All of the major mainstream media outlets are controlled by individuals who seem to serve the same insidious, esoteric agenda.

    Side by side with glamorizing the American Dream the mass media increasingly demonize Islam as a religion of ignorance, hatred and terrorist violence. The false flag attacks of 9/11 provided the pretext for a devastating war upon the oil-rich Muslim world. Millions of people have been killed and tens of millions of lives ruined in a swathe of destruction stretching from Libya to Afghanistan. When Salafist terrorists then carry out attacks the media seize upon them, magnifying them into global terror news events — all of the Western victims are honoured with an international two minute silence and the world is constantly outraged! Massive civilian casualties in the latest US bombing raids are then simply presented as "third-world collateral damage of the War on Terror" — and no-one cares.

    As consumer society enjoy the fruits of industrial "development" and place absolute faith in technological "progress" their towns and cities descend into the darkness of moral corruption, alcoholism, drug addiction, crime and violence. The rising police state mirrors the perceived threat of terrorism while wealth and power are increasingly concentrated into the hands of the few. Inflation, globalization and a growing sequence of ever more destructive natural and manmade environmental disasters continue to enhance social degradation. To all this may be added the progressive toxicosis and genetic malformation of the human body through the unbridled urban pollution and industrial poisoning of air, land and sea while medical drug treatments, sewage wastewater recycling and an ever widening use of seemingly "beneficial" chemicals in food production, processing and preservation add to the overall toxicity. Unsustainable urban growth and suburban outgrowth overspreads the landscape leaving countless millions totally dependant upon the system to supply all of life's necessities from further and further away. Communities have evaporated, neighbours have become strangers, family life has collapsed and children are imprisoned within broken homes lost in the light of the machine.

    The rapid projection of a series of images onto an electronic display — to present the illusion of movement — suspends critical thought in the engrossed viewer producing a trance-like state during which deeper parts of the mind become more susceptible to suggestion. This process changes the neural network structure of the brain as artificial memory traces accumulate over time forming a strong drug-like dependence upon the medium for constant electronic stimulation: producing a mind out of sync with nature and increasingly rewired for the frequency of the machine. Vibrating diaphragms and transient glowing screens repeatedly broadcast professional entertainers singing jingles and dramatizing dialogue in a carefully choreographed world of make-believe. A world of corporate propaganda designed to promote, not just the brand names of consumer products, but also the way of life and mental attitude that maximises their consumption.

    The fringe lifestyles of violent criminals, drug addicts, sexual perverts, wealthy celebrities and their spoiled brats are now displayed alongside the actor's lies in popular new "reality TV" shows. Extremes that are viewed repeatedly make similar, somewhat less destructive behaviour patterns seem relatively "normal" thereby forming new behavioural norms as consumer society's moral standards degenerate over time. In an increasingly hostile urban environment inhabited by machines the mind retreats into a virtual world of corporate entertainments. Reality fades as audiovisual stimuli are experienced over and over again absorbing the addicted user ever deeper into a media hive mind of fantasy, fiction and lies. Programmed with exactly the same limited perceptions people begin to think, speak, act and dress alike in an artificial world of junk culture and corporate slogans. Events which do not appear repeatedly across the mass media are soon forgotten and lost as matters of little concern leaving consumer society free to "chill", "have fun" and just enjoy themselves in wilful ignorance and mindless denial of the blood, suffering and destruction that feeds their oil-hungry lifestyle.

  5. Yes David, Everybody is saying wonderful you are, That's great, If you can expsoe so much without being killed, it is amazing,
    However David we need you tyto expose the whole E.G.O. Elaborate Gangstalking Operation that exists amongst everyday, You need to expose GANGSTALKING, without delay, We implore you, Look at Brian Harvey who contacted you, All you did is refer him to Richie Allen, Please, you need to expose GANGSTALKING, I know you are reading this.

  6. There's the queen of England and her minions and then there's the 150,000 children aged 0-5 years that go blind every year (WHO) due to preventable Vitamin A and Zinc deficiency. Now if you cannot recognize evil in their flagrant display of obscene wealth there's no hope for you. Stop worshipping wealth! Worship people who deserve your respect.

  7. Thanks for talking about Gnostics. we believe in God in a different way than other normal religions (Catholic, and Christian.) also we do believe in Extraterrestrial contact, we see this beings as Humans like us but without demons inside, and a high consciousness level instead. theay are just like we are, normal human form, not the kind of monsters hollywood want us to think they are. cheers

  8. Since Trumps inauguration there’s been 1500 pedophiles and child traffickers arrests. More are coming. Wait for it.

  9. Ya don't believe 'im? Try and explain this…..

    "Doctors destroy heath,
    lawyers destroy justice,
    universities destroy knowledge,
    governments destroy freedom,
    the major media destroy information,
    and religions destroy spirituality."

    HOLY SH?T…….
    ? ?

  10. Funny how he demeans Christianity yet he insists that satanists run the world.
    There is no satan without God.
    Christianity is the one true reigion..
    This is why in every movie or show that mentions Christians, they are made out to look like loons.

    Stay woke

  11. Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Underpants Dershowitz, Prick Andrew … the list goes on, continually updated. And behind them all, children's lives are destroyed. We need to take child protection very seriously – but no longer take seriously the disgusting people who commit such crimes.

  12. Anyone who speaks the truth they call them crazy ??they wants us to be blind thank you ?? for speaking the truth ??????❤️????

  13. Of course The Ruling Cabal runs the world. You are very brave just like me.We are Warriors of The Light David Icke. Infinite Protection to you and all that are of service to the Light. Infinite Light @ Love to you and your family. <3 <3 <3 of courser this Truth hurts to those that are still asleep. May them all awaken one day.

  14. Proof of Paedophilia ring in Royal Family – video taken by tourist outside Buckingham palace:

  15. David Icke you are certainly a true whisle blower toward the wicked rulers of this world, yes the truth hurts but it will also set us free. Keep up the great work. ?

  16. Resonates all the way thru..thankyou David..you are a voice to be reckoned with and your i dont give a fuck attitude is where we ALL need to be when confronted by the howlers of sleep!..

  17. What he’s not saying is that Jesus is the way out of this. Jesus is the opposite of satanism but lucerfarians (the pope) have infiltrated formal religion.

  18. I watched this video a few years ago and thought David icke was exagerating. Now I can say he was right. Satanists rule the world

  19. So far ahead of the curve. Been a fan of your work for 15 years amazing and terrifying watching so much unfold over the last few years.

  20. He's right, the body is not solid. See Sherry Shriners you tube channel she has evidence showing shape shifters, reptilians, all if it.

  21. DAVID I FOUND ONE OF THE PEDOPHILES!!! Nathaniel is not Peter is. A high level cultist and pedophile.

    Peter J Carroll From the OTO In U.K

    I toldya I was on this. The yellow bricked temple with the people in the basement, I told you about. Find the yellow bricked palace or temple, old building. There are people in the basement that need help.

    For now – here is the info on Peter J Carrol.

  22. just a point of fact : Christianity is not Catholicism. And a relationship with Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior is NOT a religion

  23. Thanks David for all you do – you were right there at the start of my awakening – love to your family on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

  24. I always strive to be the good wolf, but find myself drifting toward the bad wolf from time to time and struggle to pull myself back to be the good wolf again.

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