S. Korea′s political parties suggest differing approaches to N. Korea′s provocat

S. Korea′s political parties suggest differing approaches to N. Korea′s provocat

Now over to how South Korea′s rival parties
reacted to the escalating tensions. They were unified… in their denouncement
of Pyongyang′s military provocations. But,… the parties differed on how to resolve
the crisis. Our Park Ji-won tells us more.
Ruling Saenuri Party leader Kim Moo-sung said prompt and stern punishment was required
to maintain the South′s security and peace. Speaking at an emergency meeting on Friday
morning,.. Kim urged the military to be on full alert,…and stressing the need
for determination. ″We need strong determination to end the
vicious circle of Pyongyang′s provocations. Our security and peace can be guarded when
we respond to them with a stern, ruthless punishment.″
The main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy also denounced Pyongyang,…
but the liberal party put more emphasis on using dialogue to resolve current tensions.
At the party′s general meeting of all its lawmakers on Friday, the party leader Moon
Jae-in urged Seoul to propose unconditional high-level talks with the North Korean regime. ″We need both firm and restrained responses
to prevent further military clashes. We think it is necessary to take the flexible approach
of dialogue to overcome the crisis.″ The party′s lawmakers followed by adopting
a resolution,.. condemning the North′s provocations.
The resolution also urged the South Korean government to closely examine the option of
proposing high-level inter-Korean talks,… citing the letter,.. sent by North Korea′s
Kim Yang-gon,..in charge of Pyongyang′s relations with Seoul,.. to South Korea′s
NSC chief Kim Kwan-jin Thursday afternoon. The letter warned that Pyongyang will take
further military action if South Korea continues to broadcast anti-Pyongyang material across
the border, but also said it is willing to settle the current situation and improve
inter-Korean relations. ″The liberal opposition party says that
Seoul needs to pay attention to the rare letter, which represents possibility for reconciliation,…while
ruling Saenuri Party takes a more cautious approach.
The conservative party says, while it supports inter-Korean dialogue, a meticulous analysis
of the message from the North Korean regime should be conducted first.
Park Ji-won, Arirang News.″

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  1. President Park Geun, if you do not target the head of the snake then you are wasting your time and people's life. Kim does not care about his soldiers deaths. Get the head of the snake, or take what he gives you, and smile.

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