Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot latest news (2019)

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot latest news (2019)

hello everyone I’m yet in another
beautiful park near our house in Milton and I just wanted to talk about the
Northern and Rural immigration pilot there’s been a lot of noise, a lot of hoopla
about this new pilot program so I just thought why don’t I share some basics of
this program with you. It’s a new program which is about to be launched. Earlier
this year the government was choosing some communities which will be
participating in this program, they’re done with the selection process. As a
result, they’ve chosen a few communities as follows and those are North Bay
Ontario, Sudbury Ontario, Timmins Ontario Sault Marie Ontario, Thunder Bay Ontario
Brandon Manitoba, Altona Manitoba, Moose Jaw Saskatchewan,
Claresholm – I hope I’m pronouncing that right – Alberta, Vernon British Columbia,
and West Kootenay British Columbia. So these are the communities that are
participating in this program. So how will this program actually work. The way
this program is designed is the candidates or the applicants need to
find jobs in these communities and once they find those jobs they will apply to
be nominated by these communities. The communities will look at the profile and
see if the candidate is suitable for living in these communities. And then
they will recommend those candidates to IRCC for the federal visa application
process. The most important element or the
bottleneck in this whole process is finding a job in these communities. Now
these are not very densely populated communities. It’s not like Greater
Toronto Area or Vancouver, right. I’m sure some of these names must have been
completely new for you. So these are smaller communities, they need immigrants,
they have jobs for immigrants but you need to find those jobs. The advantage
that you will have through this program over other programs is first of all the
employers in these communities won’t have to go through an LMIA
process. So that’s a big advantage right Anywhere else, other than the Atlantic
provinces, employers usually have to go through the LMIA process or Labor Market
Impact Assessment process, where they have to prove to the Canadian government
that they couldn’t find a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for this
particular job that’s why they had to invite someone from outside of Canada.
With this northern immigration pilot they won’t have to go through this LMIA
process so that’s why it’s very helpful But again since these are some smaller
communities, there will be lesser number of jobs compared to some of the bigger
cities. That will be the main challenge for you to find a job in these
communities. Now this can happen two ways You can either actively search for jobs
and apply for those jobs and then hope to be nominated or these communities can actually search for applicants themselves and then nominate them. I will
put a link of my website in the description where you will find more
information, to the point information, about this program. You’ll find the links
as they become available. You will find the links to employers that are involved
in these in this pilot program. still waiting to get more information
regarding this program but as more information becomes available I will put
that all in this page on my website which I am linking below. Through this
page hopefully you’ll be able to find ways to contact those relevant employers,
look for job opportunities, get the latest information and basically move
forward with your application. As of now, as of today, we’re still waiting to get
more information. Put this page in your favorites bar I’ll
make sure that it stays updated and you get all the information. Also to stay
updated with the latest information subscribe to the channel, click on the
bell icon so you can get notification as soon as I receive more information and
put more content out there about this program, about more relevant programs. If
you like this video give me a thumbs up if you have any questions, feel free to
comment in the comment section below I’ll try my best to reply to your
questions. Oow of course if I get into the nitty gritties of the process, there
are other requirements as well. You need to take a language exam, you need to have
minimum proof of funds, you need to have a certain level of education, basically
all of the basic requirements that you have for all programs. So I’m not going
to waste your time by talking about those. The most important point to
remember is that this program will be available soon. You need a job offer from
one of these communities. More details on how to get this job, how to get in touch
with these communities will be available very soon and I will post all the
details on our website so you can get that information from the website. Thank you very much!


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