RuPaul unleashes Jack Whitehall’s inner queen! | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

RuPaul unleashes Jack Whitehall’s inner queen! | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

LAUGHTER OK. Where do I go? What do I do?
You go there. We’ll have the music. Wait, wait, wait. You’ve got to be
told. And I just walk off? Yeah. It’s after the kids have done
a lip sync for their life, and one girl lip syncs better than
the other to save herself, and the other girl has to sashay away, that’s when I tell
one of…the, uh, the loser… Oh, not loser. LAUGHTER
The one who did not win. LAUGHTER I tell that girl to sashay away. And shall I serve a little
bit of sass as I… Well, no, there’s
a lot of tension at this point because they’re waiting… You will have just
lip-synched for your life and you’re waiting for the verdict,
OK? Right. So, you’re sort of praying inside
that you get to stay. OK. OK, this is the lip… Yep. Nice. Yep. That’s quite a meaty tuck,
by the way. LAUGHTER SCATTERED APPLAUSE Jacky, my dear… HE SIGHS BREATHLESSLY LAUGHTER I’m sorry but… ..this is not your time. Now, sashay away. # Do-do-do-do-do # Do-do-do the run. # APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Oh! Good! Well done, Jacky Balls. Blackballs. CHEERING DROWNS OUT SPEECH Very good. Beautiful. Beautiful.


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  2. Vivat Humanoid King RuPaul from NY LONDON and SAN ANGELES very Cheers from CZECHOSLOWAQUAI my born Place I have for Paul 5 kg Bijoux Pearls from Gablonz an der Neisse.I love you so much, Ru Paul!!! :-))

  3. Did Ru just say “loser” with a capital L. hahaha I bet those freakin’ sashayed queens wanted to slap him 👋
    I thought he was the most politically correct man around?!

  4. I'm laughing because Ru usually has a pun rehearsed for either Queen before one of them sashays away….he definitely drew a blank for a second there LMAOOOO

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