Ruling party, gov’t and presidential office to discuss response to Japan’s trade curbs

Ruling party, gov’t and presidential office to discuss response to Japan’s trade curbs

there’s a meeting scheduled this
afternoon between senior lawmakers from the ruling party and top officials from
the blue house and the government to discuss the next steps in dealing with
Japan’s trade curbs likely on the table will be mid to long term measures that
include legislative and financial support to speed up localization of
parts and materials Tokyo on Friday decided to strip South Korea of
preferential treatment and export procedures on top of the tougher
restrictions on exports of key materials used in the production of computer chips
and displays


  1. It cannot be a solo work, but a strategic game involving many other actors/competitors. Non-Korean, non-"white-list" countries as well as manufactures will never fail to take advantage of this window of opportunity to expand their business and global market shares. Much unlike Korean concerns, the global supply chains will stand still with some newcomers installed and other players (Korea) being sidelined.

  2. Korea chose to exclude itself from the white country. Did not choose to clarify the use of semiconductor materials, was detour export to a third country true? Japan has not banned exports to Korea. Japan only strengthens export control by clarifying the use of semiconductor materials. Korea can be imported with the same import application as other Asian countries. If Korea does not clarify the use of semiconductor materials, it will increase export control products from Japan.

  3. President Moon jae-in said Korea will produce Japanese parts within five years.
    Korea can not develop technology because it makes the craftsmen and workers foolish. >>> So Koreans can not win even one Nobel Prize.

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