Ron Paul: US Gov’t Defaulting on the American People

Ron Paul: US Gov’t Defaulting on the American People

Hello, this is Ron Paul with your weekly update
for July 19th. The debt ceiling debate is providing plenty
of opportunity for political theater in Washington. Proponents of raising the debt ceiling are
throwing around the usual scare tactics and misinformation in order to intimidate opponents
into accepting more debt and taxes. It is important to distinguish the truth from the
propaganda. First of all, politicians need to understand
that without real change default is inevitable. In fact, default happens every day through
monetary policy tricks. Every time the Federal Reserve engages in more quantitative easing
and devalues the dollar, it is defaulting on the American people by eroding their purchasing
power and inflating their savings away. The dollar has lost nearly 50% of its value against
gold since 2008. The Fed claims inflation is 2% or less over the past few years; however
economists who compile alternate data show a 9% inflation rate if calculated more traditionally.
Alarmingly, the administration is talking about changing the methodology of the CPI
calculation yet again to hide the damage of the government’s policies. Changing the CPI
will also enable the government to avoid giving seniors a COLA (cost of living adjustment)
on their social security checks, and raise taxes via the hidden means of “bracket creep.”
This is a default. Just because it is a default on the people and not the banks and foreign
holders of our debt does not mean it doesn’t count. Politicians also need to acknowledge that
our debt is unsustainable. For decades our government has been spending and promising
far more than it collects in taxes. But the problem is not that the people are not taxed
enough. The government has managed to run up $61.6 trillion in unfunded liabilities,
which works out to $528,000 per household. A tax policy that would aim to extract even
half that amount of money from American families would be unimaginably draconian, and not unlike
attempting to squeeze blood from a turnip. This is, unequivocally, a spending problem
brought about by a dramatically inflated view of the proper role of government in a free
society. Perhaps the most abhorrent bit of chicanery
has been the threat that if a deal is not reached to increase the debt by August 2nd,
social security checks may not go out. In reality, the Chief Actuary of Social Security
confirmed last week that current Social Security tax receipts are more than enough to cover
current outlays. The only reason those checks would not go out would be if the administration
decided to spend those designated funds elsewhere. It is very telling that the administration
would rather frighten seniors dependent on social security checks than alarm their big
banking friends, who have already received $5.3 trillion in bailouts, stimulus and quantitative
easing. This instance of trying to blackmail Congress into tax increases by threatening
social security demonstrates how scary it is to be completely dependent on government
promises and why many young people today would jump at the chance to opt out of Social Security
altogether. We are headed for rough economic times either
way, but the longer we put it off, the greater the pain will be when the system implodes.
We need to stop adding more programs and entitlements to the problem. We need to stop expensive
bombing campaigns against people on the other side of the globe and bring our troops home.
We need to stop allowing secretive banking cartels to endlessly enslave us through monetary
policy trickery. And we need to drastically rethink government’s role in our lives so
we can get it out of the way and get back to work. Thanks for calling this update. A new update
is placed on this number, 888-322-1414, every Monday, the written text of which can be found
on my website under the heading “Texas Straight Talk”. Thanks for


  1. Savings worth half as much? What savings? Savings have been gone for years just trying to survive! I am a blue collar guy with almost nothing left to lose. Hurry Ron Paul- not much more time for my household is in serious trouble. You are our only hope.

  2. They say out of sight ……out of mind so lets make sure it is never out of sight going as far as having people at the steps of congressand so we insure it is never out of mind…………..let them think when they look out from the windows of congress "will i get home safe tonight"……….let them feel the fear every American felt when they wear told they might loose there jobs because of the ressesion.

  3. @gotmildew Yeah, he is a good man. But he is ONE man. How could he bear this ALONE? You must help too. Get going.

  4. Our government has been using magical tricks & slight of hand for years to fool us. However, in reality, they are fooling no one but themselves. Ron, you are a good man. I voted for you in 2008 & I will do the same in 2012. One of our biggest problems is returning control of our government back into the hands of it's people. Contrived Wars benefit only the Elite. We have been lied to, manipulated & taxed for our efforts. You may be our last hope for restoring freedom. I trust you! From KY

  5. @coalnut Thanks i did the search and got your point…..but a peacefull march and a peacefull camp is what we should have using none violent means.MLK had the same problem but he had his march we can also have our Ron Paul march with Ron Paul speaking the truth from a loudspeaker. This is not 1917 and today we are more connected than ever,these protests will not be far away and distant. they wll graphic in everyway showing the truth. IF YOU DONT APPLY THE PRESSURE NOW ITS OVER

  6. Chill! People are very comfy in their armchairs, glued to the TV with a bucket of icecream/chicken/pork/beef/popcorn and a canister of coke! They are too fat and too dumb to fight!

  7. even if Ron Paul becomes president it won't matter he will end up like JFK or they will do something nasty and declare martial law

  8. Most of all we need to open factories again and start making our own items again. Ever since the factories and industries left the US America was heading to this point where we are today. Bring the troops home and give them jobs by having the US make its own items again. That and to guard our borders not opium fields or oil in other Countries.

  9. The established powers are crumbling before our very eyes. This is because people like Ron Paul have brought light into dark places. We have rats in the corn and RON PAUL IS THE CAT!!

  10. the problem with these election cycles, I saw it in 2008 and am seeing it again,ppl talked about Ron Paul, then as we eased up to october 2008, they lost thier nerve and went ahead and voted for the shills Obama mostly and mccain a lil bit.We have this asinine notion of a candidate cant win,so I wont vote for him or her.thats how brainwashed peasant slaves think.nothing will ever change if we keep voting in garbage,This country is so far Gone,Im not sure even Ron Paul could help,just my 2 cents

  11. Donate to Ron Paul's Ready, Ames, Fire moneybomb today! Ron Paul will be live today at 6:00PM on readyforames(dot)com

  12. @brettdusek THANK YOU for the info. I wish i could donate. No job here. Mississhitty job market SUX! otherwise i'd gladly donate 10 grand. He is the ONLY TIME PROVEN HONEST leader in american politics taht i have studied since learning about the bs irs creation and allowance of raising the debt limit back in jan 1914

  13. @brettdusek
    I'm sending him a check – per his website the address is: Ron Paul 2012 , Presidential Committee , 845 Plantation Dr, Clute, TX 77531 – ( or donate online via paypal , cc) this will be my first political campaign contribution ever because he is the first candidate who ever inspired me .I would be so proud to have Ron Paul as my President . Even if you can only send $5 , please do it .

  14. @starlight1946 We will have that opportunity in the near future. More average U.S. American people now are feeling the pain of the Federal Reserve`s machinations. This was all planned back in the early days by Operatives of the House of Rothschild. The 'Experiment' has run it`s course. The coming financial collapse is imminent and we are going to have to take charge of our lives and cast the illusions pf mammon into the fire. It is all illusory and born of deception anyway.

  15. The Money Bomb is at $437,569.12 as we speak. Go do your part! Wait no, now it is at $439,557.80. hold on…hold on…$442,022.62. Signing off now because I have to go and wait, what's this $444,730.20! Wow. That thing is moving fast! Don't let it slow down.

  16. its not fat and lazy it caution wisdom loyalty to our nation its a sence of duty to our old ways how i want to live , free and support myself my family and you can throw alot of that away when you go hot.we need to listen look and learn this is real life not extrem ufc fighting .

  17. Think water not war… if everyone installed a hydro converter in their cars (would pay for itself quickly) would cut consumption of oil in half. If some went to total hydro fuel imagine… why fight for what we don't even need, that is crazy. Call it what you want, the government is out of control and we need more Ron Paul's so when they pull a JFK on him we have others willing to take the office for the PEOPLE not against the people.

  18. @coalnut Ron Paul 2012!!!!!

    Woo Hoo! Is there anyone else?

    He is the only hope for the true Patriots who love this country!

  19. @stevie68000 Wow!! That was not racist at all…

    Do you also know that there is one guy out there who is trying to exterminate the Jews through Holocausts and the Roman Empires…that guy is the DEVIL!!!

    So you want to take sides with him go ahead I don't care…I'm not a Jew…

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