Roiled By Trump Politics, NOAA Seeks Accountability, Atonement | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Roiled By Trump Politics, NOAA Seeks Accountability, Atonement | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Trump must be fired immediately for changing science because he screwed up the hurricane forecast. He is stating false science like a dictator. Wilbur Ross should be impeached for stating false weather. Is it not a crime to falsify Weather Americans were told. This crime should also be part of Trump's impeachment inquiry.

  2. Every day, the hilarity just keeps coming. I'm not sure how a musical is gonna work; the story is just too convoluted, with too many plot holes and strange things to cover off. Will definitely have to be a multi-year TV series.

  3. NOOA does a great job.trump never has,never will do anything good. the public knows who the liar is,he lives to lie.with the pending recession its understandable that those threatened,need to save their jobs,atleast stock pile supplies like we all should do.trump has no integerity so he doesnt understand anyone who does.

  4. This is how our Democracy ends. Now their will has been bent, their more likely to continue to do it in the future. This will cause a lot of miss information as well as lives.WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  5. Mikes K…the celebrity journalists make lots of money 💰……they have been educated in liberal arts and journalism mass communication. They are journalists.

  6. Forecast calls for mostly stupid with a low percentage of integrity. Back to our Trump Weather Watch following these messages from Depends Undergarments.

  7. I see Rachel maddow is losing viewers faster then you can say Fake News and being sued. About time!! How can you even listen to her lies?

  8. there you go…another small government republican creating another massive government program NOAA…..kinda like TSA…must have been money in it for some rich guys, like the builders of body scanners, etc.?

  9. It didn't save Trump face. It made him look like the thin-skinned toddler he is. He grossly embarrassed himself and NOAA. He's a spoiled child that is dismantling the integrity of every department of the government. At least the head of the weather service has balls, the res† of Trump's government are a bunch of castrated cowards.

  10. Another fake news outlet being sued for 10 million $ for flat-out lying. The dumb just keep getting more dumb and more desperate. 🤣😂🤣😂Enemy of Morality!!!

  11. It must be quite embarrassing when the CIA publicly humiliates your pho-news network with a statement that your “bombshell story” is totally false. Over and over again.

  12. When is Rachel going to stop wearing black low cut dresses. Is it the same one for the last 8 years? Maddow ratings slip again last month , loss of 800,000 viewers. Trump bad, Obama good… same all the time. Tomorrow same thing again.

  13. If broadcasting false weather reports is indeed a crime,
    that should mean Wilbert is complicit and possibly
    a conspirator in the furtherance of the crime.
    Certainly he is aiding and abetting the criminal.

  14. It would have been much easier to state the very low I.Q. Trump did not understand a 5 day old forecast no longer applied to the current situation. Old Dirty Donald was confusticated as usual. Trump's triple bogey is par for the course.

  15. NOAA should've called him on it and let the orange menace fire them all. The next president needs to clean house and put in real scientists and put the agency in the dept of the interior.

  16. uh…. isn't blackmail illegal? and why do these guys do the coward thing and 'just go along' – blow the whistle – be a hero!

  17. Rachel Maddow has her network getting sued for going on national TV and lying, saying OAN is a propagandist tool for Russia,without having no proof as evidence,that such is true. You would think she would stop lying,after over two years of lies,that Trump is a top secret double agent for Putin. But no,no shes now lying on a news out because people are leaving MSNBC to watch OAN. Rachel Maddow will end up being fired for poor ratings. People dont like all the lying,manipulative biased reporting.

  18. If this isn't evidence of how our government has completely failed us and the level of corruption that now maintains the administration then I don't know what is less they start executing people in the street like the Nazis

  19. All this because our toddler in chief can't admit he has ever been wrong and will try and change facts to suit his own reality.

  20. PS.  I had to rewind the standing ovation given to the employees of the weather service 4 times.  It gives me hope to see the good people of Alabama standing up for the people that do the right thing.  Should be front-page news in this day and age of the proliferation of misinformation.

  21. In other words, America has a history of hiring crooks and people of questionable character to the "most powerful" job in the land

  22. True leaders lead and do not have to bully, only weak individual need to bully others and bend them to their will. This could put individuals in dangers. This is pathetic to say the least.

  23. More waisted money to investigate this incompetent imbecile' ignorance, ethics (lack of it), egotism, decency and humanity.
    How much will this cost the American taxpayers?

  24. You know your President is a stupid f**k when he repeats the same lie over and over AFTER he was proven wrong by science and reality.

  25. Thats Alabama! 75% of those fools ,same as it ever was ,voted for and turned a blind eye to the B.S. lies and traitorous actions of donald T. RUMP.

  26. Can't say that NOAA doesn't belong in the interior, but you also have to admit that the weather does effect commerce as well. Just as all the businesses that close down for in the winter during blizzards, or hotels that fill up with hurricane evacuees.

  27. You know things at all levels are likened to a Train. running of the tracks…swiftly. the greater..catastrophic….happen but this trained train is trained to total blindness…Them in this time…knowing death is coming…..thru catastrophic. Events …which is happening as I type…… think we are a sitting DUCKS…..??????from other countries….
    Yes yes the tickets you get to the next scene…..of truly nothing from the Actors..leading to slaughter….for who's watching to warn the people of this country?????it's implosion, from within… opinion😉

  28. Well I'll be! If I haven't just witnessed a room full of mostly white, middle-aged males from the deep south rabbling up against our God-given President Trump! How can this be? Oh yes, of course, they aren't your proper honest-to-goodness good ol' boys at all. They belong to that nerdy un-American science-educated elite: that explains it! Betcha not one of them fellers knows what it's like to drive the pickup to the gun range after church on Sunday, strains of Waylon and Merle filling the cabin, for a nice bit of target practice with the boys from the militia group. Lord, what would become of America if the things people like that have to say ever got taken seriously!

  29. my god does Rachel put anything else besides Trump, she/he is obsessed with Trump. its funny to see her enthusiast when talking about TRUMP

  30. Yes, that was pure cowardice by the organizations leadership. They undermined themselves and the science that their profession is founded upon

  31. Trump, “It’s easy to work for me, I MAKE ALL THE DECISION”. We all now know for certain the it’s a Dictatorship in the White House. America, what the f…k are you going to do about this madman?

  32. One more federal law broken by Trump. Add that to the many over the years. Next time Trump wants to talk weather, I'm turning the TV off and not bothering to check with Trump's tweets. Trump can stick his weather report where the sun doesn't shine.

  33. This administration are all nuts, Ross should taken out of his positions. Hurray to the weather bureau .lies more lies, what else is new with this administration?

  34. Enraged & stifled with torment
    He threw his right Arm to the north

    His left Arm to the south

    Shooting out in anguish deep,

    And his Feet stampd the nether Abyss

    In trembling & howling & dismay.

    And a seventh Age passed over:

    And a state of dismal woe.

    Tomorrow mostly sunny.

  35. The political structure in the government needs to be changed. Politicians are overriding the experts in the matters that are important to all Americans specially when it comes to weather, make all these organizations and agencies independent from political pressures to insure that public trust is not violated and to make sure public safety is the number one priority and mission of the government, maybe we need to make another branch of government controlled by the experts in all pertinent matters and not politicians at the WH that don't know if is raining outside or not!

  36. Trump’s snafu had the potential to make some residents waste resources, preparing for a storm that had been too far East to alert Alabamans of safety and precautionary measures at all! This is the reason why he claims mastery in any science or conflict resolution globally. Because no one defends their credentials by not even a preliminary challenge issued to him on the merits.

  37. Rachel Maddow:
    1-Open lesbian.
    2-Lives with a woman.
    3- Did not read Leviticus 18:22.
    4-MSNBC fake news "masculine " Anchor .
    5- She enjoys lying to the low IQ people watching her fake news show.

  38. Mad Cow Maddow's reporting is garbage, yet she is the best MSNBC can come up with given their reporting is sewer grade material. The lunacy on the left is the reason I no longer vote Democrat.

  39. MSNBC is as partisan as FOX. They're both eye-rolling at times..we all bring our biases to the table, but the smarter ones hide it a bit more.

  40. This is interesting in the ethical sense of job loss do with a demand from Trump; if Trump does not get what he wants someone or many get fired. Remember how many times Republicans ranted that the government should be run like a business, here it is the Trump Reality Show, even if the business has to do the wrong thing, go backstage and check the girlie inventory, to save the boss. Or that business person will [Trump] will shut down that part of the business [government], perhaps cut funding to reduce staff that is not loyal to him the MBA boss [Trump]. This is proof positive in a basic element of safety for the citizen in the irresponsible exercise of power–very impeachable. This episode must be documented investigated added to the laundry list of Trump's 'ooky do' list to get him out of there. In the famous words of business of the Congress "get on it".

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