Robert de Niro’s ‘Fuck Trump’ speech at Tony awards

Robert de Niro’s ‘Fuck Trump’ speech at Tony awards

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen,
Robert de Niro. [Applause] I’m going to say one thing:
fuck Trump. [Cheers/applause] It’s no longer ‘down with Trump’,
it’s ‘fuck Trump’. [Cheers/applause]


  1. Read more about Donald Trump's biggest fan right here ►

  2. All bought and paid for by corrupt Hillary and her dirty Dems. And De Niro you suck Hillary's big fat ? U ? sucker! Ay! forget about it! Ohhhh!

  3. awesome! an alpha male with balls (DeNiro) telling it like it is about a beta male pansy failure (Trump)

  4. This is such a disgrace and absolutely disgusting. You do NOT bash the Greatest President in US History, and alienate people at the same time… you just don’t. Such a disgrace Deniro is. I once had respect for this man… congrats on losing a fan

  5. And this is EXACTLY why disconnected television service to my home, and why I have not watched a television broadcast in my home in over 2 years. Electrical current has not flowed through the circuitry of my HDTV set that entire time…and I DO NOT miss it for one second. I will eventually repurpose my HDTV to be used solely as a monitor for closed circuit security cameras.

  6. Those words shouldn't be said as respect for one another. But these are desperate times in which language like this sends a message. Politeness, respect are put aside. Mr. Deniro is very respectful man and would never do this if it wasn't absolutely needed to be said.

  7. So we are supposed to lend credibility to actors who are notorious for being adulturous, perverted, foul mouthed, drug addicted, narccassistic assholes?

  8. Did he have anything bad to say about friend and business partner famed sexual predator Harvey Weinstein? They own a place that was Harv's chamber of horrors.

  9. I'm a fan of so many of his movies and undoubtedly one of the greatest actors of all time but honestly? This is the greatest thing he's ever done.???

  10. What diya know. Apparently, Di Niro's cheesy character in cheesy Mean Streets turns out to be "big di" himself.

  11. I'm vehemently anti-Trump – but this was embarrassing.

    It lacked any sort of intelligence, articulation or policy-driven criticism.

    It is just the antithesis of the whipped up hate that Trump himself spews.

  12. Robert De Niro and everybody who cheered to his insult of a President must be hanged by the balls . What a fricken assholes !!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is not a free speech issue . This is a criminal issue .

  13. Wow…What a great thing to do…Really constructive. And yet so insightful thing to say and really comprehensive… Explaning the situation and to understand WHY Trump is there in the first place…. Great job de Niro…Congratulations….What a landmark….

  14. Unfortunately tramp is president of USA and in USA have democracy and reboublicanosity xaxa poor American people

  15. ?? what a mutt, got famous for pretending to be a gangster and playing low lives?? Meanwhile your president is changing the world.

  16. Bobby tell everybody why you never talk about your father..tell every one wut happened when you found out your father was gay

  17. I'm honestly so sad that an event that celebrates my favorite form of art needs to be so grossly politicized..

  18. Robert de Niro is not that much of a talker in his private life. So when he does say something it makes more impact. I wish I was better at keeping my mouth shut 🙂

  19. The rock hard man fists in the air scared me along with his well though out statement! Shame on you Conway

  20. Ppl should have listened. Now trump will murder the middle and working class. The problem is these ppl won’t be affected one bit

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