Rigged Economy | Bernie Sanders

Rigged Economy | Bernie Sanders

“People are sick and tired of establishment
politics and they want real change.” Bernie Sanders. Husband. Father. Grandfather. He’s taking on Wall Street and a corrupt political
system that keeps in place a rigged economy. Bernie’s campaign is funded by over a million
contributions — people like you who see the middle class disappearing and want a future
to believe in.


  1. The corporate media thinks Bernie and his people are done. Let's prove them wrong. Donate a bit of money to his official website, but more importantly, tell every single person you know about Bernie's track record and how his policies would benefit them. It is up to us.

  2. Get involved, get to the primaries in your town, city or state.

    Get voting and help others to vote to, help friends, family and even strangers to register there votes, stop the voter suppression.
    Your words and actions mean much more than all the billions the establishment will spend to rig the election.

  3. Check this out, everyone:



  4. forgive me Bernie!!! here is an extraordinary and powerful video that shows where Bernie and Hillary have been on the issues over the past few decades in their own words. I know it's not Bernie's way to show so directly what he's offered that Hillary has not, but, my two cents, people need to know if we are going make the best choice this election! this is no knock on Hillary Clinton, after all, how many people in politics today would you consider a good choice to be President?

    just search for "Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton Over The Years" right here on YouTube. I'd of given you the link but last week, YouTube stopped allowing me to post links in my comments for some reason : / (YouTube, it would be nice if you emailed me why… you have my email address).

  5. Dont get me wrong. I like what Bernie has to say but he never really explains how he is going to put his ideology into actions.

  6. Campaign staff- this video autoplays into a rather dry policy discussion at Brookings from February… take a look at your autoplaying playlist and keep interesting stuff at the top!

  7. I just wish that after "a million contributions," the narrator would have said "more than any other candidate in United States history." That's the kind of stuff that would get the attention of regular people. Nevertheless, great ad….

  8. Bernie Sanders should use Germany and not Denmark as an example to show. Germany is the 4-5 biggest economy in this world and is posting record budget surplus while having a very strong welfare state. They come out of two devastating world war and a reunification in the nineties and yet they are striving. They are also pioneers in renewable energy and are in the top ten of paid vacation in the world. Denmark is too easy as it is easy to discredit because it is only 6 million people with vast amount of natural resources.

  9. Please share this ad very widely and often, both to spread awareness and to save the campaign money.

    For more ideas of how to help:

    For Bernie's position of the issues:

    Share these web sites, too (before it's too late)!

  10. He's gonna win this election after this next debate now that people are aware of who he is, this is going to be an exciting weekend. Good luck trying to lie out of this one again corporate media.

  11. Bernie! Socialism is not for America! For Lying etc., Hillary is going on a long vacation to Women’s Federal Prison Camp in Alderson, W. Va., 100 times, Martha Stewart’s vacation.

  12. Socialist Bernie Sanders! Remember Socialism leaders like Mao Zedong, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, 0’Vomit, and Old Hildabeast! Bernie! Not in my Country! Not now! Not ever! Built a wall! Use E-Verify! Deport all Illegal Invaders (most will leave voluntarily)!

  13. Watching this ad, I am in tears. I am a 65 year old woman who used to very much want H. Clinton to be president. It matters SO MUCH to not have a rigged economy and a "democracy" bought out by billionaires. Thanks, Senator Sanders.

  14. I think it's great that Bernie's running ads now, but I feel like he's airing them in the wrong place. He already has overwhelming support in NH and Iowa (recent polls saying Clinton has retaken the lead are mildly likely to be rigged and/or inaccurate), but he's in trouble when it comes to the African American vote in South Carolina.

    He needs to air ads in SC detailing his civil rights record and what he can do for African Americans and other minorities (speaking as a Latino here), so that he begin taking the black and minority vote from Clinton by campaigning harder in the region. If he can't do that, it's unlikely he'll win the nomination.

  15. Over 40 million dollars in small donations this month! Super Tuesday voters, please don't let us down!

  16. Please go third party Bernie. The people support you 1000% and you'll beat Chump-easily. Go to the convention and don't take crap from anyone. Come on Wikileaks!!

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