Richard Wolff: “Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism” | Talks at Google

Richard Wolff: “Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism” | Talks at Google


  1. My college economics teacher informed us he was required to teach this class, read from a textbook, and was basically a semester of hell which convinced me for many years that economics was something I wasn't at all interested in intellectually. Why did you have to bring that traumatic memory back to me right off the bat 😛

  2. Dear Prof. Wolff, Would you please consider discussing Jacques Fresco's Resource-based economy please? We now fully understand that monitory based economy will never resolve the social problems associated with inequality of wealth distribution, ever.

  3. What a load of hot sticking communist bullllshit?! He should of changed his major to Professor of Communism instead of economics.

  4. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ulbricht, Pol Pot, Caucescu, Gottwald, Castro, were all mass murderers, responsible for the murder of 150 million people and counting. (See Black Book of Communism) To steal the income and property of workers and to enslave workers behind barbed wire forcing workers to forced labor for the communist bosses with wages $20 per month, communist bosses had to murder opponents. So they did. All communists have a common characteristic. They are allergic to work, and being the bandits they are, they invented the criminal communist ideology to live like kings without work, enslaving workers behind barbed wire in the worst form of slavery known to men.

  5. When Wolff hires a cab driver to take him to dinner, the cab driver should eat Wolff's dinner. Why not? That is what Wolff advocates. You hire employees and the employees turn on you to steal the factories you own and you paid for. That is communism, that is what Wolff wants. Of course, you have to murder the factory owner, who will not go along with the banditry. And that is what communists always do, -steal everything from everybody and murder everybody who oppose the communist bandits. Workers in communism are slaves kept behind barbed wire forced to work for the communist bosses, who pay workers starvation wages of $20 per month. Only capitalism gives workers wealth, high wages and freedom.

  6. Communist China pays communist agitators in America $millions to disseminate communist propaganda and to destroy the prosperity of American workers, to make everybody poor and unable to compete with China. China itself embraced capitalism in the economy 30 years ago and that is the only reason why China's economy grew more than 30 times. Only capitalism produces quality goods that workers have the money to buy. Communism destroys individual motivation to work and that is why the economy is destroyed and everybody is poor, except the communist bandits, who live like kings without work.

  7. All workers having a vote in a business need to have put in an equal share to start that particular business up or bought in later for a fair amount. If one man finances a company, risking his OWN money, he is entitled to take ALL the profits. If he needs finance and sells part of his company, then those who invest get a pro-rata share of the profits.

    If you think I would put my money and expertise up just for a bunch of navvies to tell me how to run the place and decide what happens to MY profits, then I'll shut the place down and take ALL the money whilst putting the whole workforce on the dole. If you say that the workforce could just quit and leave me with no business, then you are as dumb as a box of rocks, because for every worker who leaves because he wants a share of something he's not paid for, there are a thousand happy to take his place for a fair wage.

    If you don't like working for someone then start your own business. If you want a workers' coop then get a load of you to put your money together and start your own business or buy one out. If some outsider wants a job but you want to keep the coop, then let him buy a worker out; or, if there is a spare job going then SELL it to someonem don't give it away. If you do it all that way then fine, enjoy your Marxism. However, when a man (or men) OWN a business, you can't be telling them how to run it or what they should do with the profits. No one forces you to work for a capitalist company; many people work for themselves, even in one or two men businesses.

    Capitalism is fine, the problems lie with crooked governments and – the biggest evil on the planet – CENTRAL BANKS!

  8. Capitalism has raised billions of people from poverty… no other system comes close… "where else are all of the poor people fat"… look at the big picture folks…

  9. I wonder if he was paid for this talk out of the audience pockets on how much they wanted to give him as long as it wasnt 8 times what the lowest paid person there is paid

  10. If a Democramp doesn't win in 2020, or not at all, for the rest of America's rather historically short-lived democratic experiment, and trump is still president, expect Puerto Rico to become part of China, as will Cuba and Guam and the rest of the US territories, and trump will hardly blink. Then China takes Florida, when China promises to stem global warming sea level rises, which affects even trump living conditions, so Trump says nothing. Can you guess what will happen then? And all without a single shot fired. However, I wouldn't envy the asylum seekers who ended up in concentration camps, transported by a newly revived bullet train system between the camps to hide that they are not commuter trains, but trains to the work and death camps–it is every Reptilian's dream to have slaves that reduce their labor costs to almost nothing.

  11. If I ever want answers are how the world economy works and all different methods that were developed in time and finding the best and the worst to the best thing I turned to professor Richard WolfF because he has a way higher education then Donald Trump has because Donald Trump is just out for Donald Trump that is scammong the American taxpayers for his benefit and that does and how about America it will destroy it ! Because past history has proven it .

  12. Capitalism is slavery modernized, serfs have become proletariat class producing for the elites. Capitalism steals the surplus value from the society and concentrates wealth into small upper class hands.

  13. Hey…..look what Google is plugging: A communist, who would hve known, lol.
    The Solution to Capitalism (Banking gone wild) is NO USURY, NOT Communism. Communism centralization in the State of the Bankster monopolies. Interest-free economics decentralizes wealth to the people who produce, instead suck blood with unearned income, aka parasitism Usury, speculation, Landlordism.

  14. Everything he said here is no more than any 8 year old human being should already know. And would have known, had the educational system not been killed at the end of World War 2.0.

  15. Dr. Wolff: Did you happen to mention any of the glorious deeds of your Marxist; Sickos & Butchers:
    1. Marxists operated 450 Concentration Camps in Siberia and murdered 100 000 000 Christians.
    2. Marxists murdered 28 000 000 Russian Christians
    3. Marxists murdered 24 000 000 German Christians
    4. Marxists murdered 6 000 000 Ukrainians (by starving them to death)
    5. Marxists murdered 4 000 000 Polish Christians
    6. Marxists murdered 4 000 000 Hungarian Christians
    7. Marxists murdered 3 000 000 Croatian Christians and Muslims (after WWII they dug 1700+ mass graves in Croatia & Bosnia; where 99% of my Family perished, or 150 of them. In Bleiburg alone Marxists killed 500 000 Croatians)
    8. Do you advocate that we follow Marxist Sadistic Homosexual & mass murderer; Vladimir Ylych Lenin?
    9. Do you advocate that we follow Marxist Predatory Homosexual & mass murderer; Joseph Stalin?
    10 In all Countries above, Marxist economies were catastrophic failures!
    Besides US Constitution and Jesus Christ, I do not need any other doctrine.
    Truth will set you free. Are you free? Why do you need subversive doctrine with such a horrible track record?

  16. The undercut of this, of course, is the ownership of land rights for everyone. The earth provides us with land for free, and it is vital to our security and our survival. Without an equal right to a share of land man becomes flotsam on the sea of life with so few resources necessary to his or her life, liberty, and happiness that it virtually means a death sentence of a greatly shortened life span.

    How did we let our employees that work in government decide that 30% of our landscape was theirs to rule, and that they have first rights to our homes via the vehicle of taxation? And who decided that we all must pay for the use of land with the final status of tenants of the government, even when that land is paid for in full? That is the LEAST valuable system of security and property rights that could be imagined yet we go on paying our staff to dictate to us the terms of our very existence!

    Everyone has a natural right, and a human right to a free and fair share of the land so we can be self sustaining. With that platform of security beneath us we can dictate to the oligarchs and our government employees OUR terms and what we are willing to take as pay to help them with their production or, in the case of staff, to pay for their services. Free Land = Free People. Let's at least make that rule for each other.

  17. These are the ideas to remember- after the total collapse (Including the wrongly named, and privately owned "Federal" Reserve). Such things as freedom and equality would never be allowed in America otherwise.

  18. The US government in the great depression introduced all sorts of controls on the economy. This is why it didn't bounce back like the recession in 1920. Keynesianism was abandoned because it didn't have a full answer and often just led to governments trying to spend there way out of recession. Look at all the money spent on stimulus and it hasn't done anything permanent. This is because it is artificial and even signals to the market to not take on too much risk. One of the biggest problems compared to actual capital is there is no return for the government's investment at least one that actually creates wealth. Compared to it coming from the market where investors usually make some money that can be invested somewhere else. And word of mouth amongst people attracts capital. Something like that has momentum and snowballs

  19. Thank you Mr Wolf
    I am a man in my mid fifty’s ..
    Running a small company in 2 different countries
    1 capitalist
    1 communist
    Now the Elephant in the Room is unmentioned , ignored , feared and misunderstood .
    Why ?
    As the preeminent emerging power this century , this communist country must have been your standard by which this discussion should have been set against .
    It is obvious . Or not ?
    Please answer why ?

  20. Same thing happened in the socialist countries like the Soviet Union and the others. A Little group decides what to do with the profit generated by the working class. Then, what do we substitute the non-democratic capitalism with? I am afraid we will have to ¨design¨ a third system. non-existing so far … We have nothing to replace capitalism with … After 70 years the socialist system collapsed in Europe, they decided it doesn´t work, they cannot keep pace with the capitalist world. Then what … ?!

  21. Mr Wolff confirms what I’ve been thinking for years.Everything he says makes sense but the great unwashed is so dumbed down they no longer think for themselves.

  22. I’m sure google would love paying their janitors and window washers 1/8 th of their ceo salary 😂😂😂 30 mil a year to wash windows and take out garbage.

  23. Yes, sounds like a warm voiced snake with hypnotic eyes. He could be suggesting anything to you, to the audience and they will just take it in. Anyone, including me now can be a commentator. It is easy. An econonmist is a commentator just like at the horse races, or a fashion show or a town fair; calling up the people to buy this or that. Life is challenging people, and yes overburdening the people with immoveable corporations and government needs correction: but that temporary state of affairs is part of a Marxist state not a free state. What you cry; I am a fool? No, look at the true state of your affairs. Decisions you are not a part of, military action without consent; the list is endless. And these are part of a program that has been Marxist from the outset; merely clothes and badged as otherwise; perhaps 'Capitalist'.
    To get caught in ideolegy is the flaw. Think and act for yoursefl and for the betterment of those around you and everything comes into a moving balance. Forget these educated and foolish men who are selling a doctrine.

  24. For 100 years, wherever we’ve had communism, there have been gulags or their related forms. Crazy bipolar roommate who can leave my ass to the elements vs murderous tyrannical sadist who will assign me to a dungeon, hard labor and then kill me from starvation, because of a thought crime. Which roommate do I pick, if only these two characters is all there is…?

  25. This "expert" and all his "expertise" spoke admiringly of Keynes, a KNOWN pedophile and libertine. It's important that you all know this. It is FACT.

    Why would anyone listen to the ramblings of a statist who hates the private sector? It is ONLY the private sector that provides actual, organic jobs. The only other alternative to the private sector is the government sector, and we already know how bloated, inefficient, destructive, wasteful, deceitful and evil it is in every sense. The only thing it does better than anyone else is destroy. We are broke. We are broke because of central banking…and evil entity that has sucked dry the workers through the devaluation of their currencies around the world. The Great Depression was the result of GOVERNMENT meddling, NOT the private sector. FDR made things WORSE. Do your own research. Economist, medical doctor and former US House Representative, Ron Paul, as well as ALL advocates of FREE markets, will agree with everything I'm saying here. Stop listening to communist sympathizers like this college clown. Colleges are the last bastion of communist ideology. Look at the snowflake culture it has created. Remember that central banking is the 5th tenet of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. It is NOT a "capitalist" ideal at all…it is COMMUNIST. Therefore, since 1913, the value of our once-powerful currency was destroyed by the garbage at Federal Reserve who are neither "federal" nor have ANYTHING in "reserve". They are actually a PRIVATE consortium of 12 private banks who force their worthless currency on the world backed by nothing more than military force where once it was at least backed by gold and silver. Even the U.S. Constitution said specifically that gold and silver were to be the money of our economy, yet the filth made sure to impose the real-life version of the "game" Monopoly on everyone else…right down to saying you can write new fake money with new "values" by hand if you "run out" of the factory-printed stuff. The elites laugh at you because you REMAIN ignorant after listening to these communist clowns. Communism is a cancer that never dies. The only way to survive it is to warn new generations of its deceptively evil initial appeal and show them examples of what it did to innocent people every…single…time.

  26. Pity that most so-called philosophers only think in terms of the material systems and do not think about human nature at all. They do not think in terms of human qualities and flaws.
    The inclination of humans to dominate others, the wish to control others in unjust ways to keep in power, and use whatever the financial system allows them to do to feed their greed and a wish for even greater power and control. Crime and injustice follow.
    The capitalist system has produced the super rich and powerful global corporations who do as they please and support a future system with their billions to keep the rich in power and produce a poorer middle class and the poor to become even poorer. This is a secret control of the people while the plebs think they are free.
    Communism has produced the same result: a few oligarchs on top and state officials which grab power (CCP and Putin and oligarch friends are a good example) and money for themselves and in an openly authoritarian way eventually control the masses. Even the neo-communism with capitalist tendencies (china) and perestroika (russia) has not brought equality but a super elite with the masses fed nationalism to keep them happy. The original revolutions to bring in communism killed millions of people in all countries it was introduced into (100 million in China and Russia alone) by hunger and "re-education". Argentina is a good example.
    Communism does not truly allow for freedom of thought and religion of the individual. Russia at present does not allow religion except state religion and China is in the process if destroying all religion but allows only the religion of the state. Individual thought is stamped out.
    In the workplace there are situations which arise that needs an expert to decide. Unfortunately democracy is not always the solution. Why? Democracy is majority rule. If the majority is uninformed (masses and collective thinking is always open to manipulation and propaganda) it can lead to disaster. In a large corporation this could pit colleagues against another. This can produce success as mentioned- Spanish example. The material outcome sounds good but individual happiness may be affected. If a group do not like a person, injustice may ensue. Mass injustice can prevail and the silencing of the individual. I worked in a company where a black majority brought great injustice to a white minority. I survived my tenure by keeping my opinions to myself but I was not happy. The undercurrent in the company allowed the popular people but not the most efficient ones to rise to the top. I saw a lot of favouritism.
    People tend to vote /decide according to preferences and not for the best worker/merit. I guess this form of company democracy can work in a homogenous society/company where values are the same or a high level of education provided.
    I believe that all human systems are subject to injustice because humans are selfish and look after their own interests. I am skeptical.

  27. Every election all they do is talk about robbing peter to pay paul. They all look like they're running around with their heads cut off. No the system is broken.

  28. I don't think anybody that supports free market capitalism would argue that co-ops such as the one he details from Spain should be discouraged. More power to them if they want to participate in a more democratic process of decision making in business. But touting such a coop is more of an argument for capitalism than anything because workers in control of their labor made free choices to join such the coop, and succeeded in the competitive marketplace! That is the essence of capitalism. People have the right to sell their labor, start businesses, and succeed if they can offer goods and services to others at a competitive price and quality.

  29. Carl marx was a communist. 1929, 2008 and others did not happen because of capitalism it was intentionally done by the bankers. Equality is an illusion and a tool used to take your liberties, freedoms and rights away.

  30. The problem is not with Capitalism it is with The Fractional Reserve Banking and Lending System. Silver is the only currency that holds its value, not Fiat paper. Inflation continues at a fairly steady rate keeping you working year after year, do you know why Inflation is at a steady rate year after year? Becuase of the constant printing of this rotting vegetable matter a.k.a. Fiat Paper or digital credit whatever you want to call it as paper only equals 3% of the currency what matters is the word inflation which is to inflate and that is exactly what happens every year at THE treasury to continue more than what the population needs, this has been proven by the original colonists to the USA using Colonial Scrip and only printing what they needed, the real reason for the War of Independence. It gets worse but it would take several more paragraphs to explain the problem.

  31. I don't know how many people are aware, but joint decision-making in a company, shop, factory, etc., existed in my former state, Yugoslavia, from 1950s to 1989. Yugoslavia was the only socialist state in Europe that was not in the Eastern, Soviet bloc ..Even some secret documents have been found, saying that in the event of a war between NATO and the then Warsaw Pact, Yugoslavia would be on NATO's side. However, that is another story..Yugoslavia was a state whose system was called by many a mixture of socialism and capitalism..This shared decision-making of all employees in the former Yugoslavia was called socialist self-government, or abbreviated – self-government..This concept is not new.. P.S Spain was truly devastated in the Civil War, 1930s. However, that is why it was neutral during World War II, and not, as stated here, that it also participated in World War II. Hitler tried to persuade the fascist dictator of Spain, Franco, to get into the war, however, he failed.

  32. So the system is not democratic* because democracy does not dictate ALL decisions for all human affairs.

    If you put that strict definition to democracy, then private property or any other individual freedom cannot co-exist with this ’democracy’.
    * representative democracy ie. parliamentarism is a form of oligarchy, rule of the few. Only democracy is democracy, direct rule by the people.

  33. Funny he never mentions one word about the dead short across the global economies that is sucking the life out of th every man woman and child on earth – the scumbag central bankers….. What a joke.

  34. Not true that "the economy collapsed in 2008'. The only thing that collapsed was the housing segment of the economy when millions of people who never should have been allowed to borrow mortgage money, all defaulted on their home loans. That resulted in serious unemployment for a period of time, but soon began to recover.

  35. Fundamental flaw in his speach, "capitalism isn't very old". Liar liar. Slavery was capitalist, capitalism is a system of slavery. Slavery is a system of disconnected control. In the days of slavery they would condition slaves to drive other slaves. We are so disconnected from what slavery is we can't see slavery let alone the controller.

  36. If you were an oligarch who would you give your power and money to. ? Henry Ford could have given all his wealth away at some stage That would have been the end of everything we know as Ford Prof Wolfe is simplistic Why doesn't Communism work? partly because lawyers find loopholes to get round the regulations set up to avoid crashes

  37. Domestic Regime Change: CIA Officer Attempts to Take Down President Trump

    If the president comes out on TV and said that there's a coup coming up I'll just say ''Fake News'

    The Collapse of the American Empire?

    The rooster has come home to roost……

  38. So why so things keep getting worse? Banks and the creation of the money supply. Those in
    control will always be the few who make money from nothing (Federal Reserve-=not federal and private —–not the Treasury. If you can control the money supply and interest rates no system
    or co-op will ever mean much. Money must be produced by the gov., not by private banks.
    We never study money in school. Who knew it could be just produced at the Fed —
    not by our own gov. It makes almost everyone a slave. It gives everything to some 60
    families and banks ——–that insanity needs to be known –by ALL.

  39. Jobs are stepping stones not careers. The failures came from banks which are never to be trusted anyways cus their not as capitalist as most people think.

  40. Wolff thinks it's unfair that the people who provided (gambled) their savings to start up the business get to make all the decisions about how the business will be managed. He thinks the people who have no 'skin in the game' should also have a say in the managing. Why don't those people set up their own business?

  41. Summary: Capitalism is bad and has failed and all systems fail but democratized capitalism is the perfect solution however never discusses the obviously pitfalls. People are not equal in ability and desire. Equality of outcomes leads to millions dead everytime.

  42. i watched an interesting video about the classical world. in Athens you had a total participatory democracy. meaning everyone took turns being the boss in various areas. so when Socrates was a judge he could be more lenient. when someone else was judge you might get a harsher sentence. they also had ostracism. everyone in the community would vote on who should be banished from Athens. no appeal. the trouble with just anyone and everyone being a boss is the ones who are incompetent or lazy. i guess they could be ostracised. this was the system made Socrates take poison.

  43. democracy never work rich demons over everything a group of white collar criminals as leaders. democracy = demons.

  44. why start a system which fail everytime it was started it started in greece and greece collaspe in rome and rome collaspe and list goes on and on boy people throughout history so damn stupid history repeat itself people dont think they turn into dumbass robots repeating same dumb chess moves over and over and over again just ridiculous

  45. One person .. one vote…. right!!!!.. So the dude working his arse off.. building up his own company gets one vote.. the same as the dude smoking grass and playing on his ps4 all day whilst living off government welfare. Hows one vote per head fair?

  46. I can understand making it equality of opportunity…. but there can never be equality of outcome. For example.. say two guys…. same opportunity but.. hard working smart jew boy works 16 hours a day , 7 days a week .. takes a few risks in starting his own could lose everything .. compared to Billy "the bong" who smokes cones all day… moves from the bed to couch to fridge to dealer most days…gets government handouts.. How is equality of outcome fair.. Why should Jew Boy "carry" the bong?

  47. Whos taking the risk when you are offered 20$? What happens if the company goes belly up… who took all the risks… |o|.. and you want to leave me no profit and get paid it all? |o|… Start your own company then… all you have to do.. at no risk.. is just turn up and get 20 a hour.. how blue pill this video is… Don't like the rules .. want the company to be a democracy? …No problem .. start your own and do it.. no one is stopping you… whether you can compete.. well that a different story.. the red pill will be forced down your throat by the facts of life

  48. All you have to do to make the system fairer is.. reduce the amount you can past down to your kids..death taxes… so everyone has to make it on their own.. one can never make the game fair.. but one can make it alot fairer…

  49. What if the "massive profits" were distributed among the employees too at the end of every quarter, and unionize private corporations. As in an internal employees union.

  50. With all due respect, I think he is vastly underestimating the stupidity of groups of people when it comes to making collective decisions. His primary assumption is based on the idea that vote from each individual is equally valid (as mentioned by another comment), but it is not hard to see how easily large groups of people can be manipulated. I agree that there are certain things that co-op economic structure would fix but if you consider the effects of development of the internet and mass spread information media this idea collapses in an instance. Concentration of power is a fickle thing which has cause many societies to collapse, but it is where we are headed and where we will end up. Instead of trying to come up with an alternative, I would argue it is better to find ways to make it work and make it work better, but what do I know.

  51. those of us who don't know the past are condemned to repeat it. This is the home of the land of the free this man reminds me of Jerry Lewis when he is playing a mad scientist

  52. The system has failed us all Corporate Media for not doing what they are suppose to do informing the people the way the political parties specially GOP by cutting funds to PUBLIC EDUCATION slowly for MANY MANY MOONS maybe I am missing something this whole is been done by DESIGN planned long time ago NOW WE SEE THE RESULTS THE FRUITS OF THEIR LABOR politically socially economically 2020 is going to be a key moment in history for this country either we start the healing process or we continue the same way

  53. That "surplus" that the potential worker will produce over and above his wage is what pays the overhead (rent, depreciation utilities, etc.), and the employer's profit. If there were no "surplus", the enterprise would go bankrupt and nobody would have a job. Wolff thinks the "surplus" is unfair, but he's too simple-minded to grasp that's how it has to work.

  54. It's a greed problem, some greedy fuck always ends up in power.

    If the corporation paid the worker 90% of their production it would be ok but they don't. I'm a diesel tech an i was paid $27 an hour yet people were charged $120 an hour for my services.

  55. My brother, both Sisters and myself are all self made millionaires. Yes we were taught how to work hard at a early age. Only my little brother, the baby of the family, who had it easy as a kid works a regular job. So all this Socialist nonsense is just theft of the fruits of labor for those who do not want to take risk, work hard and quit sucking on the tit of corporate convenience pissing away their money at the mall or car dealer.

  56. Sir I try to sit here and get on your last latest comments from an earlier vedio when it comes to affirmative action I don't have a problem with that but my problem is how can an Asian Or Hispanic or even the white compete with the law the way it's written down knowing that there is a Haitian or just a black being from whatever country they come from for 3 years and he's entitled to that job before law-abiding citizens and paying taxes all this time because they look black

  57. If you have to be told what patriotism is your not a patriot… You were so close but messed up right at the end.. patriotic capitalism which real American's support does not include fucking your people over for Lower foreign wages…,..,

  58. capitalism is like MMA, the top few can make a nice living, but the majority gets the heck beat out of them for chump change. TULSI GABBARD FOR PRESIDENT.

  59. The Problem isn't capitalism but the same as is always the problem; Corruption and human weakness. I am Soooo Surprised to Hear a F'n Socialist Preach over the bodies of 300 Million dead in it's name on a platform who has already begun the necessary steps of Totalitarianism required to implement Socialism… CENSORSHIP and information control. I CANNOT actually believe the Amount of uneducated Lemmings in this comments section. I Look at the responses in HORROR at the complete lack of awareness and history of destruction Socialism has left in its wake.

  60. Farmers and ranchers have something like a worker Co-op, it's called the Co-op. It doesn't work the way Mr. Wolff suggests though. The farmers own it and they hire people to work there for nickles and dimes. It is a rather unpleasant place to buy things from wether they be goods or services. I sort of get the feeling that the people working at that gas station /parts house /garage, just didn't know whatelse to do with themselves. It has a rather ridged authoritarian feel to it. If I had to work there, I think I would quietly cry myself to sleep every night and also develop a world class drinking problem. No thank you.

  61. This resonates with me, but China needs to do differently to improve the society. The wealth distribution is not balanced in China, and even worse than US.

  62. This speech is full of criticisms of "capitalism" but very light on solutions. That's because the alternatives to capitalism generally have none. Richard mentions worker co-ops, but those aren't anti-capitalism either. They're still making a profit, it's as capitalist as the next thing, they're just taking a novel approach to the workplace environment. Which is what capitalism's about. Innovation. Meeting the demand of the marketplace.
    Communism is the opposite. It's about creating a marketplace that only provides for the bare necessities of the populace, denying the opportunity for individuals to seek to change the system, and denying their opportunities for social mobility outside of rising through the ranks of political power.

    You've got your left wing libertarian takes on running the economy, but those are generally focused around a neurotic desire to run society without money. Which is ultimately meaningless, because all items of exchange are essentially money, be it bottlecaps, or blocks of cheese. Credit systems are just a means of increasing the fluidity of trade.
    And then the concept of providing everything for free is totally nonsense. It can be done for products that are abundant in nature and is often done so in any capitalist system such as with the distribution of this video on youtube. But for most products there's a level of scarcity, and that requires a system of rationing, of which the price mechanism is the most efficient.
    Which isn't to say that people who have no financial means aren't entitled to scarce things, it just means that adequate social welfare must be provided to low income people, so that they can afford to buy the things they need.

    Fair point about unreasonable salaries etc, people on high incomes should contribute to society. But that's basically going to have to take place voluntarily, because if a nations taxes etc are too unsatisfactory to the wealthy, they'll just leave for a more favourable country, and they'll drain the wealth of the nation as they do so.

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