Reviews Of McCain vs. Obama Debate

pantex you know maybe have need to pay
them if they’re not quite walked away with the client uh… i’m a tempest honey you know my
infineon of how much better obama is in general too much uh… because not only seven reviews and
it’s people thought it was devastatingly that permitted overs all c_n_n_ poll saying have you settled down more joe and other when for obama when mccain
desperately needed uh… and then delivery to the political
wire which is neutral as saying tonight’s debate was even
closer abroad roboblogger ran away with it detailee was being about the economy and
health care in contrast senator john mccain was extremely iraq uh… and then andrew sullivan who’s a
conservative abut of backing brocco bomb i believe uh… said this was a i think
all mall wing as devastating and possibly electorally fatal debate for
mccain you know what i’m doing the whole and so
local companies that have the system is easy to use alright here we go i watch a
lot of debates and participate in any isle of debate was trained as a boy in
the british system who did a better high dividend dozens of times at oxford
although i can say is that simply on terms of substance clarity empathy style
authority this is not just you know obama victory is riddled wipeout it has
been about as big a wipeout as i can remember in a presidential debate their
minds of the nineteen ninety two clinton perot both bush debate i don’t really
see how the mccain campaign survives this and you mention the ninety-two
debate uh… and n salman dot the same slot then uh… mark halperin of time who is if
anything conservative says mccain spent much of the me trying to define obi-wan
ssrs but never broke all the way through and then there are a number of course
rather people saying that you can be devastating read that uh… also will supply the ideal meeting
that was devastating to me for making was that he didn’t have a stereo bombers
that if you don’t have to look for which i wanted to uh… to john mccain it’s that he didn’t score the we need to
know is certain point in a boxing match but you know that the year fighters
getting punched in hit and punch in the head he’s got a score the knockout punch and
he is uh… mccain is act that when the fire is a
sort of mark up on smugmug everybody doesn’t do it it’s another round the
coast of the other guy into the point that if you don’t score that knockout
punch you get knocked out yourself examine
this is late enough in the game waited if you don’t score big you’re
gonna get knocked out and they often you’re exposing yourself so much to keep
pushing this the boston red herbert expose yourself so much that you’re
going to get but he’s not even exposing himself that must he’s not taking any
risks as a candidate which i think is going to be have to change for next time
around i i you know it’s a service that you can
blame at the format but let’s let’s another this format crap because the it was a townhall debate it was many
different other than the people were asking the questions they were still
essentially to proteans they were still talking to a moderator in the middle
they had a chance to ask the question then interject into that whatever they
wanted and i i i i just sort of but before that was a slightly different
format but i think you’re kind of tiptoeing around the fact that killed one that you but people have
to go around the fact that he he could have done he could have done more and
could have been a little dirtier and was in and i think that’s great

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