1. They took us from our Homeland, robbed us of our heritage and sold us into slavery, which we are still captives with no where to go. Their children owe us for everything they did to us….

    Zechariah 11
    4. Thus saith the Lord my God; Feed the flock of the slaughter;

    5. Whose possessors slay them, and hold themselves not guilty: and they that sell them say, Blessed be the Lord; for I am rich: and their own shepherds pity them not.

    Matthew 25
    40. Verily I say unto you, In as much as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.

    Acts 5
    30. The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.

  2. Stop!!!!!!!! Saying people of color!!! Right the Fuck now!!!!!
    Just say (Blacks)…we love this better than the term African American or color!!!!!

    Repeat after me !!! # ADOS / AMERICAN DESCENDENTS OF SLAVES ……….
    it's not about people of color , it a out my black Americans only!!!!!!!

    Don't place us in a group with women, immigrants , Gays, ….we are not the same we are riding in this Lane all alone …..

    You gave Reparations to the native Americans
    The Japanese
    The Germans
    The Fake Jews
    And still paying Reparations to the Bastards till this day …..

    Our case is much !! Much worse than the Jews

    Give us our Check!!! We are as I serious ….America will Collapse like Rome if you fail to make this right!! ..mark my words

  3. Reparations is a ridiculously rascist proposition whites dont owe blacks anything they free themselves whatever injustices they suffered under the 5 percent of americans who owned slave were satisfied with the blood of the civil war soldiers

  4. So……! She’s running for democratic presidential candidate. This is a strategy Caucasians use to get an advantage. The reality is Caucasians often express a dream to fulfill while never fulfilling on their promise. This hustle is old and more likely a trap. Slick talk, don’t fall for this scumbag conversation.

  5. Fuck you white apologists, we owe nothing to nobody
    And you blacks need to go back to Africa and protest there, against the very people that sold people you never have known
    So clean your own people up and your ghettoization of the country, its nobody's fault now but you're own

  6. So, are us Europeans going to get our reparations from Rome for enslaving our people? How about reparations for what the Muslims did to our European ancestors? They stole and enslaved Europeans for 1300 years. So, then what do the American aboriginals get for reparations? Blacks would be last on the list.

  7. An unsaved unbelieving woman talking about a degree in divinity from an atheistic satanicaly conditioned staff in a has been Ivy League intellectual wasteland. There is no revolution only destruction of good morals.

  8. 100billion from a country in trillions of dollar debt says nothing really! We need states, land and secession from union and don’t forget the wall, just Incase you change your mind! Preferably the land that are ancestors worked, bleed and died on!

  9. What a bunch of crap! Reparations? There isn’t a white person alive who owned slaves nor a black who suffered slavery? Totally! Sick of the lefts bullshit of white shame and white hate. Sick of hearing how BAD America is too! It’s still the greatest country in the world! Fairest country in the world! The left is on the way to re-electing Trump. I don’t want to be CA or NY….the liberals have ruined CA and are on the way to ruining NY! 🤮

  10. A bunch of spiritual rambling babble. She seduced you gullible idiots into believing platitudes. Can someone tell me: where did she lay out physical steps to take that directly lead to enforcing congressional actions to write into laws that will mandate the Treasury to issue monetary payments? Neither will she, in the future, present a definable practical plan. You blacks need to recognize the games white politicians play with words. Reparation is defined "the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to OR >>> otherwise helping those who have been wronged." The Black person seeking Rep defines it as "paying money" & the white person seeking Rep defines as "helping."
    Yes, she mentioned $100 billion, but this is smoke & mirrors. Use common sense: Congress doesn't NEED a President to champion or propose a Reparations Bill. The committees in the House can PROPOSE one without Presidential approval. Even if Congress voted & passed such a Proposition & President Whoever J. Gender vetoed it, Congress can STILL PASS it into LAW. No President has the power or authority to stop a majority vote from Congress when it comes to law-making.

    My point: there are no majority voices in Congress who support such a policy! If there was a committee would've been formed & stepped forward a long time ago. If you don't here "reparation" talk COMING FROM WITHIN the House of Representatives in the FORM of a Special Committee (and to an extent "in" the Senate), it will never REACH the Congressional floor. I challenged anyone to logically debunk this assessment with opposing credible evidence.

    1:07:21>>> A council of black leaders. Tell me something of esteemed significance in the past 30 years, that black leaders have achieved economically for Negroes? Wait, you can't. Yet you all believe a "council of [white appointed] black leaders" are equipped to handle $100 billion dollars through economical & educational programs for the lowest income class of people in a white-focused nation. If you believe this is practical & obtainable, then, yes, I believe in Hobbits & Ents too.

    1:14:32 >>> And Negroes need to learn the US history of US payouts: Indians got reps (land & $$); Irish got reps ($$); Japanese Ams got reps ($$); Jewish Ams got reps (land & $$); & Negroes for 150+ years got speeches (penniless words).

    This is Game 101 of getting the black vote & black money. Time will show you she is nothing more than a linguistic sorceress: using collegiate words to enchant you into day dreaming foolish fantasies. I'm willing to bet anyone in a public forum a $100 wager, this woman will never see the US Presidency in 2021 or 2025. She is nothing but an appeasement puppet.

  11. Beyond the initial enactment of the kidnapping of slaves in the mid 1500. 1865 was another dose of hell on earth for slaves ( human-beings ), Black Code Laws written in the constitution enforced by the 13 th amendment act. Later Jim Crowe Laws, and all the various other types of laws concerning voting rights, fair housing, segregation, public education, owning land rights, denial of full military honor and the right to operate job duties in equal capacities as whites ect…

  12. Beyond the initial enactment of the kidnapping of slaves in the mid 1500. 1865 was another dose of hell on earth for slaves ( human-beings ), Black Code Laws written in the constitution enforced by the 13 th amendment act. Later Jim Crowe Laws, and all the various other types of laws concerning voting rights, fair housing, segregation, public education, owning land rights, denial of full military honor and the right to operate job duties in equal capacities as whites, please tell me when was America great for me and my ancestors,
    " Make America Great Again. " ?

  13. ALL MY BLACK PEOPLE!!!!!..GO WATCH THE VIDEO TITLED…Dr Claud Anderson-The Exceptional People…1hr 25 mins 29 sec long..THIS IS NOT THE DAMN TRUTH IN WHAT WHITES ARE TELLING MY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

  14. White supremacy job is to go around and make sure they keep you dumb down to the real shit that they have done to people of color and what they continue to do to people of color…you will never hear them say they are sorry and give us back what belong to us…all the wealth…they generated from our sweat… blood for 400 years of free labor… do the math on that…🤔

  15. Caucasians are to evil to vial. When it comes to African Americans. There hated for these people runs deep they hate these people for no reason. They know about all there grate history but refuse to teach them.of there own history in there schools. There own scolors put out book about African Americans true identity as isrealites. And the Bible is there history they are the Hebrews of antiquitys there scolors know that Christ is a Negro god is black and the angels are black. And Christ was sent to them only this is why they are hated by these people

  16. People who were never themselves enslaved want cash from people who have never had slaves. Even more repugnant, blacks in the USA are, with the admixture of European DNA, the descendants of slave masters and slaves. The children of victims and victimizers trying to stick their hands in the pockets of people who had nothing to do with slavery.

    Harvard-educated fuckwits.

  17. Come on! A "Divinity school" with a bimbo teacher with her cleavage screaming "Look at me, look at me!!"?! Is this seriously a Harvard class?!

  18. reparations is a great idea so is unicorns delivering gold nuggets to my front door every morning un fortunately neither will happen

  19. All my black friends are demanding reparations! …..not for slavery though, but for what the Democrat Party have done to them over the last 50 years!

  20. Marianne Williamson a low-life race-baiter. So many black people despise Democrats and the notion of reparations. Check out Larry Elder, Walter Williams, Jesse Lee Peterson, Candace Owens, Thomas Sowell, etc…black people don't want Marianne Williamson's race baiting filth.

    Marianne Williamson sees black people as her pets. She's a racist and she's offensive.

  21. …Whatever, you are just like the rest of them Degenerate, Deranged, and Dysfunctional Motherfuckers who think they know what the Fuck they are talking about… the Whole Goddamn country was created by foreigners and Criminals from Europe and elsewhere… All the Documents created to represent the Masonic order and its Subjects are Full of Shit… You Goddamn Fucking Broom Witch! Stink Bitch…

  22. Is it plausible that those who really want "Reparations" are the attorney's who would plan on getting 30-40% of $1,000,000,000,000……. Only plausible?

  23. Listened for five minutes and it is all Gobbledygook and really is a good example of the crap that is being taught in our colleges today. This is the real problem and has been for decades the mistake we call advanced education.

  24. I support restitutions paid to the American families who lost loved ones freeing the slaves. I'm also in favor of having Africa pay reparations for the enslavement of their own people.

  25. You cannot repent for something you did not do and when the victim of the wrong act which you did not do is long dead. These women are so stupid. We need to get women out of academia, politics and media. They are destroying America.

  26. Unfortunately she doesn't understand her own thoughts… There's a reason that the bible requires man (male) as leaders

  27. Sounds to me that she is making the case that all white people are guilty.
    All white people somehow relate to KKK and other supremacist groups.
    Verdict: guilty by association. Pay up!!!

  28. I need reverse reparations. I never got my slave. White privilege, my ass. I'd consider the speaker, but she's obviously been enslaved by Satan. Kassi available? She's only half-enslaved.

  29. Since my ancestors were among many Europeans who were enslaved by Romans, Germans, Vikings and other marauding nations I am expecting reparations. When will I be notified of the amount I will receive.

  30. Here is the real problem, the colonists did buy the slaves after they were brought to North America but the people who enslaved 95% these people were their fellow black Africans. If you talk about "reparations" you first have to get the funds from Africa nations/tribes who made millions when they sold the slaves. An easy source of information on this is "The Atlantic Slave Trade" which can be found on youtube.

  31. Learn the facts of history which this woman obviously has not knowledge of. Watch "The Atlantic Slave Trade" on you tube to learn who really "enslaved the blacks in Africa. Who got the money? This is why it is all Gobbledygook and makes no sense. If this women became President, America would collapse.

  32. To have done more hurt to a man than he can or is willing to expiate inclineth the doer to hate the sufferer. For he must expect revenge or forgiveness; both which are hateful. (p62) Leviathan or the Matter, Forme, & Power of a Common-wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civill. By Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury London, printed for Andrew Crooke, at the Green Dragon in St. Pauls Church-yard 1651

  33. Reparations was payed to former slave owners for having to free their slaves and lose money for the free labor their lazy asses needed the enslaved people to do in order for their lazy asses and famies lazy asses to love high on the hog but the labor of other people a form of welfare if you will. Lazy ass trash minded people.

  34. I like what she speaks on but in it all I'm getting that many descendants of slaves will not get what's owed to them because this black council will just setup corporate and non profit identities to funnel the money back to them. Only further creating a kind of black version of the white sellouts and scam artists that have been able to become super rich based off of the idea of funneling money back to them via corporations and nonprofits..

  35. Wow. Unbelievable! The Democrats sold the U.S. to Arabia and China. For years china has been putting the art of war in full effect. They owned our government since the 80's maybe longer.

    They have been slowly studying us after the post take over. Now they will be our lawyers, judges, police officers, and eventually when they become strong enough politically they will become our leaders. Which isn't far away. Every town, or city big or small in the U.S. already has a china town of some sort.

    They have secret soldiers here in the U.S. too. They study our way of doing business then they relay the information to their country men. Being that they already control our government, they use our educational and the legal system to stop us from passing on proper and relevant knowledge of business and marketing to our children.

    They use the legal and educational to create confusion ( racism, LGBT, gender war, immigration, materialism, outdated information, fear and anxiety of what should be normal like getting a job and running a household) and to pass foolish laws (IRS income tax, minimum wage, rediculous child support payments, gay rights, metoo, etc, ridiculous fines and detention.) to fleece the pockets of the American people.

    Our nation has become our enemy because the Chinese realize our politicians have a weakness for opioids and money. They pay the important influencers they back, created and support to influence our laws and our policies along with or media. They then use the media and talking points to reinforce and normalize their ridiculous and out blatantly useless and harmful ideologies and enforce their take over agenda through chaos and misery.

    Our past infrastructure and systems before china took over was amazing. We had room to dream the American dream. We had one job per household and that was good enough. Now in a household with 4 people working 3 jobs is barely paying the rent. George bush went to war with Saddam to bring us wealth and more power but china is the world power now.

    Our IRS Dollars are going towards terrorizing and killing Americans and our dreams. The GDP increase, we make more millionaires and billionaires and have created hundreds and thousands of new innovations and new jobs yet the country is cutting social and financial support systems more and more along with crucial necessities for survival (housing, food, transportation, food, utilities, food) are now way more expensive than ever. Even when things were hand made and materials were difficult to make things weren't so expensive and stingy.

    Now with all the new found wealth, technology, innovations, successes and resources weather raw or recycled we have increased poverty and dispear.

    This is serious. We have become domesticated, spoiled animals going at each other's throats. America has changed from a melting pot of people coming together and working with each other to a state a fear and hate for each other. This is not by accident. The art of war is real!

    We were once a kind loving prosperous nation. But because of greed racism and corruption we are becoming a losing nation. Now Any corporation can buy justice and influence our quality of life buy creating and enforcing wicked policies.

    Our educational system is a joke. Private public, charter schools you pay, pay, pay with no guarantees and might even do more harm or incur major debt. We go to public schools to learn enough to buy from the Chinese and how to work to make them richer.

    The Chinese educate their off springs with all the knowledge of business, technology and trade. Things the U.S. focused on before the take over. Then the chines slowly creep into disciplines and markets like a snake coiling around the neck of a sleeping prey. Then they over take it, strangle it then they consume it. (California, Canal street).

    Our country once made sense. We had goals we had dreams, now it's a horror film. One conspiracy, disaster and crap after the next. No rest, no family time nothing that promotes health or life. Even our foods are artificial and poisonous.

    But through the midst of it all the creators always sends us the answers to our problems before it's too late.

    The black people in America have a movement for reparations. We the people has lost control of our government. We need to come together black and white under one cause and get this money back so we can start taking back our government.

    White people you need to be smart. The money is not coming from your pockets. Plus this bailout will be the first time in history the public will benefit from a dispersal of government funds on a whole. If business are failing in the U.S. it's because China has attacked our consumer base (locked them up, killed them, financially assassinated them or turn them off of being a great consumer) what we need to do is demand the problem be fixed as a nationt to get the country running again. If I was a white man with a failing business about to go broke I would more than welcome 20 to 30 consistent steady paying black customers per location than 20 chinese competitors circling like vultures.

    As a smart white man, a white man that understands business I would understand business 101 with no consumers no business. So instead of supporting laws and policies that kill my consumers and alienate I would support laws and policies that make them prosper so I can flourish.

    If I was a white man and negros wanted reparations by golly let them have what is owed so we can get what we deserve which is money back in the hands of the American people circulating getting stronger.

    I think with all the brain washing and influences it's easy to be caught up in the hate machine. Just don't cut off your own nose or you children's legs in the process because things that look sweet today might be sour tomorrow.


    White people open your eyes. Imagine millions of black people with free money lined up to spend money at your business.
    I repeat. Let's sit back and vision together, 800,000,000 black people with free money, reparations money, any money lined up in front of your business.
    Just think about it. Less need to spend money or time on marketing and promoting. Less hassles in life. Not having to worry much about crime, or your place of employment being robbed because there just isn't enough money or opportunities to make money. Think of all the lives that will change on a micro level and burst in the economy it would cause because blacks are now buying more on Ebay and Amazon. If we do the right thing as a nation we will prosper.
    Just like politicians are greedy to get every vote regardless of who votes for them, you the business man/woman or service providers should protect and support the your consumer base .

  36. As a white male i fully support reparations… while i dont make very much money at rhe moment… i do have 3 african american families whom i pay weekly reparations too… while while hoping for forgiveness of my slave owning ancestors…

  37. Land and $……where are they???? And correct American Hist. We came from the elite class of Europe as Europians and were mixed amongst the aboriginal Negro people and Red Man already here.

  38. For slavery and Jim Crow they sweptthat shit under the rug and the Tuskegee experiments not to mention stolen patterns and ALL the Black Wallstreets🤓

  39. Read the Book; "When Affirmative Action was White" An untold History of Racial Inequality in 20th Century America By Ira Katznelson !!! Read this Book before talking about Reparations !!!!! These are Reparations for A.D.O.S. = American Descendants of Slaves !!! Other Groups may have their own Justice Claims !!!! See "Breaking Brown" also on You Tube !!!!! Understand this; Slave Owners Received Reparations for Slavery Ending !!!!! So, you're arguing that the Slave Owners are more deserving of getting reparations for causing slavery, but those that suffered from it do not deserve reparations ?????

  40. Reparations isn't about repentance. I have NOTHING to repent for. I have done NOTHING wrong. The people crying for reparations haven't had anything wrong done to them. Reparations were meant for SLAVERY. Until I see some ghetto hoe digging in a field and being whipped by some white guy I don't want to hear anything about reparations. Because they're NOT victims and we're NOT perpetrators. You can't hold an entire race responsible for what everyone within that race has done throughout the entirety of History. If we did that black people would have a lot to be responsible for. When does America get reparations for the fact that 13% of the population commits 50% of the murders? When do we hold them all responsible for that? And should we? Personally I don't think we should, but they certainly seem to think we should. Since they want to lump me in with my ancestors from 150 years ago.

  41. Very interesting! You know some folks will feel not one drop of guilt.those are the folks that will if given a chance love to have slavery back.righteous decent human will feel guilty.it's just the nature of us human regardless of ethnicity.for fair minded people it's terrible to carry around a burdened mind.that's why the Germans thought it best to free the mind.


  43. The Truth of Statutory Law and Slave Reparations
    Anyone thinking that the U.S. Government has legal obligations or liable for "Slave Reparations" is obviously totally ignorant of "Statutory Law". When the U.S. Government paid Slave Owners "Reparations" for freeing their slaves, it is like what you would expect that if the government knocked on your door and commandeering your car or house… or forced you off your land so they could build a highway where your house stands. You would be within your legal rights to demand to be paid for your losses. The U.S. Government by freeing the Slaves which were bought lawfully and owned lawfully and not a crime until AFTER emancipation changed the law, cannot rob you of property (like your car, home or slaves) without compensation.

    Blacks were not bought or captured by the U.S. Government, so they have no responsibility or liability in compensating Slaves. Slaves may have a case against those who captured them or sold them into slavery but not the U.S. Government who was not a party to any of that. Those responsible for capturing and enslaving Blacks were various Afrikan Tribes, warlords, and countries that were involved in capturing, selling their Prisoners Of War or debtor citizens that had not paid a debt. Portuguese sailors involved in shipping and selling slaves to the "New World" may to a lesser degree be culpable, though that would be a tougher case to prove since they were only "middle men". Those are the PROPER parties that Blacks might have a chance of having a legal leg to stand on in bringing a "Class Action Suit" against.

    Now you know… pass it on to the rest of the ignoramuses that are "barking up the wrong tree".

  44. The MYTH of 40 Acres and A Mule
    The "forty acres and a mule" argument is invalid and has no legal grounds.
    It's origins come from Sherman's Field Order #15 to temporarily… TEMPORARILY… settle the problem of the growing band of refugee Slaves and… AND… White Union sympathizers that followed Sherman and his army of Union soldiers as they marched through the South battling and defeating Confederate forces.

    It is important to understand that FIELD ORDERS are ONLY enforceable during a state of Marshal Law, which means that ONLY while a territory is under the control and command of a military force (Marshal Law). The Military has NO POWER or authority to make laws outside the period of time when Marshal Law is in force. So once the war was over the order is "null and void" unless CONGRESS (which is the only constitutional body of government allowed to make permanent laws) votes to extend or make permanent the Field Order. Congress NEVER did, in fact, President Andrew Johnson not only did not extend it but returned the land to its rightful Southern owners for legal reasons. That in itself should lay to rest anyone's STUPID attempt to argue that Field Order #15 was somehow a promise or legal statute to base a claim that the United States Government owes or promised anything of the sort to freed slaves.

    But let's look closer to fully understand and appreciate the reasons and circumstances surrounding the declaring by Sherman of his Field Order #15. The order was made at a point when General Sherman and his troops had torn a path during battles from South Carolina to Georgia and in "Liberating the South" had accumulated a following of some 40,000 refugees left homeless as a result of his "Scorched Earth" policy of burning everything in his path. Forced by Lincolns orders to protect the refugees his methods had created, Sherman found himself babysitting a growing mob of hungry, helpless people with nowhere to go. Sherman, to rid himself of this burden, proposed Field Order #15 that would TEMPORARILY redistribute 40 acres of land to each REFUGEE family (regardless of whether they were Black or White, or whether they were former slaves or Free) and use of a mule to till the soil (if any were available). In this way he could rid himself of this hungry mob of tag-alongs and concentrate on his military duties and go back to reapportioning his meager supplies to his troops instead of having to share and spread them out to the whole refugee population. It was a brilliant solution that would anchor the refugees so they would no longer follow the troops in hopes of a handout and give refugees a means to provide for themselves instead.

    Now it should be noted that this Field Order ONLY had any effect or authority over the lands that Sherman's troops had conquered and only for the 40,000 refugees under his supervision. So anyone claiming that this Field Order covered EVERY former Slave in EVERY state of the Union is not only absurdly WRONG, but should immediately be forced to take a drug test to see what drugs they are on, a psychological evaluation to see if they are crazy and a IQ test to see how stupid they are and then have them forcibly institutionalized.

    A few more points that should be logically obvious but not surprisingly escapes the idiots that propose this idiotic "Black Reparation" handout proposition. Firstly, the best case scenario would ONLY be that it would only apply to the 40,000 refugees that Sherman was responsible for, not EVERY former Slave and even less so every African American in the U.S. today just because they are Black but having no American Slave heritage. Not every African American today is the descendant of these 40,000 refugees and even less so is it true that every African-American today is a descendant of an American Slave. Many, if not most of the present day African-Americans came to the United States AFTER… AFTER the end of slavery so they don't deserve reparations for a slavery not imposed on them. Many present day African-Americans came from Central and South America where even if they were slaves in those countries or descendants of slaves there, they have to go petition THOSE governments for reparations.

    Good luck with that! I can just see Haitian-Americans and Jamaican Americans, for example, trying to squeeze out a penny from those shithole governments that constantly are begging other countries for money and free handouts. LOL!!! So, someone like Kamala Harris whose father is from India and mother is from Haiti would get ZERO anyway from the U.S. government. She can go crying to Haiti and demand "Reparations" from them.

  45. Part 1

    Japanese-American Internment Redress

    Yes, the U.S. Government has been SUED in court by Japanese-Americans for reparations for their illegal arrest and imprisonment as well as losses of land and property associated with the Internment of Japanese Americans during the WWII. In 1948, Japanese we given the opportunity to file for damages for the loss of land and property provided they could show documentation for property claimed, and in 1988, an additional $20,000 per SURVIVING detainee was paid as a "Redress" payment. NONE to those already deceased by 1988.

    Internment of Japanese Americans (see Aftermath section)


    Unlike in the case of the Japanese-American internments, former Slave and their offspring have no property loss to sue for nor improper enslavement laws to base a case on. Further, in the case of the Japanese internees, Franklin D. Roosevelt as president of the United States by Executive Order personally ordered the relocation and imprisonment of these people, making the U.S. Government directly responsible. Whereas in the case of American Slaves, no representative of the U.S. government was involved… no order given to enslave anyone and no slaves ordered to be brought to the United States. Also in the case of the claim by the Japanese-Americans, only the LIVING survivors themselves received "redress" payments, NOT their survivors.

    So as I stated in my earlier comment, there is no case to be made against the U.S. Government because you cannot connect the U.S. Government with any blame for slave being made or brought to the U.S. The U.S. has NO RESPONSIBILITY!!!

  46. Part 2

    Jim Crow

    "Jim Crow" laws were enacted on State and local levels, not by the U.S. Government and therefore any claim based on those laws would have to be made on a state by state basis. However, as unfair as those laws may have been, they were lawfully created, ratified and put into practice by the lawmakers in those states and were NEVER found to be unconstitutional. Public opinion pressured State and local legislators to repeal these laws but they were never found to violate the Constitution, so once again there is no case to be made against the U.S. Government and probably no case on the State and local level either. So, good luck on your State and local cases which would only apply to citizen in those particular states, NOT on a national level.

  47. Part 3

    Native American Reparations

    Native American Reparations WERE legal under Statutory Law because the U.S.

    GOVERNMENT (not individuals or local authorities) signed treaties (which are binding contracts) that were later VIOLATED and BROKEN by the U.S. Government. When taken to court, the U.S. Supreme Court found the suits were valid and decided in favor of the various Indian Nations who brought the suits. It did not make a sweeping decision on ALL treatment of Indians or all the indian nations, only the ones who brought suit. In other words, you must petition a claim against the U.S. Government the same way you would sue a neighbor or business and then have it litigated in the courts and convince a judge that your claim is lawful, valid, timely and quantifiable. They did for those Indians in some cases and denied others based on written treaties and broken agreements and the argument presented before the court.

    What "Treaty" or "Agreement" did Slaves make with the U.S. Government or what documents have they to show that the U.S. Government violated a law or contract made with them individually or collectively… LIKE THE INDIANS SHOWED!

  48. Part 4

    Jewish World War II Reparations

    Jews NEVER got "Reparations" from Americans, though America was instrumental in securing "Reparations" for them from the German people, dopey! Stop getting your information from purely Afrocentric sources. Read an ENCYCLOPEDIA on "Jewish Reparations". Your Racist Black sources are LYING to you and you just gobble it up without the brains to FACT CHECK what they tell you. BOY are you gullible!

    Paste a link to an ENCYCLOPEDIA entry if you think otherwise as proof.

  49. Part 5

    Sue the Afrikan tribes, Afrikan warlords and Afrikan countries that captured, imprisoned and traded slaves for money and goods. There is at least a chance there. Why won't you even talk about that? Is it because you think they don't have money to pay and it's all about the money?… or is it because they have black skin and you are too racist to go after a like Black group?

  50. What about a recent migrant from the Slavic countries. They have been enslaved by the millions in the past (hence the word “slave”). This white migrant would also be held accountable for reparations based on his skin color? As would be numerous poor later European migrants who were subject to serfdom and had nothing to do with the slave trade of a small amount of Western Europeans or the slave owners of the south of America (who were by the way not only whites). And what about descendants from the soldiers who were killed in the Civil War. Those soldiers gave their lives to end slavery. Isn’t that enough?
    You cannot undo racist wrongdoings from the past by racist wrongdoings in the present. It is just doing it wrong again.

  51. Meanwhile black people are still being bought and sold in Africa, Russia, Asia, and the Middle East today.
    but SJW idiots focus on the slavery of the past 99% of the time, and the slavery of the present only 1%. morons.

  52. So if my wife who is 1/2 black, looks white, will her and I have to pay reparations?
    How about any blacks that came to America on their own after 1900 or 1980, do they receive reparations?
    If they get reparations can they dress all sophisticated like you Kassi Underwood?

  53. Reparations for Slavery it will never happen in this country it is just a political talking point to get votes Democrats and Republicans both know it will not happen……..

  54. Issuing checks to individuals would really not solve anything. What the USA govt should do is systematic building of infrastructure in the black community, as in all oppressed communities, which include even those which are "white", so-called, such as Appalachia.
    Fix the inner city, make good education and jobs available, engage in systematic destruction of institutional racism!
    Seriously if checks were issued to either African-Americans or Appalachians, or to whomever, they'd be spent on consumer goods and the end result would be that nothing has changed.

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