Real Life Imitates “The Wire” in Baltimore Jail Scandal

uh… apparently this is a it is jails
been completely infiltrated by by the gang and uh… it’s it’s audit and of course it it’s fascinating
because there has been so much trauma already out of the baltimore on a roll
from h_b_o_ series the wire didn’t you sir can you believe some of
these anecdotes they’re coming out of the sub baltimore city jail scandal i was shocked to know what i was florin
it gets to show just estimate how bad things have gotten i suppose in terms of
prison populations and and what it means to be a corrections officer and maybe we just don’t you know maybe the
standards are now solo for correctional officers because you off would want that job and
you know pokemon treating you know because the governor o malley at mail
and as often talked about a presidential candidate a nine would think that this
kind of stain on maryland and could be harmful to him politically so it’s it’s
fascinating and so many levels yeah there’s no question about that this
will be common issue is low malli does decide to pursue the nomination but you know he apparently he has tried
to make reforms at this point he’s he’s put in a fixer this guy out maynard um… and uh… you know it i’m a fan of governor amalie outlook
here’s my perspective that’s okay i went to college in baltimore city amazon
saudis university i’d i think it’s it’s a wonderful wonderful town it truly is
as the nickname goes charm city but it’s a city where etc that is sort of a symbol of
institutional decline in the country it’s a city with some of the worst in demagoguery in the
country some of the worsens anti-crime perhaps one of the most up corrupts or
incompetent law enforcement uh… bureaus ed and so i think that it needs to be looked at in
that context and and it needs to be looked at from the perspective of where
it was well malli came in and where was when he was in fact mayor before it
became governor brown we have a great show coming up uh… we’re gonna add just a few moments
reverse the decision joys in chicago columbus michigan and parts of oklahoma of course
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