Putin’s Secret Riches

Putin’s Secret Riches


  1. Are any Russians watching?. Saw a documentary on RURAL Russia. People still had box type valve TVs, Telephones with dial and cradle, wooden stoves. People seemed very content reading their daily dose of propaganda in the newspapers. Well, each to their own!

  2. Pls…..This is a "good documentary" about Putin…..Could you give us another good one on how the BUSH family went about their OIL EMPIRE in Texas and recently, HOW A SEX OFFENDER ON SUICIDE WATCH managed to commit suicide in a high security prison in almighty america.

  3. Putin has the top job in the world, He is the most powerful, His country love him, He has been serving his country and keeping its culture for 15 years now, He has the worst job of all the oligarhs in Russia, as he is constantly followed and lives within a bubble, He has kept Russias population pure and kept the religion, he for example could put santcions on europe in retaliation to the us ones and made them would freeze in winter, Russia is very similar to USA with wealth distribution, 1% of the jews in the USA own 90% of its the same in Russia, for every bus of standard people going to work there is one limo

  4. Is ppl in BBC are all in drugs or they trying to show there country's Royal family. Didn't billions take from the tax payers.

  5. putting the word TRUST into the same sentence with any politicians name ,is the same as putting the word honesty into the same sentence with any NEWs outlet especially BBC

  6. shitty zio-brit-US Propaganda…..I don't believe that 2M People watched this Crap, jootube is in Bed with those Propagandists and pump the Numbers to make it , like, more legit or something.

  7. If this was published in 2016 why is it in my recommended list now?

    Please do one on David Cameron Theresa May or even BoJO before Hallowe’en 👻

  8. I don't know him but if he did do these things… Shame on him. Problem is, all I hear are accusations and saw absolutely no evidence. I believe evidence, not witnesses.

  9. Russia just doesn't want to be the fifth wheel on the bicycle. Respect them for being who they are the worlds biggest nations with 30 percent of the worlds natural resources worth $75 trillion dollars first, recognise that before you start to point finger elsewhere.

  10. Self-proclaimed "president" of Russia is nothing more than piece of shit. Most of Russians hate him for stealing money from national reserves and giving them to his friends from ex-KGB. They have bought luxurious life in Russia and Europe. Russia definitely deserves a better destiny but lost in enormous level of corruption. A human life now costs nothing in Russia. Many opposition leaders and free journalists were killed by Putin's dogs.

  11. You've got to be kidding me look what Stalin did before he was in power he was in a gang who killed people for a living I mean come on he killed people while he was in power or not you're going to accuse Putin of doing this whatever what are you going to do today he's one of the most powerfulest man in the world what are you going to do to him what a joke

  12. Do a documentary on Kaganovich who was in charge of secret police and was second man in SSSR. He's most responsible for the slaughtering of millions of white Christians. Bet you want because he was a Jew.

  13. Putin became bad when he kicked out the Jewish oligarchs. Cold war started when Russians kicked out Kaganovich from power and Jews lost control over SSSR.

    Here's a short video on the subject

  14. What a cheap propaganda ! "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
    Why not compare Russia to American Billionaires ? Noone is really complaining about them !

  15. American popagandists are discussing how corrupt Russians are. What a joke! They should better discuss the difference between Texan oil billionaires and Harlem slum dwellers.

  16. No one in Russia dares to say anything negative about him,if they do they will either end up in jail or just disappear.
    Russians have always been robbed and killed by their insanely criminal leaders..

  17. Started to watch this and stopped in less than two minutes. US is actually most corrupted country on this planet and are talking on how corrupt Putin is… I am not from Russia, but even if he is he is still most powerful and capable politician of this age while US (and my own country) have just corrupted ones capable of doing nothing. West propaganda is humiliating and insulting for any person with normal working brain.

  18. What the man can't make money too ain't no different then the The Rockefellers are the Rothschild everybody's trying to make money these days

  19. Why investigate Putin instead of your corrupt empire that got riches from stealing from Africa. To hell with your lies and crappie investigations.

  20. Lmao 21:28 –21:40 who is this American puppet kidding. Who got most of the middle eastern war contracts ,not to mention many others. Stop making accusations when you do worse. At least Putin is a man . Not an American weasel. Russia keep up the nuclear weapons that's the only thing keeping these back stabbing philistines outta your business 👍 .

  21. Half the "dislikes" on this Youtube channel demonstrate how lame and incompetent The Russian Trolls are.

    Only lamers need to pay Russian Trolls and use automated "bots" to make themselves seem popular.

    Real people like me have real friends, without the need to pay them to like me. That's because I'm not a Winner like Putin's Yes Men. You can't pay me enough to be an idiot. My imtegrity is priceless and not for sale or rent.

    I'm not _you_, and never will be. Wallow in your rubels, you stupid Russian Communist Troll.

    You need to try a lot harder, or Putin needs to recruit a lot smarter than people like you.

  22. How can this be secret if it's been nationally broadcast by the BBC?

    It looks to be nothing more than another anti-Russian propaganda bit in the hands of our masters, who are determined to foment WW 3 as the only way to kick-start exhausted capitalist economies.

  23. He drinking coffee when she said he is living above billionaires in the west. I drank coffee this morning, I must be living the billionaire lifestyle

  24. Vladimir Putin is a thug and a war criminal in Syria and Ukraine and Georgia. He must go. Màny Russian trolls and agents are writing comments here

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