President George H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully memorialized with statue

President George H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully memorialized with statue


  1. Anyone that loves dogs – know they are for the most part loyal and loving to us , a real part of our families and lives. There’s those nervous little dogs that shake and have anxiety issues and people only buy them because they can fit in their purse lol and good lap dogs to keep us company …and then there’s those really special dogs like sully . Not just because he’s a service dog .. s Lot of dogs are extremely intelligent. My dog was medium size dog chow mix with Akita super smart , I found him as he was a stray dog . After a few days at a pool party I pointed at the diving board and told him to jump off diving board and he went over and did it.. it’s like he understood English , not kidding. Everything I told him to do , he did without training or treats . We could tell this dog to do just about anything
    and it was like he knew English . He was a puppy and not fully grown when I got him, I didn’t need a leash .
    He died in 1996- I think of him everyday sometimes he’s in my dreams . I think it’s true that all dogs go to heaven ( cats to fur the cat ladies reading this 🤣)
    There’s truth in saying “ A dog is mans best friend “

  2. Who would think a short story about vets and service animals could generate so much hate? And to those of you weren't paying attention, Sully is still serving at Walter Reed.

  3. George bush H, W. was cofounder of the NWO, no is crying in hell, and we are fighting againt his horrible legacy, R.I.P Dog Sully


  5. We don't giv a fuk about George Bush or the old Republican party. We got our own agendas and Trump understands those agendas. We don't need 2 Liberal globalist parties we need parties that value Americans as the future of America. Why serve an America that acts as a revolving door corporation that uses people and spits them out. Treating people as replaceable that's what globalists do.

  6. Bush passed away? Wow, Fox is Fake News. They said Ruth Ginsberg died and then they say she didn't. Now they;re saying Bush passed away.

  7. نطالب الامم المتحدة وامريكا من قناتكم بالتدخل لمنع تدخل سليماني بالشؤون الداخليه للعراق والتحقيق في تصريحهم قمع التظاهرات

  8. We ask the US government to intervene and deployed its forces in southern Iraq to prevent the interference of Iran and Soleimani in the internal affairs of Iraq and to consider the statement of the representative of Ali Khamenei.

  9. Too bad Bush wasn't as loyal to our country than that dog was to him. Bush is a fake republican, not much better than Obama.

  10. Two times in a man's life when he's allowed to cry: When he loses his Dad, and when he loses his dog.
    NOTHING like a great dog in a man's life! His most loyal of friends.

  11. My fellow right wingers…really? Ok, its a dog, I love dogs. Liking this video because its Bush's dog is the issue. That guy was an evil, deep state, globalist s.o.b. You guys blindly liking this video because its Fox News is a problem. Almost as bad as the liberals. Wake up and do some research

  12. Wow the hate here is so bad it is palpable. What a sorry group of people. Thank you for those who watched the video & realized it was simply donated the time was donated there's no real cost and who knows it may let someone know when they visit the library that they could get a service dog. You'd be surprised how many people don't know they could get a service dog. I'm glad the Vets are getting them now. Hopefully it will also educate people that service dogs are a true medical necessity. I really wish that more people understood they are needed they help the person they're with and not a problem health-wise Etc in restaurants or grocery stores. Properly trained service animals are taught to be right next to the person and not get into the food bins or jumping up on the table. These animals provide a valuable service and connect with their companion in such a way that provides support physically and emotionally. All you had to do was say that's wonderful for an educational piece you didn't have to go on about your crass political views conspiracy theories and hate-mongering toward each other just can't get past it on any single post on this website can you?

  13. Why are we doing a statue when that money can help with the drug and homeless problem ? We have citizens on the street that die and you build a statue ? Pull your head out of your @sses ! !!

  14. These globalists amaze me they have no shame. The six major news networks that are owned by the globalist pump this garbage out. This man destabilized the world for what reason?
    his son destroyed the Middle East,, millions of people have died over there and they're putting up a bronze dog to his dog this is truly strangers than fantasy.. not to mention that Obama took up the same Cross of Slaughter and bloodshed. Opening the Border to illegal aliens to destabilise our nation. You said no one would check on them if they voted I heard that myself. Check the numbers 150000 murders rapes and Felons from the illegal aliens. They are draining the life out of our nation. They demand from a nation that is not theirs. This is a perverse and satanic world

  15. Fully support service dogs and the planned "Sully" bronze at the George H.W. Bush library, but come on, the dog is still alive and only worked with the president for 4-5 months. Really happy though that Sully was able to provide true companionship for President Bush during Bush's waining days.

  16. Donald trying to feed off them pet owners… people! Animals hate him more than humans! Ask all them exotics animals his kids keep killing

  17. sad that such a noble animal served such an evil man thank god none of his sons were up to following up in the family business.

  18. Great. Dog gets a 10 000 dollar statue, while hundreds of homeless veterans sleep on the streets this christmas too. Well, thats USA for you.
    Trump should launch a campaign called Home For Christmas. Aim, to get every homeless person in USA a place to stay for christmas. Especially those veterans. Just thining of all those homeless veterans having to spend christmas night on the streets of your vile cities makes me mad. Not that any of you care, of course.

  19. Ok, so every time one of their enemies dies, one of the D's coincidentally puts out a tweet about a dog that was a very good boy. Hmmmmm

  20. Really? The world is falling apart, and a statue of a still living dog is what they're worried about? I love dogs, but there are so many more important things pressing this country, this entire world, to the ground, this is what is important?

  21. This was such a great story, God Bless our Vets ….and the trolls always float to the surface just before you flush, easy clean-up.

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