President Donald Trump Seizing Billions Of Taxpayer Dollars For Wall He Said Mexico Would Fund

President Donald Trump Seizing Billions Of Taxpayer Dollars For Wall He Said Mexico Would Fund


  1. Next he’ll be trying to build a wall to strengthen the borders between Puerto Rico and the Bahamas and the U.S. in order to keep hurricanes out of Florida (and Mar a Lago)! Facepalm 🤦‍♂️

  2. Save the children!
    Return them to their families at once!
    Arrest everyone responsible for upholding this evil of hurting them like this at once!
    Trump and Miller foremost.

  3. The Constitution gives the power of the purse to Congress, not the President. Republicans decried Obama's executive overreach. Trump's gone well beyond anything Obama did!

  4. MSNBC kindly referred to as MaddowWars . Obama put kids in cages and in 2013 Obama separated over 72000 children from parents. MaddowWars tried to show pictures of children in cages but alas MaddowWars neglected to say pictures were from 2014 when Obama was President.

  5. He wants the wall so badly, HE SHOULD PAY FOR IT! If not, your a Trump supporter and voter, you help pay for it on the spot. No arguments or questions asked. Why should the rest of us that did NOT vote for support this conman have to also flip the bill?

  6. What has he done good yet? Like serious question? Seriously what has gotten better I'm worried about the president's spending.

  7. Ah the Cheater in Chief. At it again. All for his stupid wall. Which will probably be torn down by 2030 because walls are not the way forward. Check those contractors I say. Trump is bound to be getting a kickback somewhere.

  8. how stupid are those in the pentagon?we need every penny to protect our country from enemies trump is creating.the wall isnt necessary,only in trumps feeble mind.wheres the carvans he dreamed up?trump must have promised his buddies the contracts on the wall,and we all have seen the projected cost of 23 billion for trumps wall,he will rob every agency til they have nothing left in their funds,then it will be raise taxes for the middle class.we arent going to be worrying about a recession,America wont stand much longer under a fool.our elected officals have ALL failed the american people by not removing trump from office before the ink was dry on his contract.commander in chief is the biggest joke on planet earth.

  9. Please.
    Trump is a Republican.
    All they do is lie, lie and gaslight

    We need a final solution to the Republican question folks. They are domestic terrorists that should be put in prison.

    Yes, all of them.

  10. am a mexican. am not paying one peso. not 20 cents. his so rich why can he pay that him self. i tather invest in russia to take care of my mexican border. or china. but not trompas.

  11. Let's be clear here, there is no justification or explanation for Trump's idiocy. That alone should be the catalyst to rid him of the presidency. In my humble opinion of course.

  12. Mexico is supposed to pay for the wall. Let the taxpayers that want this wall pay for it out of their own pockets! That includes building roads, support to build the wall, housing, food, etc PLUS maintenance!!

  13. So apparently the military isn't that important to him or the country but OMG don't kneel during a football game!! It's ok to screw over the military as long as you don't kneel!!!

  14. I foresee when Trump is out in 2020 and the GOP loses its majority in the Senate you can bet there will be a lot of legal changes to what a president can and cannot do as well preventing a Senate majority leader from blocking a vote on a bill…they ALL must be voted on by everyone, no abstaining allowed. The Attorney General will no longer be appointed by the president as well as other agencies. The founding fathers debating having a president as Trump is everything the Founding Fathers feared in a President. Jefferson recognized that these qualities were potential sources of despotism as much as democracy.

  15. 😅 too funny. A house divided. Now the military/armaments machine is having its wings clipped it will cause the weapons mongers to panic. 🥴

  16. What's it going to take for the non-Trumplican republicans to stand by The Constitution? They enable a sick-minded and unfit president just to stay in power which ultimately overrides law and order. People are getting sick and tired of being sick and tired over this president. Sad.

  17. Tax breaks for everyone, Highest pay rise for the Military in history, Biggest increase in Military spending, Border wall is built – biggest sections built, No children in detention, Mexico will pay, Greatest President ever…. Bazinga! Wow, being presidential is so easy.


  19. Since the pentagon has so much free money to spend, congress should stop funding it. Or at least take away 3.6 billion from the budget every year from here on out.

  20. Last time I checked I didn't give MY permission for employee Trump to steal funds from the Pentagon. The man works for me but I didn't give him the go ahead to take money from needed projects for the military. I didn't give my permission to spend MY money on himself. Every time he flies it costs me money. And why are children still being tortured by Trump? Where did all of my money go for border security? I smell a rat and its name is Trump. Remember that Trump works for US the american people. Tell him NO!

  21. Trump….is still in office. Unless someone cuffs his criminal tuckus, and drags it to prison, all everyone seems able to do is cry about his actions.

  22. Mexico is paying, he is only using tax dollars paid by Mexicans working in America. MAGA. Promises made promises kept 🤣

  23. That's how future terrorists are made.We are going to reap the harvest for Trump's sins againsr these innocent children for years.

  24. Just ask all those Republican Congressman and Senators that backyard jobs that there constituents are counting on that now will be lost, because of his wall BS.

  25. Why is our government and the world allowing this evil man to continue doing this to the world? He cant be paying everyone off. Somebody do something!

  26. $3,600,000,000 taken from the budget for defence and redirected to the fence. Most of the problem people are those who come legally but overstay, not those who run across the border who are mostly caught and driven back by border force. I suppose the wall has more entertainment value than an expired tourist visa. 🤪🤷🏻‍♂️🙄 Really, America? You got ripped off big time.

  27. So it went from Mexico paying for the wall to tariffs from Mexico paying for the wall to now the US military funds paying for the wall and his supporters blindly following him

  28. Big beautiful wall…nothing.
    Repeal and replace…nothing.
    Clean cole….nothing.
    Never play golf because working too hard…more golf that any president played in EIGHT years in 3 years.

  29. Jeez Nancy and Chuck you think it's time to impeach yet maybe just maybe time to impeach.? Sigh.. the supposition that he can take this money is completely illegal Congress will oppose it to take it back he has no constitutional or legal right to take that action with that kind of allocated funds..

  30. Trumpturds must be either the most completely ignorant people, or they’re so deeply entrenched in their racism, bigotry, white supremacy, hatred, or just pig-headed sycophants. That they can’t accept that this is just plain and simple that this man is a total buffoon

  31. Burning the military, what! His campaign promises were to rebuild our military!rebuild our infrastructure, what happened there? Building a stupid wall, no way man!25th,25th,25th

  32. America,  stop blaming the rest of the world and god for trump in the white house. A con man can only con people who are greedy, stupid or vulnerable to the con. Your karma America,  pay for it.

  33. It is now our first duty to throw this 300 lb tub of lard,  out of our house so that we can salvage whatever little self respect we have. It is now a clear and present danger.

  34. The US Congress is sleeping on the job. Maybe, they have also sold their souls to the devil.

    This country is fast tracking on the way to disastrous moral and ethical suicide.

    No one, in the legislative branch has woken up to this murderous,  300 lb Orangutan. Trump is actually murdering all the values and laws that America enforces on itself and around the world.

    People are right when they say, everything trump touches, dies! Trump has killed America from within. Congratulations to the mentally deficient military, who just stood and watched. Did not lift a finget to protect the country they took an oath to serve!

  35. I believe he is pocketing money and money laundering.

    Americans must DEMAND a FULL ACCOUNTING of the billions of dollars he has received already and has NOT BUILT ONE NEW WALL.

    He advertises for his personal businesses like his hotel and golf courses.

    The attorney general Barr is having a party at his hotel.

    They don't care and flaunting their indiscretions right in our faces.

    In otherwords
    F…….. YOU!

    This is the most appalling administration and president imaginable.

    This is what a dictator does.

    It's the BALLOT or the IMPEACHMENT.

    Four more years of this NUT will sink and bankrupt AMERICA.

    If Republicans cannot find another candidate to run in 2020, then this party has turned to dumb and dumber.

    Something critical is going to happen I can feel it in the atmosphere.





    DUMP TRUMP IN 2020




  36. Must be putins idea, it'll weaken the US military. Just like putin wants. tRump is a lying traitor, a communist in bed with putin.

  37. Does anyone but me see that aside from the catastrophic trauma and addiction this will cause in the kids it can cause a foothold for radicalized Islamic or other terrorist attacks in the future. Why should Jahadhis worry about traveling so far when they could influence a deeply wounded population right next door and here.

  38. And these construction plans weren't for bombs or missiles it was for housing for personal. All those military homes that are riddled with black mold won't be getting fixed, no, he stole that money for his freaking wall that won't stop anything. And I blame his supporters just as much as I blame him.

  39. Americans who keep saying he's not your president : tear down that wall. So far you've done nothing at all to stop trump, the least you can do is demolish his stupid wall. Short of that, I'm sorry but through your inaction you're admitting you're OK with anything trump does.

  40. The only ones “failing miserably” and are bitter and jealous about it is leftwing propaganda like this……
    Obama did the same thing, once again proving this is just more BS outrage over nothing!

  41. obama got 1 trillion to put in a solar panel company that went broke in a year . trump f up is less costly .the press is own by tech Co's and other Companies who make billions in China . ALL news outlets are arms of the government of china ,and its army , 10 billion you can own the press /per CIA reports , why is no pro muslum news stories now like 2 years ago. price of oil is to low so they cut back on adds in the US , china has not . demms cut funding for armed forces , but now the demms are for the army ? in my state china is trying to buy all the power planets . why ?

  42. How, if at all, should China’s treatment of the Uighurs and the situation in Hong Kong affect broader U.S. policy toward China?

  43. Goldman Sachs has been hiding money for Trump, Ivanka and Jared Kushner etc. and putting the money in shell companies and LLC'S and in the Cayman islands.

    These people these rich people pay people to hide their MONEY.


  44. So what, Trump can't get a deal going from Anyone to build his wall?
    How many new coal mining jobs did he create?
    He can't even get people he hired to do what he want's.

  45. Jesus Christ! Get this moron out of the oval office! He's a criminal and a traitor!! Put him in prison where he belongs!! #Impeach!! #voteBlue2020

  46. There's no place in our Great Nation for Evil, Failed, Un Christian, Un American Trump.
    Trump Only Lies.
    Trump always fails.

  47. Only Congress allocates funds via the Budget. DJT’s Republican buddies refused to fund his wall in 2017, 2018, and 2019 … yet they seem to be willing to surrender their authority and their responsibility.

  48. This is why Trump and Moscow Mitch have been making extreme efforts to stack the courts in their favor, including Mitch stalling a Supreme Court nomination and many federal judge nominations for an entire year while Obama was president.

  49. The next dem prez needs to take half the defense budget and build MASH hospitals in every city and town to provide free healthcare, thanks SCOTUS.

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