President Donald Trump Is ‘Corrupting The Wheels’ Of Government | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Is ‘Corrupting The Wheels’ Of Government | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. Day 1> trump is hitler, he stole the election.
    3rd year> oh god hes corrupting everything…

    So whatever happened to that Russia collusion?

  2. Republicans are totally in favor of lining their pockets, violations of the emoluments clause in the CONSTITUTION , and dark money to help finance their campaigns. The are all swamp monsters.

  3. When the dust settles on this slime administration, the slimey trump crime family should be barred from the political arena, and shunned from everything else. Suggest they self deport to totalitarian Russia.

  4. The Constitution is totally outdated. If the USG goons are above the law, that means our legal system is a *total failure*. The laws have to work for everyone. Otherwise, they are useless.

  5. This airport was going broke & if it had, access to his golf course would have been very hard…Work it out
    Just more income for 45 and his crime family to keep his failing empire afloat…The Con Man ripping the US taxpayer off

  6. Yelp Trump is crumbling the wheels of the New World Order Commie socialist who believe they alone are suppose to rule over mankind drawing them into the spot light so the entire world can see them for who and what they truly are.

  7. you still don't get it: trump was chosen by the normal political system. it's a crap system. it will continue to put defective people in office. when there is the occasional competent person chosen, fools and crooks in congress will cripple the nation anyway. look at the 'obamacare fiasco' for an example. you need a new constitution. but you can't have it. the old constitution makes no provision for citizens to change it. and the politicians in office don't want to- 'works for me!'

  8. I am heartbroken that Trump reneged on the Iran Nuclear Deal and now it may be too late to recover any compromise. Conflict is inevitable. This is only one horribly destructive thing Trump has done that will leave a major negative impact – only one destructive act of many. How is it even remotely possible that the Republicans will not budge on Trump? Not even with the threats to our national economy?
    The US dollar standard is beginning to be abandoned and the US is being considered less and less important to be needed for policy agreements etc. We are, or will, lose trade from China and Russia to other nations due to Trump's tariffs (to impose tariffs is a power of Congress, and the Congress made no move to oppose the President when he declared every situation in which he imposed a tariff as arising from national security – which is eminently questionable . No, Trump has had no checks. It is no wonder that he has pushed his bounds as far as he has, and then talk about it.

  9. NULLIFY djt for foreign meddling. (Disqualifying him for Presidential retirement on OUR tax dollars.) Revoke/Nullify ALL his appointments and administration/crime family. Remove them ALL along with corrupt GOP enablers and charge them ALL as TRAITORS. Let them await trial in the immigrant prisons with immigrants for THEIR guards. When convicted, have a lottery to choose real patriots to serve on the firing squad!🎤

  10. America seems to be a weak greedy shizzhole country. Your justice system is a big fail, and is damaging America and the rest of the world. And now the whole world wants to see you burn…. great job.

  11. People better wake up….party can also be fascist…which is what 🇺🇸 appears to be de-evolving too. Don’t lose your country over blind loyalty to your own IGNORANCE AND HATE.

  12. So this is where all the anti-Americans are hiding. Oh yes, Trump is the corrupt one! You're kidding right? After all the obama corruption that's coming out and soon to be proven. And don't forget the lying evil clintons, those two morons are the evil of the country. Pull your heads out and wake up!

  13. Trump's followers could really due to leave the country and go back where their ancestors came from so we can make room for people who like this country and want to protect it. If this offends you, good.

  14. DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!!
    DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!!

  15. trumps base will leave him now for crossing the line and stealing their tax dollars and then lying about it.  Plus trump put the Taliban on the no fly list because he wanted to keep terrorist out of the USA and Protect us.  2 faced trump strikes again and lies

  16. Let them stay where they want. Only allot a certain federal expense account limit to CUT wasteful spending within the government.

  17. I pity any future president that has to clean up the mess in spending of this president. He is the first to point his finger at anyone else instead of looking in the mirror and taking conservative views of the government. What a squanderer!

  18. Bicycle helmet, Dijon mustard, tan suit, born in America. "I'll be so hard working for you, I won't have time to golf" "Who's gonna pay? Mexico", "I don't know anything about the $130,00 payment", "Thousands of Muslims were rejoicing on 911", "The Central Park Five are guilty and deserve to be executed", it's endless people, the guy is an absolute fraud.

  19. He is cheating US airmen. They have to pay extra out of their own pockets…. criminal. My husband was an officer and would find the cheapest place to stay overnight so he would have $$ for food in his per diem funds… OMG impeach Trump already and then imprison him.

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