President Donald Trump FEMA Nominee Asks To Withdraw His Nomination | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

President Donald Trump FEMA Nominee Asks To Withdraw His Nomination | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Trump was right. Puerto Rico does have a lot of corruption. He forgot to mention that the corrupt WERE HIS PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  2. this explains why polosi will never let trump be indicted or impeached

  3. These RATS went to trump university to learn how to screw the government!!!! This is exactly how the ORANGE IMBECILE became rich, and he's still screwing US!!!! IMPEACH!!!IMPEACH!!!!

  4. That little guy Maddow is full of hot air and lies…. God bless President Trump… Best president in the history of the United States of America 🇺🇸 Trump 2020 Pence 2024 Pence 2028…MAGA

  5. we are getting back what we paid for, so what's the big deal. And now, we have to sell that crap for pennies on the dollar, if we want to turn it into cash, so we still lose. The BEST way is NOT to elect CRIMINALS>

  6. Amazing. The Trump regime acts exactly like African regimes whose modus operandi and whole raison d'etre is the thieving of everything not nailed to the floor. Then do everything to stay in power

  7. The Republican choice is CLEAR, they are choosing the party over the country.

    As politicians they are obligated to uphold the Constitution even if it works against them and yet we see rampant corruption due majorly in part by the inaction of Republican legislators.

  8. I knew the swamp was big but damb! Now we have to hook the swamp king trump and his family. After all he knew the swamp was there or he wouldnt have brought it up before the election. The godfather of the government swamp rats and sewer of the corporations.

  9. The Trump administration needs to either stop hiring criminals or institute an IQ test to ensure only the best criminals get access to federal money.

    they've clearly set the bar at Trump's IQ and can't hire anyone that might threaten his position as a stable genius, thus the cavalcade of idiocy

  10. so much bloosly corruption in 'muroka with Donnie dementia at the wheel
    we really need to see his books
    just to find out what he's getting in kickbacks

  11. The "King of Smirk." Is Maddow one ugly dude or what? Jesus, his face and reporting put together must constitute the greatest anaphrodisiac ever invented.

    If Trump bothered to pay any attention to Maddow's horse-face and vomit, he'd never get it up again….

  12. I just wonder how long the traitorous GOP plans to extend this horrible nightmare, how do they simple turn their hypocritical backs on all this. Would they have been fine with this were the Most Honorable President Obama?

  13. The corruption grows and grows under trump trash as the people he hires destroy America and it's citizens! He is a communist traitor and will sell us out to the Russian communist oligarchs and dictators. Over the last 3 years trump has praised communist leaders and dictators and now acts like one! If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck? GUESS WHAT? Not much to figure out here! What happened to democracy?

  14. Trump would have already pardoned them and hired them to build his wall. Why not build the wall using the dead bodies of Porto Ricans?

  15. When will the people who support Trump wake up and see this man for what he is? Do they like being lied to everyday? Do they like being treated like fools who chant insults and pathetic slogans on command?
    Do they like having their tax dollars funneled into the pockets of millionaires and corrupt corporations? Do they like having to pay more for imported goods because of his ridicules tariffs and watch their American farmers face bankruptcy because of Trump's need to play the bully with trading partners ?….it seems like they do!!!

  16. This gives a tiny window into the life of Trump's crimes. There appears to be a joke in checks and balances soooo please continue following the money

  17. Is Madcow still on cable? I wouldn't know I don't watch cable tv it rots your brain. How's the Russia Collusion Delusion these days MSDNC?

  18. If I remember correctly, the very first contractor that no one heard of and only had 2 employees got the 1.3mm contract by answering an ad in Craig’slist!

  19. This nightmare is what happens when Pelosi & Co refuse to take action. He’s never faced real consequences for anything, so like every kid out there, he’ll keep pushing the boundaries to see what he can get away with. If we don’t impeach, we can expect ongoing and worsening crises on a daily basis

  20. FFS, what is it with the Trump administration? It's nothing but fraud, grift, lies, deceit and crimes,… and still no real accountability for the criminals at the top.

  21. The corruption is through the roof. And this is only the things that we have found out, we don't even know what happens behind closed doors in this travesty of government under donnie.

  22. The Army is now staffing the FEMA detention centers in preparation for any violence from democrats in 2020. They also have been briefed on arrests made of members of Congress and have set up military courts that can expedite sentencing .

  23. 12:10 Follow the money. In this part of the news report, Maddow even provides a picture. Simply connect the dots. And who would you guess is at the very top of this government agency organizational chart? Hint: he's a politician who tweets a lot of misspelled words and inflammatory stupidity.

  24. Trump is only hiring when you proved to be a criminal. This is how Trump knows he can put them in jail from the many crimes if they don't obey. Why do you think he picked Kavanaugh??

  25. It’s interesting that anyone associated with Trump is corrupt. A contractor and a FIMA official! Can’t imagine how much Trumps close buddies are raping from Americans and putting in their coffers. It’s unbelievable.

  26. Rachael you should try using your brain. Maybe your show would do better. You must have TDS still. The wall is funded by the military budget because it's a national security issue. Why don't you make a big deal about the military not being funded because of government shutdowns caused by democrats. Who while the shutdown is happening decide to go on a vacation using our tax dollars? Oh, thats right because it wasn't TRUMP it was the democrats. You leaned to far left and fell off your rocker missy.

  27. Aussie here and I just hope that trump is the catastophe which preceeds change. is current age of debacles just could not be scripted.

  28. Come on America you have to put everyone in this administration from the President down in jail I have never in my long life watched anything like this awful train wreck.

  29. Ok, first that picture of the catamaran is not a catamaran. Second, will this corruption ever end and when are we going to do something about it? Thanks for the reporting!

  30. 2:16 "Imagine tooling around on that in your back lawn."

    Ummm…our entire back yard is only slightly larger than the 'dozer. I don't think we'd be going anywhere in it!

  31. A corrupt general contractor hiring corrupt subcontractors. Haha. That is what trump is and the people he brings in. Trump calls them fine no very fine people. Why why is he still in the WH.

  32. I suppose the Trump gang are rubbing their hands and praying for the Hurricane season and more destructive ones extending into 2020. The Mafia always paid off politicians, judges and the police just the same as Trumps gang hoping to share in the governments money tree.

  33. Wait til Trump starts building large sections of a border wall. That's when the corruption and theft really begins. Trump and his family and friends will get a lot of that 25 billion… or 55 billion.

  34. Ah, "The Trouble with Tribbles." All joking aside, this is utterly sickening. People are suffering and dying in Puerto Rico, and FEMA administrators and subcontractors are stealing the money that could save them: Women, children, the elderly – this cannot continue. How can ANYONE do this to their fellow human beings? How do you sleep at night, while engaging in this kind of theft, that means the suffering and deaths of so many people? We know they're all right, though – because we saw Trump throwing rolls of paper towels at them. That should have fixed the problem – shouldn't it have? Why is anybody complaining? It's only our tax money – isn't that what it's for – to buy the President's buddies boats, bulldozers, planes, and office-fulls of incredibly expensive furniture? It's now a gilded, Trumpified Swamp – gone is the old, outmoded regular-corruption Swamp – this is a Swamp made by "The best people" and we are "winning." Aren't we? All the slime has been covered with gold paint.

  35. you forget that trump has been dealing with the mob since the 70's, so crooks and cons are trumps favorite people!. after all there is no bigger con than Donald Trump!.

  36. they are all actors because none of trumps people have a clue as to what it is they are supposed to do, other than steal as much as possible!.

  37. This is how Trump awards contracts. And it is the ONLY reason he gives a crap about building an expensive and wasteful wall at our southern border. It’s not out or patriotism, or keeping out immigrants who he himself hires. He wants to award the building contracts to friends who will be “grateful”.

  38. Bush, Cheney, and Halliburton did the same corrupt practices on a much grander scale, didn't they? George HW Bush took $2M to give a speech in Japan in the middle of a trade war over dumping Japanese computer chips on the market, but that fight went away after Bush's speech. As Group Captain Mandrake told General Ripper, "Well I would say, sir, that there was something dreadfully wrong somewhere."

  39. Nobody watches your show unless it's some mistake or accident girl your neck is longer than your audience LOL👅😂😂😂😂👅👅

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