President Donald Trump Anti-Immigrant Language Taints Outreach To El Paso | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Anti-Immigrant Language Taints Outreach To El Paso | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC



  2. Just so sad and terrible. The so called potus is the blame . He said he is a nationalist. We don't have to say white we see he is white so there you have it. He is not going to say what he should, he can't ihe is a white radical terriost.

  3. Very well said Representative Escobar. I hope no one shows up for any presidential photo-ops. I hope the president is totally ignored. We can make his rhetoric insignificant. Please vote!

  4. Absolute Disgraceful coverage.
    Basically EVERY Lead Story Is Fake News About Trump Right Now

  5. Before we sat down here tonight to be with you, a story with this headline how the Trump campaign use. Facebook ads to amplify his invasion claim they were putting in the New York Times about the deliberate campaign strategy. The use of campaign dollars to pay for messages on Facebook and look fine, his warnings his rhetoric about an invasion. Jenn is critical that we stop the invasion over $1,000,000 on Facebook ads about immigration. Since March, more than 2000 ads on Facebook using that word invasion. It is inescapable in the question is what the White House whether the White House is any imperative to do anything about it at all now that there are other parts of the country. The fire point on it, but gun debate is is frozen because Republicans are a wall. There's an open question now. If Republicans are going to also be a wall question of white nationalism, joining us now is. Yes, her district includes the Walmart in El Paso or Saturday's mass shooting took place. To be with us tonight, with our condolences. Of course to you and your community. Thank you for making the time to be here. My pleasure. Thank you for having me on Rachel. We've been talking about it number of different aspects of what happened in your community. We have been talking about the very difficult question about whether or not white nationalism has implicit support on the ragged edge of mainstream American politics. We have been talking about the president's responsibility and his own rhetoric. Some of what we have seen from the shooter. We've been talking about gun policy in the prospects or lack thereof forgotten reform. But we have also been talking about the fact that this is the worst terrorist attack in the most. Latinos in the modern history of our country and this is something I would I know I'll pass it was an 80% 85%. Let you know. I can proudly so can you just tell us about how the racial impact in the demographic impact here it is resonating in your community? What you think effects will be in the long run. Rachel this is an extraordinary community one that has an abundance of love as you mentioned we celebrate our location on the US Mexico border. We love the binational nature of our region. And so you know it. It it is especially painful all gun violence is painful, but it is especially painful that this seems to be an intersection between the epidemic of gun violence and the epidemic of hate that exists in our country. Is behind me there is this incredibly beautiful makeshift memorial full of flowers rosary's crosses his photos of the size of the crowd has only grown since I first arrived to go and be with our families and they are still so full of pain, but there not full of hate, their full of pain, but there not full of hate.

  6. Guess what, there are over a hundred million, maybe 200 million guns in the hands of the American people. And about 10 million of these are the AR. And guns aren't going anywhere, so get use to it scumacrats. Oh and guess what, they also have over a trillion rounds of ammunition to go with those guns. LMFAO the 🐀 Rat's Nest of Democrats don't care about gun violence. They only know that they can't control the population if half of the population is armed. That's all Democrats care about. Do you really think gun owners are going to say. Oh the government made a law to take our guns. We better give them up lol. If Democrats believe that, you are in for a real reality check. Unlike abortion and so called free healthcare. Gun ownership is a actual right. The second amendment right wasn't picked out of thin air like the abortion right was. Notice how Democrats, in the enemy of America the media. And the political class can say White supremacists. Or domestic terrorism, but can't find it in their vocabulary to say. Muslim terrorists. Or that poor American citizen was murdered by an illegal alien. Guess what, it's an unjust world, people die everyday from unjust means. You don't get to live forever, that's called life. Let's not lose sight of the fact that the shooter in Ohio was an Elizabeth Warren suppoeter LMFAO. He was a brainwashed drug crazed liberal. And the shooter in Texas said in his manifesto. Everything the so called people running for president. Said in last week's debate about climate change. LMFAO. But he hated illegal aliens so we can deduce that he was an undecided voter LMFAO

  7. Here's all the evidence you need to demonstrate just how racist Trump supporters are: Why isn't MSNBC reporting on this?

  8. You forgot to add the WORD " ILLEGAL " TO your header! 😎 100k ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS on average per month for 6 months is NOT A INVASION? Please set a number that you don't consider a invasion???

  9. Mrs.Escobar should take responsibility for illegals killing US citizens in her state. She is playing politics by attacking the President and she doesn't even realize it. Take care of the murders and drugs in your state, city or whichever you are responsible for.

  10. Rep. Escobar is so authentic, compassionate, and sincere!

    The people of El Paso are fortunate to have her representing them.

    Our deepest sympathies and condolences to everyone in
    El Paso!

  11. No, letting people just walk right in hurts our economy, raises crime, and destabilizes the states they overwhelm. Most border states declared an emergency because they cant afford the record number of people coming in ILLEGALLY.

  12. It is an invasion started by a trouble making group. Caravan after caravan. I'll bet NY Times wont look into this. Just because Trump wants to see who's coming into the country that makes him a racist? How come MS-13 never got top billing for their murders. How come none of the other anti-white presidents never lifted a finger to fight MS-13?
    The shooters were all mercilessly hounded and bullied all through school. The shootings weren't racist or supremist, they were revenge! Instead of more gun laws why doesn't some of you "caring people" make some bulling laws? Why can't you get the schools to be schools instead of zoos?

  13. And why is msnbc and cnn only talking bout El Paso. I guess to them gilroy Ohio victims dont matter to them. Maybe cause those victims don’t fit into the narrative

  14. Take Heart, Americans. Trump's incendiary tweets will come to an end on Indictment Day, 1/21/2021. No federal court will tolerate grandstanding by a criminal defendant. DT will be under a gag order, on house arrest, GPS monitor, and have his financial assets frozen. Not even Moscow Mitch will admit knowing him.

  15. This woman is the very reason why so many citizens do not believe in Democracy. By suggesting that the US President not come to a US city, she is refusing to recognize the authority of the office. To blame the president for this shooting is pure nuttiness. Under these rules President Obama could not have come to Dallas after the black racist shooter Micah Xavier Johnson killed white people.

  16. Let's all remember all the bad things that have happen to this country the Democrats did it. From slavery, Jim Crows laws, trying to keep blacks from voting all done by the democrats. Let's not forget history. Speak out America

  17. It's time for the Republicans to step up to plate about trump he disgraced he destroy the country enough is enough please get trump out office now

  18. Since 2001 illigals have murdered more than 63,000 American's. If dems cared about saving lives they would have worked with President Trump to fix the crisis at the border.

  19. Invasion is the right word to use. Rep. ESCOBAR is spreading HATE AND DIVISION as well. She and her colleagues are stooping so low to use this tragedy as a POLITICAL PROPAGANDA against the President.

  20. Dictionary gives INVASION 3 meanings:
    an instance of invading a country or region with an armed force

    an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity.

    an unwelcome intrusion into another's domain.

    The Hispanics coming over our border fits two of those….

  21. Maddow is a hate merchant and a key Russian agent engaged in destabilizing the US government. She'll get her day in jail.

  22. Where are all the evangelicals who supports the president? No one is speaking out about the pain of our brothers and sisters affected by these horrendous and unnecessary killings. God Bless El Paso.

  23. MSNBC is for LOW IQ MORONS. Go and educate yourselves, you pathetic, ignorant, brainwashed losers: "The Original Clinton Chronicles" A documentary about the Bill & Hillary Clinton COCAINE CARTEL, the witnesses they murdered, Bill's cocaine-orgies with high school cheerleaders, and more. #DemExit #WalkAway #Trump2020

  24. We must use our voices to ensure that Trump and his sycophants are brought to account.
    We must keep asking why these guns are allowed in America.
    We must challenge the belief that gun rights are more important than people.
    How do we defend our families against an evil person armed with a long gun?
    This is not about mental health. It is about guns and Trump’s rhetoric.

  25. Anybody that sees this comment,
    I live in El Paso and trust me the thousands that support Trump does not compare to the millions that hate him. El Paso is a liberal City in a conservative state, the majority of people here do not like Trump and he is not welcomed. anybody claiming that they do support Trump and they are from El Paso they do not compare to the millions here that don't. They are probably people that are married to military.

  26. This is what happen when the US PRESIDENT BECOMES the BULLY.

  27. So, it’s President Trumps fault? The Ohio shooter was a Dem. so what is the Trump connection? Also, the only hate I see is hate towards our President. Support America! Act American! Shut up and stop spreading negativity. Please. It’s embarrassing. Shame Shame. Stop hating our President. Enough bs about racism. Racism was extinct 20 yrs ago. Let it be! I don’t see racism in life, don’t see it

  28. It's critical that we must stop the invasion is what Native Americans and Indigenous people worldwide must have said when Europeans started showing up

    The fear of reciprocity will always be in the back of a guilty conscience that's why one must strive to do the right thing and not the white thing for Humanity

  29. 90% of Americans support background checks, the House has passed a background check bill. Moscow Mitch McTreason should vote for the background check bill in the Senate.

  30. I feel for the people of El Paso but if the people of El Paso expect the President to apologize or change his racist comments against Latinos and minority 🤔they are in for a rude awakening sad to say 😒

  31. Oh shut up, you liberal hypocrites! There have been 1600 killed in Chicago this year, 17 last weekend, one a 5 yr old boy! This is a weekly occurance in Chicago, Baltimore and other cities so WHERE IS YOUR CONCERN FOR THEM? No vigils? No Candles? No blame? They are all democrat-run cities so it's political BS!

  32. Please keep scapegoating White people Democrat party,

    hopefully Trump will get 65% of their vote,
    and 350 electoral votes in 2020.

  33. Ofcourse liberals and fake hypocrites in hollywood will cover negative news that will go against Trump but will never cover violence of any sort that points to their idiology and hypocritical party. All the violence done by antifa, radical muslims that killed 200 Christians in Shi Lanka and racist comments against jews from their own self righteous party just to name a few they would ignore with a blind eye but when it comes to Trump they would go all out to point him as villain and blame him for one man's evil act or wicked choice. Anyone who believes an evil act is caused or influenced by someone elses speech or language is a weak individual without a back bone and lack a real true identity who is lost just like the one who pulled the trigger. Its plain illogical and false.

  34. The words invasion, lazy, rats, illegals just to name a few now equates racism. Liberals have truly lost their minds.

  35. To all you complainers move to another country, problem solved. There is murdering, rapes, pedophiles, liars in this whole world. Is all this one mans fault?
    Maybe it's time for America to drop to there knees and REPENT and pray.
    Only prayer to Yeshua Hamashiach – Jesus is Lord changes things.

    Thank God for the USA everyone wants to be here and change us to become a 3rd world country. It's not going to happen. There are people living in the streets all over the world hmmm is it POTUS fault?

  36. Officials protecting or hiding or helping ILLEGALS is a form of TREASON! Arrest them all
    Enforce ALL Federal & State LAWS especially Illegal immigration laws
    Should be Mandatory all APPLICATIONS for Federal or State funds, aid or any assistance of any TAX Payers funded programs for
    U.S Citizens 1st in United States!!!
    Go Trump!!! Go I.C.E! Go Law Enforcement Agencies!

  37. STOP blaming oyhers 4 some1 elses actions
    CCW or open carry would STOP cowards
    2nd Amendment is our 1st line of DEFENSE
    when seconds count, Law Enforcement is minutes away AFTER the 911 call is made
    Stand your ground should be MANDATORY in all states
    Mandate FEDERALLY all STATES need to report all CRIMINALS to N.I.C.S for BACKGROUND check
    (National Instant Check System)
    Over 7 milliom CRIMINALS arent report by states as its NOT mandatory
    Charge CRIMINALS who attempt buy GUNS
    Good guy with a gun stop BAD guy with a gun

  38. The border that DT keeps hawking over which to build a wall, only a few hundred years back in history, shows that the Mexican people who are a conglomerate of European and Spanish immigrants, owned the land that is Texas and California, and as such, moved freely through those areas. Only DT, who is illiterate, does not know that. Who elected him? More illiterates?

  39. DT is a johnny-come-lately, beset with early stage dementia, and as such, cannot be  expected to learn in 2019-2020 what he should have learned in his primary, secondary and tertiary education. Throw him back. He is no leader.

  40. Obama said the same thing about strong borders and he was not
    labeled a racist. Obama deported 800,000 illegals and told them
    to stay home and don't bring your kids as the US cannot afford you.
    You were also dead wrong about Trump/Russia collusion.

  41. Millions of illegals arriving just in 2019, and nobody really knows how many
    there are. If its not an invasion, msnbc, then what is it? How many illegals sleep at your house, Representative Escobar and msnbc hosts?

  42. not much said in the left wing media about the ohio shooting apparently the killer was an ardent supporter of the democrats so the left wing kills as well

  43. The thing about it y Congress ain't doing anything about it y white people you are the one in power he's one man bringing hate evil killing

  44. Once again, the brainwashed dead are incapable of making the distinction between immigrants, and illegal immigrants, the policy distinction between the two, or distinguishing between statements regarding the two, because they are infected with a computer virus of the brain called global socialist ideology that has rendered them cognitively incapable of making the distinction.
    This country has always welcomed guests who knock on the door and wait for an invitation to enter, only imbeciles invite burglars who broke in the house do sit down and stay for a while. Are you a democrat or an imbecile? But then again, That is a redundant question isn't it?

  45. We will never forgive you democrats for what all the filthy Mestizo crime has done to Texas thanks to you Democrat sanctuary city traitors! "Between June 1, 2011 and July 31, 2019, these 202,000 illegal aliens were charged with more than 317,000 criminal offenses which included arrests for 570 homicide charges; 35,019 assault charges; 6,040 burglary charges; 39,850 drug charges; 457 kidnapping charges; 16,783 theft charges; 25,122 obstructing police charges; 1,761 robbery charges; 3,752 sexual assault charges; 5,019 sexual offense charges; and 3,211 weapon charges."

  46. My fellow Americans, it's not your fault. It's not your job. You go to work and vote and that is what is responsible. Our political leaders allow bribes/lobbying against our votes. It's their fault completely.
    Shitcan lobbying and jail lobbyists like most democratic nations.

  47. So El Paso mayor Escobar is incapable of making an order in her own town but she blames the President for attempts to stop illegal invasion into the country??? She isn't sick or something, or is she?? Just like black Chicago Mayor Lightfoot is incapable of stopping black violence in the city but blaming the President's family for that… What??? She isn't sick or something, or is she?

  48. But you must know that he will never apologize for anything. Pathological narcissists don't. They can't. It's like asking a whale to hike across the Sahara. They're always in the right and everyone else is always in the wrong, blamed for causing them the slightest displeasure. The more he is criticized, the more he will double down, twist & exaggerate already-wild explanations, lie shamelessly and openly, and Make America Gaslighted Again. It's what narcissists do, on any scale they can get away with. The narc bullies in family, office, or classroom, all DREAM of some day becoming a personality-cult dictator over millions of fawning idolaters. This one now believes he has a clear path to that ultimate wet dream. Only hope here, is that Congress will get un-mesmerized somehow, finally see that they've sleepwalked us all to the cliff edge, and act to pull us back to safe, solid ground while it's still possible.

  49. What really taints is not the President's visit but you are a distance relative of Pablo Escobar. Some of his relatives came to South Texas years ago to forsee drug trafficking in America.

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